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11-09-2008, 17:40
Been tinkering with my list a bit... here's what I've envisioned currently:


Vampire Lord (Lvl. 3) on Zombie Dragon: Infinite Hatred, Beguile, Forbidden Lore | Blood Drinker, Helm of Command, Wristbands


Vampire BSB: Master of the Black Arts | Flayed Hauberk, Black Periapt

Necromancer (on Corpse Cart): Invocation, Vanhels | Dispel Scroll


20 Zombies, standard

20 Zombies, standard

20 Zombies

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

Corpse Cart, Balefire


17 Grave Guard, Great Weapons, Full Command (Banner of Barrows)


4 Blood Knights, Standard (Flag of Blood Keep)


--- 2247 points.

The main line would deploy like so:

Z - Z - GG - Z - V

Leaving wolves free to deploy on flanks, or with the Knights - they can be annoying, act as shields, hunt things or disrupt the lines as needed. The Varghulf tags with the Blood Knights for a refused flank hammerblow. The general idea is that the Grave Guard and two main Zombie units tie up the enemy in the centre, continually being bolstered and providing a solid core: The Guard can kill things to generate a fair bit of combat resolution on their own, and the zombies just hold until something more powerful arrives. The Lord, Knights and Varghulf can smash things, and the Zombies without standard are simply disposable.

I haven't found the room to fit in any Black Knights, which is a bit annoying as I'm quite fond of my models - considering I don't have anything to use as a Varghulf yet I'm tempted to swap some in for it - although having proxied the Varghulf, I think in a battle I prefer it to a unit of Knights.

At the moment I'm only playing friendly games - my main opponents being Daemons and Skaven. I would want to use it/adapt it for tournament play later on though, and any suggestions are most welcome. The only thing to keep in mind is that it's an Undead High Elf army, and some of the things are based on fluff.

12-09-2008, 02:11
Had a battle with the list against High Elves today, will hopefully have the report up tomorrow.