View Full Version : The Garrison of Langezberg (1500 o' Empire)

Inquisitor Mikarovic
18-03-2005, 17:09
Aw'ight there guys? Feeling spiffy today? Excellent!

There's sort of a mini-tounament happening soonish here in Sydney Town, as well as the annual inter-club challenge trials, so I've decided to have a dash at both. The list is pretty much set in stone, but I'd still love whatever alterations, suggestions and other things that end with "tions" that you might offer. No points for guessing which Rowan Atkinson comedy I was inspired by when devising the Army's general...

Hero: Count Sigfried the Undestroyable, Master of Disguise, Lord of Langezberg.
"On ze contrary, Herr Archaon, ve have met many times..."
Hand weapon, Shield, Dawn Armour (Plate armour [4+] that allows armour saves to be re-rolled), Counts as a Captain = 92
Hero: Kurt Flamburst, Ye Pyrotekniks Extraordinaire, Burner of many heretics, lesser races, and innocent puppies.
Upgraded to second Level = 95
Hero: Brother Heinrich of Sigmar's most Righteous, Holy and Well-spoken Priesthood.
Two Warhammers, heavy armour = 103

Core: Ye Swordsmen of Much Fancy Fghting (20)
Full command = 165
Detachment: Ye Swordsmen of Slightly Less Fancy Fighting (10) = 70
Detachment: Ye Free Company of Much Annoying Distraction (10) = 50
Core: Schwarzelange's Spear Company of Many Beautifully Bladed Pointy Sticks (25)
Full Command, Shields = 165
Detachment: Ye Halberdiers of Much Hack and Slash (10) = 60
Detachment: Ye Halberdiers of Less Hack and More Slash (10) = 60
Core: Ye Handgunners of Much Blasty death (16)
Full command, Marksman has Von Meinkopt's Whirling Cavalcade of Death = 163
Detachment: Ye Handgunners of Less Blasty Death (8)= 64
Detachment: Ye Handgunners of as Much Blasty Death and Previously Mentioned (8) = 64

Special: Ye Pistoliers of Quick and Mobile Shootiness... and Blasty Death (6)
Marksman has Von Meinkopt's Micro-mainspring of Multitudinous Precipitation of Pernicious Lead = 131
Special: Ye Cannon of Horizontally Hurled Bouncing Balls of Blasty Death = 100
Special: Ye Mortar of Lobby Explody death Projected with Pristine Parabolic Perfection = 75

Total: 1492
4 Power Dice
4 Dispel Dice (No scroll caddy either)
6 Deployments (I think I got the +1 to go first in the bag)

The models I have painted are pretty much all in the army, so it's not up for many changes. Any different detachment combos I should try? Any tiny details worth ammending? Reckon it'll do well at all?

Have a good one, regardless. ;)