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12-09-2008, 20:37
Alright starting a new army here and got the Dark elves I dont think this army is cheesy, even if it does have a dragon but i build my armies around the models i like so feel free to rip apart at point out its flaws as im new to the dark elves a have never seen the army used I can use whatever advice you got.

seadragon cloak
pendant of khaeleth
armor of eternal servitude
Crimson death
mounted on dragon

Sorceress- 185
lvl 2
darkstar cloak
Dispel scroll

lvl 2
sacrifical dagger
Dispel scroll

5x Cold One Knights-225
full cmd
Banner of Murder

5x Cold One Knights-175
full cmd

16x DE Repeater Crossbowmen- 191
Standard, musician

20x DE warriors- 149

20x Corsiars- 215
Standard, musician

6x Shades- 114
light armor
great wpn

total 1998

I know i should have a bolt thrower but i dont own one. so let me know your opinions good bad or ugly:)

Another thought should i cut the shades and get an asssasin

Little Aaad
12-09-2008, 21:08
TBH, you dont have enough troops to use the sacrificial dagger for, so i suggest...
Dreadlord is a bit excessive, I find this protects him enough.
I gave your Sorcs move manueverabiliy, and one the Peggy-Focus Familiar combo so she can fly around hiding and still cast her spells.
I doubt people will shoot your XBows with a dragon on the board, they dont shoot mine! Vanila XBows for you.

558: Dreadlord - Sea Dragon Cloak, Pendant of Khaeleth, Lance, Black Dragon, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Seal of Ghrond

197: Sorceress - Level 2, Darkstar cloak, Dispel scroll, Dark Steed

235: Sorceress - Level 2, Focus Familiar, Dispel scroll, Dark Pegasus

120: 12 Repeater Crossbowmen

215: 20 Corsiars, Standard, Musician

155: 20 Dark Elf Warriors - Full Command

117: 5 Dark Riders - Musician, RxB's

175: 5 Cold One Knights - Full Command

090: 5 Shades - Great Weapons

Leaving you 148 Points to mess around with.

All of this is from a gaming Point of View and obviously its your choice.

Good Luck!

12-09-2008, 22:03
I still have a limted models so i cant add the darkriders. Ill try the vanilla xbowmen, and ill dump the dagger (dont own a peggy yet either)

Im going to keep the 2 uinits of cold ones though just cause I love the models.

I think ill keep the dreadlord as is just cause of my brothers dwarflord.

so how about:

Dreadlord(same as 1st post)-559
5xColdones (full cmd+banner murder)-200
5xColdones (full cmd)-175
20x Warriors(full cmd)-155
20x Corsairs(standard, musician)-215
5xShades(great wpn)-90
Assasin(rune khaine)-115


Little Aaad
12-09-2008, 22:32
I just disagree with the dragon. To be honest, you shouldnt be attacking a Dwarf Lord anyway, kill his unit and watch his 1+ Rerollable AS and 2+ Ward Save regen whatever go to waste.

Remember your Dark Steeds for Sorcs, it is vital, and they can go in the Cold Ones until you get some DR.

DR are a must, btw.

Again, gaming point of view, so its probably not all valid anyway.

Good Luck!

*Edit: Manbane on the Assasin btw, then laugh at Dwarves, Giants, anything T5 and more!

12-09-2008, 22:48
Try this out on your lord:

1 Dreadlord: Black Dragon, Crimson Death, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Ring of Darkness, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield.

2+AS vs.Shooting/4+ in CC, Regen, WS/BS cut IN HALF, and S6 all the time on your lord. Just think, hitting on 3's with both the dragon and lord, re-roll misses on both, and usually wounding on 2's. That is ownage.

Little Aaad
12-09-2008, 22:54
Lance over Crimson Death though, Dark Elves are supposed to break enemies in the first turn of combat so why pay 19 more points?

13-09-2008, 05:52
Because of stubborn Ld 10 longbeards, and because of ironbreakers, and slayers. Sometimes, the unit just won't budge and you have to slug it out for a few rounds. Hopefully before the dwarves march a second block into your flank.

13-09-2008, 21:48
The hammerers (stubborn) are exactly why I wanted the crimson death if I have slug it out, I need the strength. He sticks the lord in the middle of 20-25 of them and they can be a pain.

And besides I got a great idea for the conversion of the dragon kit:)

Little Aaad
13-09-2008, 21:55
Fair Enough but if you expect to slug up in combats for ages your approaching the army in completely the wrong way.

14-09-2008, 14:20
Crimson death is worth the points either way...banking on playing the dragon perfectly each time isn't the way to go. If he gets charged or stuck in combat for more than a turn, you'll appreciate it a lot more.