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The Clairvoyant
12-09-2008, 16:23
Having just returned to 40k after a long stint of purely playing WFB, i've been gradually getting my 2nd ed ork army updated.
Having bought lots of new boyz to replace the static goffs from the old boxed set, i'm working my way through them and writing a new army list of around 2000pts as my target for replacing the old stuff.

But then my eye was caught by the battlewagon entry in the new ork codex.

"Mmmm", i thought. I always wanted one of those but they were rubbish in 2nd ed cos they tended to get blown up and were nowhere near as good as taking a looted landraider.

And so, i began the task 3 days ago of making a battlewagon and here it is in its primed state ready for painting.

Any and all comments welcomed :)


I think it needs more glyphs on it, so i'll just paint those by hand

Of course i could have bought some plasticard to do a good job of the vehicle but i'm too impatient so in true orky style, i just made do with what i had lying around!

12-09-2008, 16:29
Thatīs the way to go! Orky as orky can be.

Funny how many ork-threads pop up these days. I had actually expected them right after the latest release wave. However, there can not be enough orks out there!

Keep it up and show us some infantry!


The Apathetic Despot
12-09-2008, 17:42
Doze stoopid 'oomies bin drivin' dere trukk bakwurdz! :D
I love it!

The Clairvoyant
17-09-2008, 16:54
Well, i've only managed to finish 2 models painting-wise (and no bases done yet) but i have been working on a few minor conversions too.

Here's my work so far.

I like the black reach warboss but i found the pose wasn't quite right for what i wanted so a simple bit of cutting and gluing and he now has a more dynamic pose i reckon.
Plan is to get him painted this week.

And these fantasy goblins make much better gretchin models than those old static 2nd ed ones (of which i have around 170 of!)
The weapons are taken from various sources, such as the old ork bolt pistols, 2nd ed goff bolt pistols and some necromunda and gorkamorka models.
I'm rather fond of these grot models. I had them lying around in the house and thought i'd might as well make use of them. I have some night goblin ones too but they don't quite fit as well as these ones. I'll probably still use them to fill up the ranks where needed though.

The Clairvoyant
24-09-2008, 11:48
A little more work done.
A few more bad moons painted (still need basing) and the warboss about half-done


24-09-2008, 13:12
I really like the skin of your orks, and i must say its good to see bad moons out of all the other usual black and brown out there.

24-09-2008, 13:22
your stuff looks great.

24-09-2008, 17:17
good work... like the battlewagon, and the bad moons :D cool stuff


The Clairvoyant
24-09-2008, 17:53
I really like the skin of your orks, and i must say its good to see bad moons out of all the other usual black and brown out there.

Thank you for the kind words.
I've always liked the bad moon clan, though admittedly, my warboss and his retinue of nobz will be Goffs.

I love the bright colours on orks (thats the 2nd ed player in me!) and the bad moons are helped by the fact i still have a nice full pot of bad moon yellow in my tin of paints :D

24-09-2008, 18:19
I wish I'd thought more about repositioning my Warboss's head before gluing it.. I was tempted to do as you did, but wasn't sure about filling the gap effectively so I left it as is
it still works with my Boss's image ;)
I really like the yellow and your ork skin, could we get a guide?

The Clairvoyant
24-09-2008, 20:11
well the warbosses neck is made from cutting the shoulder off a spare ork arm sprue to give a muscular twisted neck look and then gluing to the stump and then the head to the ork shoulder.

The yellow is simply sunburst yellow highlighted with bad moon yellow. Bubonic brown was then painted into the recesses to give a shade.

The ork skin is dark angels green over a chaos black undercoat. Then a 50/50 mix of dark angel green and goblin green, then pure goblin green. Then i apply a wash of purple ink (well, the new purple wash thing, i forget the name). Then paint highlights over that with goblin green and finally scorpion green as a top highlight.
I wasn't sure how the purple wash would look the first time i dared to try it, but i think it makes a great wash on ork skin as it gives a nice dirty look if you don't want to do the extra green highlights (i was really tempted to leave it after the wash).
The other thing i wanted to achieve with the purple was to give a different tint on the ork skin where on a human, the underside of your arms and palms of your hands don't tan like the tops (if that makes sense!). Using a light green would have resulted in it looking like its been highlighted wrongly :D so i wanted another colour that would seem natural with the green.
And thirdly, i'm bored of green washes!

The Clairvoyant
28-09-2008, 10:25
Warboss finished!
I'm quite happy with how he turned out. Only 50 bazillion more orks to paint!
I'd like to get some of my old stuff re-done so its usable and i like the idea of using models from different eras.
Anyway, pics of said warboss:


The Clairvoyant
28-09-2008, 10:31
Extreme close-ups always show off the bits where you went wrong :D

But considering just how large the photo is compared with the actual size, most of these errors disappear with scale!

Lord Seafire
28-09-2008, 13:43
Really great work, good painting, and that Trukk looks awsome very Orky indeed!

The Clairvoyant
08-01-2009, 11:30
Well its been a while since i've had the inspiration to paint any models.

But i've spent the last couple of nights putting together my flash gitz.

And then i painted the nob, who'll be used as Kaptin Badrukk, or just a normal flash git if i decide to buy the new version. Not sure if the new badrukk will quite fit in with these, but we'll see.

Anyway, in full glorious technicolour is Mr Flash Git


He still needs a little tidying up, another wash on the skin to blend the layers a bit and of course, basing nicely.
I'm also working out how to convert a battlewagon as their personal transport. 'Snazzwagon' is its working title and its being based on the old battlewagon model.

More flash gitz to be painted, hopefully, over the next few days :)

The Clairvoyant
16-01-2009, 19:15
ok, so the plan to paint more flash gitz has kinda failed.

The good news is that following christmas and my birthday, i now have a 6'x4' gaming table.
Well, actually it is two wallpaper pasting boards, but the best thing is that they are light and fold away nicely.
I'm gonna get the citadel battle board thing in the next few weeks and then i'll have a truly mobile battlefield!

Anyway, back to the orks.

Once these flash gitz are done, my next painting project is updating the paint jobs on some of my old models that are still being used in my current force. Like my snakebite nob on super cyboar (the RT-era one), my shokk attack gun and my weirdboy.
Then its back to the hordes of boyz!

Rabid Bunny 666
16-01-2009, 20:03
Looking good so far. One problem about the Flash git, no matter how many times i look at it, it looks like its wearing a Chastity Belt. But that 'ent ow da ladz werk :D

The Warboss looks superb, the eye especially, it looks like its glowing inside slightly because of the orange pupil.

The Clairvoyant
21-01-2009, 12:13
Just a quick post with a few little updates of things i forgot to put on here:

First of all, we have the half-painted kommando nob. I remember kommando nobz when they could have mega-armour and a sniffer squig. How you infiltrate with mega-armour i don't know, but it was fun!


Next up, seeing as i'm a returning 2nd ed player, i need my goff boyz to look like goff boyz so i only used the horned helmets and then those with helmets without horns were given them courtesy of the old skeleton sprue with the beastman skull horns.
So now, well, when they're painted, they look like proper goffs


Then we have 3 of my 4 battlewagons. One old one converted to have a shorter wheelbase, my leman conversion from earlier in the thread and the lovely new battlewagon. The new one took about 4 hours to build. A rhino i could knock out in half an hour


And finally, my flash git mob. Still not done any painting but have spent a lot of time playing around with weapons and arms for them.
I wanted each one to be individualistic, hence why a couple just have two pistols, a couple have converted big shootas and one has a scatter laser from an eldar war walker


I really must paint these flash gits some time soon!

The Clairvoyant
19-02-2009, 12:20
Finally got inspired to paint something!

I've just finished painting my goff nobz and i have a few boyz on the go as well as a few lootas.

Just a couple of minor conversions on these boyz. Rear-left of the pic, the nob has had goff horns added to his helmet from the old skeleton sprue (like most of my goff boyz), one has a power klaw and the one on the right is a painboy. The saw came from the old battlewagon kit.

Anyway, pics is the order of the day:


Meanwhile, outside at the moment is lots of goffs and snakebites drying after being spray-undercoated. I don't suppose i'll manage to paint all of them today but i'm gonna have a damn good go at it!

The Clairvoyant
19-02-2009, 15:21
I knew 36 was too many!

I've managed to do first coat of skin on 9 of them and the brown basecoat on 2 snakebites.
Shameful really!

However, i have gotten a little further on the half-done models. Here's the first of my deffkoptas. This one has been converted to have big shootas instead of rockets. I have another shoota conversion in the cellar which was made from 2nd ed ork warbike guns which i'll post after the painted one:


On the painted one, it was simply a case of cutting the end of the rocket off and replacing with a shoota barrel. Damn lucky they're the same diameter!
The unpainted one was slightly more tricky in removing the rockets, and has a WFB shield which makes a nice cover for the badly cut off bits :D

19-02-2009, 16:29
Nice Battlewagons!

The Clairvoyant
19-02-2009, 20:57
ooh i have been busy!

Some goffs finished and a couple of lootas too.

The goffs, like my bad moons have a very 2nd ed feel to them with the liberal use of red, just like they used to be. Nowadays, goffs seem to be all black.

The lootas are slightly less old-skool cos in the old days i never had any lootas so my paintjob is perhaps more like 5th ed and less like classic paintjobs. I used to just use warbikes (twin linked autocannon were great) or bad moon nobz in mega armour and nazdreg with a lascannon and telescopic legs!


oh yeah, the one on the left isn't finished yet

edit: typical! Just noticed the lack of the final black wash on a couple of those models. Dag nabbit!

The Clairvoyant
21-02-2009, 09:13
Been working on a few more goffs, and in the middle of it, i decided to keep a record of how i do the skin so that i remember in future. So yeah, this pic is more for my benefit than for showing off painted models. Sorry!

1) Dark Angels Green
2) Goblin Green (painted in stripes to give sinew effect when washes applied)
3) Leviathan purple wash
4) Goblin green highlights in stripes again
5) Top highlights in Scorpion Green, followed by wash of Ogryn Flesh
6) Final highlights of Scorpion Green


The Clairvoyant
02-03-2009, 06:54
14/20 goffs now painted. By the end of next week, i want to have finished the last 6 goffs and painted the 20 snakebites for the next mob. Plus i'd like to have finished off those bad moons as i still only have 6 completely finished.

Here's a nice little group shot of the goffs so far:


The Clairvoyant
04-03-2009, 15:00
I've managed to finish the last 6 goffs so i now have a fully painted unit of 20 boyz! Woo hoo!
I'd started work on a couple of lootas and a few snakebites, but then i decided to do the battlewagon instead. As in the new GW one rather than my homebrew one - mostly cos i dropped it on the floor the other day and its now in pieces :D

So here's a couple of WIP shots of the battlewagon. C&C most welcome


04-03-2009, 15:46
I have a ton of orks in a box. Your simple tutorial for amazing ork-skin is maybe the push I needed.... Damn you!

Keep the pics comming! :)

04-03-2009, 16:49
Goffs FTW!! I like your very dark paintjob, a bit paradoxal for 'the clairvoyant' ;)
The Bull's head is cute by the way

Mega Nutz
04-03-2009, 16:55
Goffs look really dark and menacing and I love the gylph on the front of the truck!

The Clairvoyant
04-03-2009, 17:16
Goffs look really dark and menacing and I love the gylph on the front of the truck!

thanks :)
I'm really pleased with the skeleton horns on the goff boyz. Dark and menacing was a nice side effect of 2nd edition-esque paint jobs mixed with a nice wash of badab black on everything but the skin.

The Clairvoyant
04-03-2009, 17:22
I have a ton of orks in a box. Your simple tutorial for amazing ork-skin is maybe the push I needed.... Damn you!

Keep the pics comming! :)

Simple is always best. I've seen so many guides that refer to 1:1 or 1:2 mixes of water or other colours, and while i'm sure it'll do a better job, i prefer to do such things on character models only.
I'm a lazy sod. 95% of things I paint I do straight from the pot. No mixing of colours. No added water. Just dunk, wipe on the newspaper i'm leaning on if its too much, and paint.
Its only the black highlights i use the pallet for (lots of codex grey mixed with one paintbrush full of chaos black, then black washed afterwards).
That paint guide above is simply straight from the pot. The only other thing i do is dab the brown-washed skin with a tissue if i think it'll dry too 'dirty'

04-03-2009, 19:00
now that is a nice b-wagon, the metallic-ish black makes it look really orky!
great work so far, give us moar updates!

05-03-2009, 01:26
Those Goffs are looking great. It's a shame there aren't any helmeted ork heads with more pronounced horns available these days.

The Clairvoyant
08-03-2009, 20:31
took a 1k point army to GW today for a quick game. Ended up playing a chaos player with a lash sorcerer and 2 oblits, some noise marines, some berserkers and some thousand sons. We ended up with a KP mission which i won by wiping him out entirely. Thats what annihilation missions are about!!

Anyway, rather than painting, i've been clearing out my cellar so i can put a games table down there. I then felt inspired to get all my scenery out and make a nice looking battlefield. Probably not all that practical, but looks nice!

The Clairvoyant
13-03-2009, 12:29
My trip to warhammerworld has been put back another week, so fortunately that means i have another week to get as much painted as i can.
I'm still working on a few snakebites, plus i've also grabbed the last 3 lootas i have built, the snakebite nob on super cyboar and the big shoota-armed deffkopta. The bad moon mob is now up to 12 strong fully painted and based, 4 more are undercoated and the last four are currently old RT-era models which are to be replaced as soon as possible.

WIP-shots to be added in later.

And hopefully i'll manage to a little group photo of everything done so far.

In the back of my mind, i'm also considering my next mob of shoota boyz who will be evil sunz i think. But before i start opening all those boxes under my table, i want to get my basic 1000pt army fully painted.

The next 1000pts will include 20 more shoota boyz, evil sunz, as above. Then i want another unit of slugga/choppas which will be blood axes i reckon as i think they'll be fun to paint. That means the deathskulls are a bit thin on the ground so i'll make another unit of lootas and then maybe have some deathskull presence in a unit of koptas.

Someone made a comment when i was in the store on sunday about my mixing of clans. a lot of the plogs on here seem to be single-clan, but i love the idea of each mob sticking to their clans. As long as the basing, the ork skin and the general painting style is kept the same, the accent clan colours shouldn't make it look too hickledy-pickledy.

i hope! :D

13-03-2009, 14:35
I love the hacksaw on one of the Nobz. How did you do it? It would make a great Painboy conversion.

The Clairvoyant
13-03-2009, 15:02
yep, he is my painboy. To give him a 'doctor' look, he's wearing dirty white clothing, with blood on it (though the paint job might not show up so well in the photos)
The hacksaw actually came from the old battlewagon sprue. The old battlewagon sprues are great if you can get hold of them. The battlewagon itself is a bit naff so its gone out of commission in my current army, but all the extras are very useful. It has a hacksaw, hammer, oil can, fuel can, wrench, spanner and oil syringe thing as well as loads of glyph plates.
The syringe i've used on my freebooter bad doc who's part of my flash gitz mob. The spanners and other bits will be used for grot riggerz when i get round to converting them.

The Clairvoyant
13-03-2009, 17:18
ok, here's the WIP shots:

Synapse's ork mega-nobz have also inspired me to make some of my own. So thats the next project which will bypass all the other boyz mobs i intend to make. And then they'll need a battlewagon.
Once again, 2nd edition rears its head as my mega-armour nobz will have to be bad moonz
I'm slightly wary of painting a big bright yellow bus so it'll probably be black with yellow accents rather than the other way round. And also it'll give me the opportunity to use that huge moon icon on the tent that came with the WFB game. I think that'll look rather good. Or it'll look pants.

I have a couple of 'concept' conversions i've been toying with. Nothing is glued yet but thought i'd show the concepts so you can tell me which one you like.

First up is the six-wheeled battlewagon of zoomy zoomy speedy death.


And secondly the part battlewagon/ part leman russ gun platform of uber killyness.


I like the idea of the leman one as it then ties in nicely with the first BW conversion i did. Hmm, ponderous ponditude.

The Clairvoyant
14-03-2009, 12:19
Progress made on the snakebites. Now up to 7 painted and the nob still WIP.
The other 12 for the mob are still in undercoat stage but i'm hoping to clear all of them this weekend. That'll then leave me with the deffkopta and the remaining bad moons to paint before i have a nice 1000pt force. After that, anything else i paint is a bonus. And those flash gitz keep staring at me


14-03-2009, 12:44
Everything looks really nice so far. The battlewagon is stunning, the free hand on the front plate is a characterful addition.

The Clairvoyant
19-03-2009, 08:25
thank you :)
I've had a look at your red guardsmen and i'm rather taken with them.

I've been on a bit of a painting frenzy. My deadline is monday for getting the 1000pt army allpainted. Last night i managed to paint the last 8 snakebites which just leaves me with the nob (the cyboar is done) and finishing off the second deffkopta. Then i just have 8 bad moons to paint, of which 4 aren't even built yet.
I'm hoping it'll all come together nicely and then i can take a break for a while (and spend some time with the neglected wife!)

The Clairvoyant
20-03-2009, 12:34
Piccy time again.

First off is the pic of the completed snakebites. Still haven't finished the nob yet.

What i did manage last night though was the deffkopta and i've also painted the bases for both of them. They just need static grassing which i'll do tomorrow.

And then i got the last 4 bad moons built. Inspired by synapse (again), i decided to give them some badmoon hats and seeing as they're replacing my old metal hatted ones, it seems only right that they have them.
I'm still a greenstuff newbie so they're not great, but they'll do for now. As and when i get better at greenstuffing things, i might replace these four with better hats and consign these models to the Big Box Of Unused Stuff, which currently houses most of my old 2nd ed army.


The Clairvoyant
21-03-2009, 14:45
Down to just 6 models to go now before monday.

Here are 3 more bad moons finshed, plus the 4 hatted ones still WIP


Then i realised i needed an attack squig for my warboss as i lost my old metal squig i was using.
This was rather fun building and painting :D


21-03-2009, 23:38
Your goffs look great, the bull head on the front of the battle wagon looks awesome. Snakebites are looking good too. Keep up the great work.



The Clairvoyant
23-03-2009, 09:45
Well i managed to get everything finished in time, but unfortunately, the friend i was meant to be going to WHW with is unwell, so we've had to push it back again.

Never mind.

But here's a pic of my completed 1000pt army


And as we were going to WHW to be shown apocalypse, I thought i'd grab a few extras to make the army upto 2000-2500 ish.

Cue the nostalgia as i break out my old army :D


Here we have old 2nd-ed starter set goff boyz, led by a RT nob, old skool Blood Axe Kommandos in snow camo, Bad moon nobz in mega armour, 2nd ed warbikes, 4 old shokk attack guns, squig katapult, traktor kannon and a couple of smasha guns.
And at the back is my first leman russ conversion done way back in 1995-ish. As you can see, it was that conversion that inspired the recent one at the beginning of this plog

Finn Sourscowl
23-03-2009, 12:26
Mr Clairvoyant,

You're a total git! I can't believe how much stuff you've got done... it puts my Guard to shame! And it all looks fantastic!

Damn... that means I'll have to really put some effort in so that when we go next monday my army can at least look vaguely OK :)

That is of course unless I have another reaction to the damn spray propellant!!

Finn Sourscowl
23-03-2009, 12:28
How much more can Sam take, by the way? ;)

I've just found out I need more washes to be able to wash everything before monday... I'll keep trying :P

Ingold Toynbe
23-03-2009, 12:38
Great work mate! I love the colour of the Ork skin. :)

The Clairvoyant
23-03-2009, 12:39
How much more can Sam take, by the way? ;)

I'm not sure! As i seem to have developed a crick in my neck, she thinks its because of all the hours i've spent painting and won't let me do any more.
Pah! I spent this morning rebuilding my dreadnoughts and then spraying them black.

So add to that pic up there 3 ork dreads - 2 RT ones and a metal 2nd ed one.
Oh and i was a numpty and forgot i had the new ghazghkull model already painted so i dug him out too.

Rough list comes out at just over 3000 points so i won't be needing to dig out the 170 gretchin...

I've just found out I need more washes to be able to wash everything before monday... I'll keep trying :P

Another urgent maelstrom order then?
Hurry up and get your plog started too so i can see how you're getting on.

Oh and I wonder if we'll get funny looks at WHW for turning up with ancient armies...

Finn Sourscowl
23-03-2009, 13:55
Another urgent maelstrom order then?

Not just yet... I'll see how I get on for the moment :)

Hurry up and get your plog started too so i can see how you're getting on.

Done (no piccies yet though!)!

Oh and I wonder if we'll get funny looks at WHW for turning up with ancient armies...

I'm counting on it :P It can't be everyday that they have two armies with shed loads RT-era stuff in them :)

The Clairvoyant
31-03-2009, 11:32
Well that was fun!

Yesterday, myself and Finn Sourscowl played our first game of apocalypse at Warhammer World on their nice feature table.

He was using his RT-era Guard army (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=189627) and of course we had to take lots of photos. I'll only put a few up so you don't have to go through loads of pics

The store were kind enough to lend us a couple of baneblades and a stompa to make it slightly more apocalyptic.

Defining moments from the game were the baneblades wiping out whole units of boyz with one shot, the assassin who flamed the lootas and then found himself out of assault range so got shot and my personal fave, Ghazghkull charging into a unit of 4 ogryns and killing all 4 of them in one round. RAR!

Anyway, first of all is my arty-farty shot!


Then we have a couple of shots from during the game
There were more guard than that in the breach but a certain psycho-dakka-blasta thing decided to shoot at them


The attacks on the stompa and the baneblades mostly just caused drive damage or crew stunned so neither of us were moving our borrowed toys. In fact, that wasn't much damage inflicted to any vehicles, apart from one chimera who exposed its side and took a grot missile which caused a nice big explosion and killed some stormtroopers. hehehe.

Anyway, then we have my new purchase i picked up. Well, it was a present from Mr Sourscowl. Thank you! You'll be facing him some time soon.


Finn Sourscowl
01-04-2009, 18:54
Post them all, mate (the piccies!)!

Looks great and it was REALLY good fun :)

Can't wait to do it all again :P

EDIT: I am NOT looking forward to dealing with that damn Warlord :P

The Clairvoyant
01-04-2009, 19:42
ok, here's some more of the pics


The Clairvoyant
01-04-2009, 22:09
i started building the warboss but today i've been distracted by another idea.
One of the deffkoptas still on the sprue had one of its rotor blades broken, so i decided i could make some deffkoptas with differing numbers of rotor blades instead of having them all with 4.

So here is my first one:


Finn Sourscowl
02-04-2009, 19:49
Thank you :)

Nice idea with the shields and the rotas, mate! Looks good!

I will update my plog, I promise :P

02-04-2009, 21:49
Greeat looking army mate, and seems to have come together really fast. Well done :)



03-04-2009, 04:18
Ahhh! You make me wish I hadn't cannibalized so much of my 2nd edition stuff into 3rd edition conversions. *sigh*

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one out here who remembers that bad moons are yellow, black, and BLUE!!!

The Clairvoyant
03-04-2009, 07:25

Yeah it was done really fast because myself and Finn Sourscowl had a planned trip to WHW and I wanted to have as much painted as possible, especially as we were booked in on the forgeworld table. Nothing like a deadline to awesomeness to inspire some frantic painting!

@ Old Snotteef

Luckily i missed 3rd (and 4th) edition so the old stuff is still in 2nd ed mode, complete with bad paintjobs and awful conversions. And of course there are models which have to fall into 'counts as' like my old field artillery (smasha guns, traktor kannon and squig katapult) and others which have weapons they can no longer carry - like my mega armour nob with a multi-melta

Yeah i've noticed a distinct lack of blue on others bad moon orks too! Just as goffs seem to have lost their red in the mists of time

03-04-2009, 15:09
When 3rd came out, I was so excited by all the shiny new stuff, that I just had to replace my old 'junk.' I cannibalized most of my precious models for conversions. I lost soooo many RT and 2nd edition orks. *Sigh* I still have some of them though. My deff Dred is the 2nd edition dread with a converted Nazdreg model popping out of the top and I've mixed alot of my old boys in with the new.

Your counts as stuff should work fine. Squig catapults are essentially the same as lobbas and traktor kannons and smasha guns got smushed together into the zzap gun. The only ones that didn't get a 3rd+ equivalent was the splatta cannon (I never liked it much anyway) and pulsa rokkits (I really miss them). The mega armor should work as shootas, since they don't have anything in the list that even looks like a meltagun anymore.

I look forward to seeing more!

The Clairvoyant
03-04-2009, 15:22
mostly my 2nd ed stuff is being replaced with the new stuff. I've kept some RT nobz to lead my boyz as my nod to the old days.
Its also my intention to use my old mekboyz in burna mobz

The field artillery will be staying as i really don't like the new artillery pieces
Having dug out those old mega nobz, i think i will strip them, re-base them and use them. I was gonna make some a-la synapse, but i really like the old nobz.

My 2nd ed goffs will be relegated to the box once i have another unit of sluggas built.

My RT Space Ork Raiders and plastic boyz i keep thinking of pulling out and re-using but they're so far out of scale with the newer stuff that i think they'll be staying in the box.

Maybe at some point, i'll dig out some more old stuff and post pics of it for nostalgia purposes only

Finn Sourscowl
03-04-2009, 18:58
Maybe at some point, i'll dig out some more old stuff and post pics of it for nostalgia purposes only

Sounds like a good idea to me :P

The Clairvoyant
06-04-2009, 11:14
Well the nostalgic pic i was gonna do of the mega-nobz has fallen by the wayside.

I spent yesterday afternoon stripping the paint on them. They're now mounted on the larger bases, soon to be repainted to my current ork standard.
I'll also be adding some of the iron gob bits from the nobz sprue and possibly a few other minor details just to update them slightly.

The other bit i was doing yesterday was to take 5 nobz from the AoBR set (i have 15 of these nobz in total, plus the 5 from the new boxed set :D) and give them stuff left over from the nobz sprues. The 5 original ones were all given big choppas and one power claw. These AoBR ones have the shootas and a couple with powerclaws. It would have been so much easier to give the shootas to the correct model, but thats half the fun of converting! So now I have 20 nobz with various weapon options so i can chop and change my army selection to how i want them. Magnets are for sissies!

Pics of the nobz to follow this evening when i get home.

06-04-2009, 11:26
What can I say - great stuff. Are the old MANs effectively wearing power armour? It looks like it from the one pic I could see them in, but that was a whole-army shot and it wasn't particularly clear.

The Clairvoyant
06-04-2009, 11:31
yeah it looks rather like power armour - its the original mega armour models from 2nd edition when mega armour gave you a 2+ save with a 4+ unmodified reroll for the medi-squig pack.

06-04-2009, 11:32
some sweet stuff here, nicely painted too! seeing those old models brings back some memories hehe in all, lookin awesome so far :)

The Clairvoyant
06-04-2009, 12:14
well i forgot about lunchtime, so i managed to get home to take a pic of the meganobz.


The iron gobs are just blu-tacked on for now as i'll paint them separately.
One of the current-era models is shown just for scale purposes

06-04-2009, 15:18
Those have actually aged rather well - they must have been massive back in the day, compared to the regular-sized Boyz which look a bit dinky compared to their modern equivalents.

06-04-2009, 15:52
I have never seen the old megaamors and have to say that they can still stand up to the current version. Should be interesting to see them painted :D

The Clairvoyant
08-04-2009, 23:11
I've managed to strip a few more meganobz so now i have 6 done and mounted on new bases, 2 more stripped but have no bases (i need to buy some more cos i've already pinched the ones from my black reach terminators) and another 1 sitting in a pool of fairy power spray.
The last one to make it up to a unit of 10 is going to need a little more work as an old conversion has ruined the model somewhat. Or maybe i'll just try and pick one up on ebay and save myself the bother!

I'll probably only use 6 of them anyway, as a 10 ork mob would cost 400pts which is a bit much!

My plan is to get the next 500pts painted, which includes these 6 meganobz, 3 deffkoptas with rokkits and a unit of burna boyz.
Then once this 'toys' section is done, its back to the 'boyz' section to get the mob of evil sunz shoota boyz done, some bloodaxe slugga boyz and some deathskull shoota boyz.

For deathskulls i'm planning on replacing some of their shootas with old ork bolt guns, some marine bolters, a few lasguns and maybe a couple of shurikens if i can find some in one of my bitz boxes - just for the looted theme. And having both undead armies for fantasy means i have loads of spare skulls lying around to decorate them with too.

The Clairvoyant
10-04-2009, 18:02
Well the first meganob is getting there.
Here's a pic of how far i've got so far.
The jaw from the nobz sprue sits quite nicely and helps to update these 15 year old models nicely


I need to go the shop tomorrow to pick up some more badab black and a few others to get this model finished and then i can get on with the rest. 3 more have been started but I want this one finished so i know how to do the rest, which'll cut the painting time overall

10-04-2009, 18:51
Very nice! The model really looks up to date. May I recommend some gryphonne sepia for a little shading on the yellow parts?

11-04-2009, 11:33
I actually want a couple of those. They're really cool models, especially painted. Much nicer than the slightly boring current ones.

The Clairvoyant
12-04-2009, 23:46
Thanks for the comments :)

I took your advice Dezmord and bought some sepia wash which has turned out quite nicely. They didn't have any badab though so the model is still on hold. I'll post a pic when its finished.
In the meantime, i decided to start on my biker boss and then also thought i'd paint an old model just for fun. As in *really* old. Cue one Space Ork Raider!


13-04-2009, 00:01
Hmm, very nice stuff in here. Your way of highlighting isn't really my cup of tea but it definately works on the tabletop. Always great to see 2nd edition and before Orks in other people's armies. The updating of the old Meganobz worked really well. I have one with a horribly deformed face (seems like someone tried to cut his face off with a wire cutter :cries: ) and this might be a way to make him look OK again. It's just the iron gobs from the new Nobz box, right? Do they fit without any filing or converting?

Apart from that stuff, I hate you for owning all the RT-era battlewagons that rightfully should be in my posession. ;) The 6 wheeled one looks nice although I'd never dare to cut such a model up. I only own one and it's in a pretty bad shape so much redoing is in order. Very nice freehand on the Battlewagon by the way.

I also envy you for your Freebooterz. Cool miniatures, those.

Keep it up sir!

13-04-2009, 09:10
I took your advice Dezmord and bought some sepia wash which has turned out quite nicely.
Good to see that my idea was helpfull :D

Everytime I see this FW biker-warboss I'm starting to envy the owner. I want one, too!

The Clairvoyant
13-04-2009, 10:22
yep iron gob straight from the new nobz sprue.
It may need some very slight filling because the glyph plates behind are moulded, but other than that, no. It fits round quite nicely.
Those concept wagons have since been sidelined so both my old battlewagons can be repaired back to their previous state.
The freebooter models are some of my favourite models, though every time i see someone with converted nobz as flash gitz, i start thinking about copying that idea instead!

Finn Sourscowl
13-04-2009, 13:06
Looking rather nice, matey! Especially those 2nd ed nobs! I remeber fighting them in 1994 during "study leave" at the end of the 4th year :P

I haven't managed to do anything since we got back from WW... too much time sorting work things out!

My advice re the freebooters... stick with the 2nd ones :D

But then I would say that :P

13-04-2009, 16:36
The freebooter models are some of my favourite models, though every time i see someone with converted nobz as flash gitz, i start thinking about copying that idea instead!

Thanks for the info on the iron gobs. As for the Freebooterz....yeah, they used to be quite different ruleswise too, being more or less Ork boyz and not a Nob equivalent.

And I see how converting the new Nobz box has an appeal, I mean it's a great box and all. Glad I restrained myself to using Orks from 1987 to 1994 in my army so I don't have to bother with these problems. ;)

As for your army, I think converting the new Nobz to Freebooterz would be more appropriate in your army. Maybe you can keep the old Freebooterz as a reguar mob of Slugga Boys in a converted Trukk which resembles a ship in some ways or something.

The Clairvoyant
21-04-2009, 16:37
Sorry Finn, but i went with Sigurs advice and made some flash gitz from some nob models. The old freebooters are going to make a future mob of shoota boyz, or possibly some other specialist boyz mob.

So below is my new flash gitz mob. Please bare in mind that i'm no greenstuff expert with this being only my second time of using it to make anything.
So i hope you like the look of the models, even if the sculpting isn't great.

The guns still need drilling and 3 of them still need their backplates, but as i'm not posting a pic of the backs of them it doesn't matter :P


Finn Sourscowl
22-04-2009, 19:06
Ok, mate, they look excellent :)

The Clairvoyant
30-04-2009, 21:26
One flash git almost finished. Needs some tidying up and a little finishing off in places like the patch on the back.
I decided to stick with the original freebooter colour scheme and it helps distinguish them from the clan models


Finn Sourscowl
03-05-2009, 11:56
I just Lurrrvvveee those stripey trousers, mate :)

Did you GS that skull and crossbones?? For someone who went meh at GS for so long, mate, you've certainly picked it up quick enough!!

Are they finger prints in the greenstuff, or the paint, bottom left hand side? Might be a good idea to make sure the paint job covers them over... a little constructive critisism :P

03-05-2009, 13:47
The stripes on the trousers are great and I like it that you try to stick to their "traditional" colour, but I'm not sure if I like the mantle. Maybe if the lower part would have a cut in it (like synapse's)?

The Clairvoyant
04-05-2009, 10:53
no theres no way i could have GS'd the skull and crossbones! That came from the skeleton shield sprue.
Yes i admit i was 'meh' about GS in the past - but that was as a filler which is what you and JOel were using it for. I found blu-tac did the same job and didn't require half the effort! But there was no way i was going to make coats out of blutac!

And yes they are fingerprints in the GS. Its annoying as i was hoping the paint would cover them up. I intend to go back and sort that out!

Stripey trousers are how flash gitz should be, and should also (in my mind) be non-clan specific. A lot of people have mono-clan armies and put flash gitz in with the same colours as the rest of the army. As my army is very much multi-clan a la 2nd edition orks, the gitz can have their own identity. Stripey trousers are the nod to the original freebooter models GW produced.

Dezmord, my GS skills aren't good enough to allow me to add a cut and keep it looking tidy! The patch on the back of this model (and its on a couple of others too) are where holes appeared when i was making the coats. Fortunately a patch stuck on it keeps it looking orky! :D

04-05-2009, 11:18
The patch on the back of this model (and its on a couple of others too) are where holes appeared when i was making the coats. Fortunately a patch stuck on it keeps it looking orky!
I like the look of that patch! So it seems like I have to hope that you produce even more holes in the next flashgits mantles :D

The Clairvoyant
26-07-2009, 19:11
None of you may be wondering what i've been up to and why more orks haven't gotten on to this blog.
Well, the reason was because i was working on a present for a friends 30th (finn sourscowl, in fact) for the past two months

Blah blah blah wordy wordy bits.
Here's what i made:


I have some other photos of it during the build phase, but for now, this'll do.

27-07-2009, 16:23
Wow, that's a cool present! By the way, my 28th is tomorrow ;)

only joking...
27-07-2009, 16:41

Amazing sculpting, scratchbuilding and painting! I would love to have some feedback from you on my orks (see my sig).


27-07-2009, 18:44
becareful on the foot holder thing on the bike mine always falls off but man the boss on bike is an amazing model i love it ssssoooo much ill keep following this thread


The Clairvoyant
31-07-2009, 12:02
Thanks for the kind remarks guys :)

Dezmord, happy birthday for the other day. No i'm not gonna make you a reaver!

So now i have some time to get back to my own projects, my flash gitz have their new heads, courtesy of maxmini.


Glued on, but no painting done yet, but i'm looking forward to it.

I've also dug out my old marine army and courtesy of a few bits from ebay, some donations from a friend and from a dig through my bitz box i've made 2 tactical squads and a 5man assault squad from the old RTB01 Mk6 marines. i have some jump packs on order from maxmini to equip them with as my old metal jump packs are for mk7 marines and i want something different for these guys.
I've also lopped the head off the captain from the black reach box and given him a Mk6 head too.
And my old metal ravenwing landspeeder has been given two Mk6 crew too.
I also have an old original landspeeder which intend to give some new (old) crew too at some point.
Then there's my original razorback (with lascannon and twin linked plasma guns) which i want to change the gun crewman to a mk6 marine.

My problem at the moment is deciding on a chapter.

Not really much of an update, so i'm editing rather than making a new post.

I've decided (i think, finally) instead to go for crimson fists. I've always liked the dark blue colour scheme and i think it goes well with the RT models.
Now i just need to paint something!
I'm sure once i start, i'll feel inspired to do some more

Black Legionaire
07-01-2010, 18:56
I love your ideas,your models are simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Clairvoyant
11-01-2010, 16:53
Wow, has it really been this long since i painted anything orky?

Well, santa/the wife was very kind to me this year so now i have two stompas!
The first one is part way through being painted and built, whilst the other is still sitting in its wrapping.

I asked The Wife what colour scheme she wanted me to paint this one and she chose red, so Evil Sunz it is.

Here are a few WIP shots, including the tray of bits still being worked on!

You may notice the one panel has been painted in Ultramarine as i felt it fitting to add a panel that was looted from a previous battle.
For the reds, i've used scab, gore, blood and mechrite on different panels to give an uneven look to the model, without it looking so uneven it looks it was made by a deathskull mek.
Similarly, the head has been painted in various shades of green, whilst the face plate and jaw are iyanden.
Badab and devlan mud tone everything down and were used as a way of 'dirtying' the model

Anyways, on to the pics.


The Clairvoyant
29-01-2010, 11:30
Almost finished now.

The rear part of the hull needs finishing off, as well as few odds and ends such as the turret for the shoulder and the riggerz.

Overall, i'm happy with the way its turned out.
And then its time for stompy no2 soon.

Piccies of nearly finshed stompa coming up:


29-01-2010, 11:40
Looking very nice. The rust-effect on the feet is very convincing.

Brother Alexos
29-01-2010, 23:10
Awesome. Superb work on your orks and I love that gaming table.

30-01-2010, 17:46
nice stuff, really like the flash gits and did you greenstuff that little squig? im currently doing a atack squig myself out of an old fantasy cave squig but greenstuffing a tail and bigger legs on him.

The Clairvoyant
01-02-2010, 07:18
Thanks for the kind comments :)

The little squig is from the Skull Pass goblin hero. The chain attached to the back is from the zombie sprue and the top spiky bit is a shoulder pad from the nobz sprue.

01-02-2010, 17:11
Thanks for the kind comments :)

The little squig is from the Skull Pass goblin hero.

That would be why I dont recognise him, I hav'nt played fantasy since 5th edition.