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Fire Harte
12-09-2008, 20:38
All things bright and Orkiful!
All Greenskinz great not smallz!
All thingz cunnin' and ittyfull!
Da lord Mork madez 'em all! :chrome:

(This orky hym is also a WIP)

Right Guys and Girls (if any...), today I start to show off my Orky boyz!

Progress is slow, but I am building stuff non the less!

Firstly a comparison between the sprue sizes, the one on your left is from the Maccrage Shuttle Frame, and the other a standard infantry size frame. These things are huge!


Next the first stages of my Ork Warboss, Tiny Teef, I am using a Defiler Claw, and with a little bit of work I have managed to start personalising my Black Reach warboss.


I plan to add a powerplant in place of the 'jooling piztulz' and a few cables/powerfeeds. Also he is on a bigger base! :p

Fire Harte
12-09-2008, 20:39
Also, I saw this from another member, so I took the idea and thought I would make one:

Also, I plan to make a Beverage/Fuel Tank out of this foreign coke can!

So tell me what you think... Is it :chrome: or :eyebrows:?

12-09-2008, 21:33
The defiler claw looks badass on that lil guy

floyd pinkerton
12-09-2008, 22:47
Nice stuff up to now fella ;)

I've also PM'd you...

12-09-2008, 22:51
Ah, I see he has his 'subtle' claw still :D

Fire Harte
13-09-2008, 08:13
Cheers fellow gamers!

DarkStarSabre: You Rocko! ;)

Front of Warboss!

Rear End!
Yup Dreadnought Powerplant!

Ork Tank Busta!

A cobble of imperial weapunz is his right arm, just wanting to add some randomness!

Oh and my pic shall be arriving soon. (No job, 15, no pet!)

13-09-2008, 08:41
Looks great this far, the painting pot dread is awesome! I'm keeping an eye on this :)

Fire Harte
13-09-2008, 09:08
Ok even more Updates, before I show it off at my FLGS.

First the required Pic of me.


Looks a bit sad I know but SHINY HANDS!

Then some WW2 humour...

And an AoBR Ork Nob, with powerclaw from standard Nob frame.

Not the best quality I know, but I want to show what I have done! :p

Fire Harte
13-09-2008, 09:11
Oh and my song of the week (updated weekly...)

Ensiferum- Wanderer (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uKZd4U397M4)

Oh and BeatTheBeat, thank you!

13-09-2008, 09:25
hey don't i know you froom somewhere.... I could of sworn i saw this thread on another site.... :)

13-09-2008, 13:28
nice work on adding the plowerclaw to the starter box norb - looks great.

Fire Harte
13-09-2008, 17:20
hey don't i know you froom somewhere.... I could of sworn i saw this thread on another site.... :)

Oh no! Not you!

13-09-2008, 18:24
Is that you, Harry Potter?! :0
Nice stuff, though :D

Fire Harte
13-09-2008, 19:01
Is that you, Harry Potter?! :0
Nice stuff, though :D

HOW DARE YOU!! :mad:

he he, no I am not harry potter, I was expelled from hogwarts because they found 'dirty mags'. 'P***o Disapearo' IS not a spell!

Cheers guys!

Right here is a Dual-piztul tank hunta! I plan to add rokitz to his piztuls!

Also I added the cross-hairs to his helmet. The ork's reason behind this: 'We all knowz that those sighty cross hair bitz help us 'it wiv our gunz, but we could lose these gunz. So if I added dem to my 'elmet, then I will notz need to worry about it!'

And a better pic of the nob. It is the WD mini and a head, also a powerclaw for it. If it is visible, there is a pad on the knee cap, this is because the model broke in transit.


Fire Harte
18-09-2008, 16:23
All rightz ya panzy boyz, new updatez!

Firstly a dakka post going on my stompa!



Tank-busta nob!

Fire Harte
18-09-2008, 16:24
Part 2!


Kinda egg dakka post!

So far so good I believe

Some Tank-Bustaz


Ok, yes, he has a Chicken Walker leg for a 'Rokkit launsha Arm'

Sorry the pics are bad, but holding thy ice lolly and having the shakes from lack of iron at the time of photos. Yes, t'is a slow waaagh! Darr!

Fire Harte
25-09-2008, 17:13
Ok warseer! More!

So Here is a sternguard Model, fully decked up in MKVI Plate, with a pre-heresy pattern bolter.

Conversion Found in Astro Mag, courtesy of Arkaedin! Bit wonky, but I am proud of it!


Still needs another arm, but I am highly tempted to make him squad Sargeant.

Fire Harte
25-09-2008, 17:14
Also, here is some of 'armour plating' for my stompa, the hole is for a fire point.


Oh and this is one of my Apostles of Minthras banner bearers from behind! :D


Comments please... :)

Fire Harte
28-09-2008, 14:48

So first here I have another sternguard with the current one. (White in the back ground looked worse than now, seriously.) The bolter is another pre heresy bolter, slightly easier this time, as i found a bolter I had lurking around which is possibly older than me! (Family connections...)


Fire Harte
28-09-2008, 14:49
Warboss update:

Basically I have added a few plates of metal, and a sentinel exhaust.

Comments and Critiscism please.

Disclaimer- I know the images are crap, but I am not focusing on teeny weeny detail, just the bulk of the conversion.

Marshal Caligula
30-09-2008, 22:31
Very nice log you've started here. My friend plays orks and we converted this amazing dreadnaught from a SM one and a whole lot of ork bitz. It doesn't do well on the table but is an awesome model. Just trying to give u an idea for the AOBR dread...maybe. Anyways, love the warboss. Can't wait to see some more.

Fire Harte
01-10-2008, 19:32
Excellent cheers, as of now it will be done!


Fire Harte
07-10-2008, 16:34
Well, more sternguard!

This guy was simple, he would have had a combi-plasma/melta, but when I bought him he did not have it. :(

So I naturally made it a project! (As the only blister they had with this guy in it in stock, was the one I bought.

...and the back!


I aim to do a bit of work on the back-pack to, just to set it apart further.

I have done 24 ork boys recently from AOBR, but they are boring.

de Selby
07-10-2008, 18:02
Lots of pics in this log. Keep up the good work.

Fire Harte
07-10-2008, 21:22

I may just have some orks for tomorrow, depending on the weather.

Fire Harte
13-10-2008, 16:04
Here is a nob from the WD (you know the one!), two of these guys, and this one is a pain-nob. :evilgrin:

He has been drybrushed Astro Grey for viewing purposes, as you can see he has a black undercoat on most parts.


Fire Harte
13-10-2008, 19:55
Should really explain how I did this (Thanks to a friend on MSN).

First the gun arm, I basically took an assault cannon and chopped it up, and put it on the end of the slugga arm.

The metallic arm, was taken from the painboy, and the choppa arm was trimmed so they would both fit.

The head was just glued onto the neck joint, after removing the head.

Then I removed the shoulder pads, and kitted him out with bigger ones.

So, comments and critiscism please! (Oh, and this guy is basically my excuse for a power-klaw!

Fire Harte
16-10-2008, 19:23
Yeah, sorry, my pic quality is the crap.

But, I do have some updates, with slightly better pictures!


Painboy has had some work in it, now a doc's robe, and a brand new banner, courtesy of a marine chapter. I may paint it in the colours of someone else's just to spite them and poke fun.

The Chaos Terminator I said I would convert.


Still needs a head, and I can do with adding to the joints a lot, but so far I like!

This is another modelling leap for me, last week i would not dare do anyting like this...

So comments and critiscism please!

Fire Harte
16-10-2008, 19:24
killa Kan Update. :o


Oh, and as for the Ork Warboss, I cannot find him right now. :(

26-10-2008, 21:05
Hey, would you like to buy some of my orks? I've got the boyz and deff coptas and I don't really want them from AoBR.

Fire Harte
27-10-2008, 11:52
Nah thanks, got a lot already! (Black reach trading Woot!)

27-10-2008, 19:11
Lol, yeah it seems no one wants them anymore! They all seem to have gotten theirs within an hour of BR's release!

Fire Harte
27-10-2008, 20:22
Hehe! Well, If I ever do, I shall let you know!

WARNING: The quality of the following pics may make a part of you die inside. :p

Right then, as I had a set of tracks left over from a chimera, it was nigh time I made something out of them! TRUKK FER DA BOSS!!


As you can see, it is a simple build. But, I do need a driver seat, and as I plan to have the passengers on the interior, I hope to place the thing on the side, like the shoota boy.

Fire Harte
27-10-2008, 20:26
Oh, and some of da nobz going in it!

(Yes, more terrible pics, sorry!)

Dis nobz gotz a 'uge amma!

Dese 'ere lads gotz big cutty chopsie bitz!

Close up of wun of 'em!!

Yes, those are Hellstorm Rockets from the Helstorm Rocket Battery, I thought they would make a suitable kombi-rokkit!

Fire Harte
29-10-2008, 15:50
Gubinz are ere! (Yes, I am holding a cardbaord book with my teeth!)

First trukk has a bit more work on it now. (Pics are slightly better, but beware, shocking quality).
Yes, the shooty spot has been re-worded a little, and the gretchin is a classic one donated by skarfang, as you can see, he also has a little pannel on the side.


That is the rear of this 'ere trukk, yes they are a bit scarce on armour, but MEH!! :p
The wheel is a spare, nothing more.

Oh, and the crows nest! Which doulbles up as the drivin' bit! :-D

I am calling this done, bar a few clean ups and such.

Fire Harte
29-10-2008, 15:54

Here is the trukk with da mob! (Proof)


More pics today, of the second trukk. but right now I would love to hear some feedback.

30-10-2008, 00:37
As far as I can tell I like the look of that bunch. Your pics look cel-shaded though.

30-10-2008, 00:51
Very nice Fire, I like the ramshackled appearence!

Fire Harte
30-10-2008, 22:32
As far as I can tell I like the look of that bunch. Your pics look cel-shaded though.

Eh? What the hell is cel-shaded?

But yeah thanks guys, I haver a new challenge from an older waaagh!! to see whose is the best.

Right then, I just got MORE black reach stuff, and I plan to use a deffkopta in my russ-trukk, to be the driver, and part of the engine.

Kishvier- I shall consider your offer.

Fire Harte
31-10-2008, 19:03
Ok then, Update time!

Right then, do all of you know the shoota oy from black reach?

Well, as I have six of them, I have decided to modify one of 'em!

Terrible images, but you see what I have done!


Next, some work on Da Trukk Numba 2!

Basically some more room for a squad.

The Deffkopta Model Used for the Drive and more engine stuff, but I have modified it again, as he cannot see past all of da boyz if they go in the trukk.


Fire Harte
31-10-2008, 19:03
Below you can see I have literally made a 'Flyz Wee-ull!


Lastly for my modelling bit, I have wanted some shoota boyz in my army, so I have made a few black reach ones into shoota boyz! Just shows it can be done!



So comments on this stuff I beg of you!

Also, as I have some leman russes left over to assemble, and I cannot be caked to assemble them as russes, do I:

A) Make a looted wagon and a third trukk?
B) Make a Battle wagon?
C) Make a Skorcha and a Trukk?
D) Give them to a tread-head? (Depends on my generosity).

01-11-2008, 22:10
Wagon and Looted Wagonz! FOR DA BOYZ!!!

24-12-2008, 00:45
Sweet conversions, very orky. I like the Killacann!
The wagon is coming out great.
The fule tank gave me an idea id like to share with you.
Take an 8oz beer can (they come in 8 packs) and make a killa can outa that!

Fire Harte
24-12-2008, 15:03
Thank thee son of sanguinus!


This is my new log, decided to start a-fresh as I got a new camera today (Birthday!)

Anypics from here you want to see in more detail, just ask on my other Ork Log.

Thanks all!

Fire Harte/Gideon