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09-09-2008, 17:01
Ill be playing a themed game soon, my goblin army vs an all slayer army.

There are a few considerations here because of the nature of the army im playing against. Combat res will not win me the game, as he is unbreakable, so i have to built my army purely on killing power, with ranks and outnumbering being there to make sure i dont run away if he were to inflict more wounds.

So here is my list


Night Goblin big boss
-bsb, spider banner(poison attacks), light armor

Night Goblin big boss
-one hit wunda, kickin boots, great weapon, light armor, shield

Night Goblin big boss
-best basha, enchanted shield, light armor

42 Night goblins
-full command, spears, 3 fanatics

34 Night goblins
-full command, spears, 3 fanatics

34 Night goblins
-full command, spears, 3 fanatics

21 Night goblins
-Musician, bows, 1 fanatic

5 wolf riders
-spears, bows, musician

5 wolf riders
-spears, bows, musician

5 spider riders
-bows, musician

4 spear chukkas

4 trolls


We will be playing 2000 points, probably on a 4x4, not good for me I dont know if my army will fit on it properly. I figure he will take 2-3 units of about 15 slayers, aswell as 10-15 slayer pirates, some doomseekers and the goblin hewer, in addition to his characters.

The thing im worried about the most is the goblin hewer, i dont really have any hard hitting cavalry to take it out, and i dont want to waste my giant on it. I figured i would send my fast cav at it, and also shoot at it with my archer unit hoping to whittle down the crew enough.

So what do you guys think given the circumstances?

Da Black Gobbo
09-09-2008, 17:47
IMHO a Giant against Slayers is suicidal, i'd get a doomdiver, also i'd drop the trolls in order to get another doom diver and a big bunch of squig herds, with Ws4 S5 and 2 attacks with hatred to dwarf you will kill a big bunch of stunties when you charge, giant will die so easily and trolls aren't trully reliable with just ld4 and stupidity. Spider Banner is a good idea since a 6 means a dead dwarf (they don't have armour right?) and all your gobbos hate the dwarfs so pretty good in here. The rest is fine i think.

Hope it helps.

09-09-2008, 18:03
I agree with the above!