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12-09-2008, 17:39
This armylist was born from This thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2937050)

First up, you might notice that the list has no forest spirits. This is as this army is shared with my girlfriend and she only likes the elves.

What I plan to do is to hide glade guard in forest, use the spellsinger to sing all those forests around to annoy the enemy. The glade guard will have the role of march blockers and harassers. The highborn will join the eternal guard, and the rest of the non-shooty units will charge when the time is ripe. Do give comments, thanks.

Highborn (Dawn Spear, Oaken Armour) - 230 pts
Spellsinger (Cluster of radiants, Calaingor's staff, level 2) - 175 pts

10 Glade Guard - 120 pts
10 Glade Guard - 120 pts
10 Glade Guard - 120 pts
5 Glade Riders (Musician) - 129 pts
5 Glade Riders (Musician) - 129 pts

20 Eternal guard (Standard, Musician) - 258 pts
6 Wardancers (Full command) - 165 pts
6 Wardancers (Full command) - 165 pts
10 Wildriders (musician) - 260 pts
5 Waywatchers - 120 pts

Total : 1991 pts

12-09-2008, 18:47
Goodness, 10 Wild Riders in a single unit? I'd probably split them in two units of 5 without further command, or a single unit of 6 with a Warbanner.

I would put a champion in the Eternal Guard, so you have a way out of challenges that might otherwise kill your lord. Regeneration isn't much of a protection when you're facing, say, a Greater Demon.

12-09-2008, 20:39
Well hades, my ISP ate my initial reply.

I think your highborn could stand to be on an elf steed to improve his mobility. Him only being able to move 10"/turn will limit his utility.

As to the caster, I'd be inclined to just go with scrolls. The cluster can only be taken by branchwraiths and treeman ancients anyway so replace it straight off. The calaingor's may be okay in an army with some casting power, but you spamming 4 attempts at treesinging isn't really going to get you very far. Without at least one more caster I don't see the utility with it.

For your troops their okay aside from the wild riders as Makarion pointed out.

Your eternal guard are actually core (because you have a highborn general) and so you have a spare special slot. Split the wild-riders to 2 units to fill this slot and you've greatly improved your flexibility.

27-09-2008, 05:12
I like this list but it would be pretty vulnerable to magic and shooting considering the 4 units of 5 rider if you split the wild riders, (2d6 str 4 hits = death for T3) I would swap your spellsingers items around to make it defensive magic instead of agressive, say, some scrolls. Other than that, with a bit of luck your army should do very well :)