View Full Version : Overrun after combat resolution destroys a unit

10-09-2008, 17:57
Not sure if its been addressed before but are you allowed an overrun, after the first round of combat if you destroy the unit through combat resolution at the end of combat. This would mostly be against things like swarms, undead and demons.

Joe Cool
10-09-2008, 18:06
Yes, when you are charging. This can be found from the rulebook, can't remember the exact location.

10-09-2008, 18:13
ah ok, was just making sure. Cause I think in the rulebook it said that after the end of combat if there is no units left you can make an overrun move. But the question I had is does combat end before or after the combat resolution roll?

10-09-2008, 18:21
oh wait just reread the section. You are correct, it says at the end of the combat phase. Not the end of combat. So yes you would overrun. I always thought it said at the end of combat for some reason. And since the combat phase isn't over till combat resolution is worked out, you would get to overrun. I probably should have reread it before posting. Thanks anyways for pointing that out.

10-09-2008, 18:35
Funny I checked my small book and the bigger book. Its actually worded differently in both books. Unless mine is just messed up. Check it out and see.