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09-09-2008, 14:38
I'm not sure where to post this, so I put it here.

I love dice, I like to roll them. I love to shoot craps in casino! I ask a pit boss recently why you have to change dice every hour or so? The Pit boss told me that it is for security reason such as, players might try to switch dice with their loaded one or the dice can be damage from hitting some hard edge and so on. I guessed that part, but here is the new part that I never thought of before. He told me that all dice and no matter how perfect they are shaped .. . it still not perfect. Some dice have a little too much weight on one side or the casino logo print on the dice has a bit too much ink and so on that it can tip the scale of balance and cause it to favor one number too much. This "too much" is so small that most of us would never notice it, but it is enough to create an imbalance and that can effect the odds of the house. And also effect the odds of smart players who catch on that this dice rolls lot of 1, so they start betting on snake eyes and such. This is not cheating because the dice is fare, but it just favor one number too many. So to avoid all of that, lets don't even factor into it and change dice all the time.

Now to our game. We all have favorite dice, it could be color or size or what ever .. . as much of rolling that we do, I would encourage people to find out what their dice average for each dice and remember that dice. Use it if you want to roll high or don't use it if you want to roll low.

I think if you are serious about this, you would need to roll 600 times and roll each time the same style. What I mean by same style is do you use one hand or two hand, shake it in one hand for a few second and roll it. After 600 times, you will have a "style" of roll and it will be almost the same everytime. Oh and use only one dice at a time. Lets say you have one blue dice and one yellow dice and the other 20 dice are white. You found out that after 600 rolls, your average for blue is 3 (20%) and your yellow is 2 (20%) also. 20% or more is a really good % because each number should only be about 16-17%. I would use that pair of blue and yellow for break test and such if you need 5's or around there in 2 dice . A slight advantage and it is not cheating. Keep the whites for to hit rolls.

As for me. . .. I like chances, so I won't be rolling 1200 times just to find out. LOL.

However, if anybody want to try this, please let us know your result.

09-09-2008, 14:43
When I use to play AD&D I bought a large collection of dice.
No matter what though. There was 2 purple D20's that seemed to never roll between 7 and 16. Other than that 17,18,19,20 always came up fairly consistantly. I had another set of dice tend to roll lower numbers

09-09-2008, 15:24
I roll a 1 and a 5 for difficult terrain almost every single time I roll.

I find my myriad dice collections react very differently to different tables. Here at the house, a set of square-edged small dice does very well on our board. At the local store, rounded edges win out more.

There is DEFINITELY a correlation, though.

max the dog
10-09-2008, 00:34
I'd like to think that I have far too little time on my hands to roll a single dice 600 times to see if I can get a few % points better chances in a game (especially since I'm a nid horde player who needs at least 60+ to play a game).


After a few losses due to unlucky dice I'm sure I'd consider it. At least I'm not one of those guys who loads his dice by cooking it in a microwave oven. If I suspect anything I roll my saving throws with my opponents eternally lucky dice.

10-09-2008, 00:45
may the dice gods bless me

10-09-2008, 08:21
I've got a big black die that I'm using for single die-rolls, like a single lascannon shot or something. Always does the job when alone, but always comes up as a 1 when rolled with additional dice.
My brwon dieces hate everyone except our Ork player, the purple dice favor rendig, the white dices are pretty balanced.
Then there's a red die that will always achieve a 3+ when needed, but never anything else (always coming up as 1 when you need a simple 2+ xD).

Sounds like superstition, but most players in my group study mathematics, and probability doens't work for mathematicians, cause else life would be too predictable for us xD

12-09-2008, 13:56
Of course there's good dice and bad dice. I have a set of slightly larger than normal black dice that I use for important die rolls - such as first turn, IC vs IC combat and such.

I also have set of GWs 40k dice; those with an imperial eagle instead of one, and they roll horribly. I don't know why GW would use the very symbol of the Imperium of Man as the worst result on a die. Maybe they were made for Chaos players.

Dice colour sure do matter. I use red dice for plasma guns and purple for lascannons. Works like a charm. My theory is if you roll that all-important plasma gun rapid fire by itself, you're bound to get a overheat result. But hide it from the twists of faith by rolling lots of regular bolter shots at the same time and you have a much higher chance of that 3+ result you need.

As for different situations - I suck at rolling terminator armour saves, but I'm the king of Dark Eldar shadow field saves, once saving 11 wounds from necron rapid fire.

Rabid Bunny 666
12-09-2008, 21:23
All the Dice i've got from GW cannot roll higher than a 4, its chuffing rediculous.

When the Starship Troopers boxed game came out, the D10/20 from them rolled stupidly high, i used them for a D&D Elf, the bugger was strength 18, his lowest stat was 12 IIRC.

Fire Harte
12-09-2008, 21:52
Well, dice go on and off for me, when I need Iron Halo/Rosarius Saves, it works! Just time and time again!

12-09-2008, 22:04
The curved GW dice are just so adept at rolling ones I got sick of em. I bought a load of casino dice and ever since my dice rolls have improved. Even helped me win a CP tourney (although that was probably down to the cheesy Daemon list I took :p).

Crazy Harborc
13-09-2008, 00:12
I own and from time to time, select replacements from my inventory of over 100 dice.

Depend on Rudy, he's my dice god. Rudy has nothing else to do. He just watchs and controls(?) the results of dice rolls.

For myself that works as well as spending hours rolling and logging....one die or 10 dice, for which ones roll the most of whatever number.

24-09-2008, 08:46
I think dice are picky and that they do have a mind of their own... When I first started my hoard of dice, I kept them in an old zip-lock bag, and I rarely got good rolls, let alone natural 20's! Now they're in a nice velvet pouch, and I think they're happier with me, since now I get better rolls. Also, I have one blue d20 that REALLY likes my little brother, because I haven't seen him roll lower than 14 on it yet.

24-09-2008, 14:28
I play eldar, and my dice God is dice-anesh, when ever She is with us, even a guardian can survive a las cannon shot! *but She is never around*