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10-09-2008, 08:29
I was writing up some lists for fun and this idea of a non-skink army (and for some reason the terridons just wouldn't leave?!?). It's really, really small but would be fun to play. Theres your magic defense, minor range support, cav and/or stegadons to knock out flanker and flank and everything hits like mohammed ali. It's biggest problem would be a gun line. And it's prolly a hit or miss army, cus victory pts are insane!

HEROS: 606
Scar-vet- Light armor, Great Weapon, Gleaming Pendant of Chotec, BS Tepok- 146
Scar-vet- light armor, Maiming shield, sword of battle, BS Tepok, BS Tzunki- 162
Scar-vet- Light armor, BSB, jag. banner, BS Tepok- 157
Scar-vet- Light armor, great weapon, BS Itza, BS Tepok, Cold one- 141

TROOP: 774
19 saurus- full command- 258
19 saurus- full command- 258
19 saurus- full command- 258

4 terridons- 140
5 cold ones- full command- 225
6 cold ones- full command, war banner- 285

RARE: 470
Stegadon- 235
Stegadon- 235

TOTAL: 2500

10-09-2008, 15:58
i would say swap out the GW on the monted vet for a shield and a spear
and i personally would drop a stegadon for 3 sallies and another terradon for US5 goodness
other than that i like the theme (Y)

10-09-2008, 16:47
Hmmm it's interesting, but I don't know how well it would work. Other than the terradons I don't know what you would use to bait with (unless you plan to do it with your saurus cav). If you want to go no skinks it might be better to go quetzl to allow those saurus to survive the shooting.

You also have two warbanners, which is a no no.

10-09-2008, 17:02
No skinks?
You big fibber.....there are skinks on those terradons and skinks on the stegadons!
Might be an idea to ditch 2 of the Scar Veterans for say...skink priests.

Failing that, use the 300points saved for more saurus warriors.

10-09-2008, 17:06
i like your scheme but im not sure a non skink army would work, skinks are great for screening and harrassment and it would be a shame to leave them on the shelf.

cold ones are really not great, por armour poor weapon skill and not enough S or Attacks to compensate that, swap them in for some nice kroxigor i'd say.

stegadons are nasty but i really think you only need one, some salamanders would be nice for war machines and flaming the hell out of anything in its way.

just my 2c

10-09-2008, 17:16
I say you give it a go and then tell us how well it worked :D
one thing for shure your oponent is never going to expect this list :p

10-09-2008, 18:04
You seriously don't need three heroes in this list, especially since they're all Scar-Veterans. I'd suggest dropping one of the Scar-Veterans to give you more unit scope or to upgrade your General to an Old Blood and give him Itzl, Tepok, Sotek, a Cold One, Light Armour, Maiming Shield, Aura of Quetzl and a Spear, and fill out the rest if you need to (you shouldn't.)

Failing that, more saurus!

Grom Hellscream
10-09-2008, 19:26
I wanna fight it with 'Ard Boys