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12-09-2008, 22:36
This will be my hopefully first completed army! I don't have an army list as yet, but I have brought a heap of models. I hope to have enough to field a number of different armies!

So far, I have

2x ork battle forces
2x assault on black reach
2x burna/loota boys
1x ork boys.

I am half way through scratch building a fighta bomma and a battle wagon. I plan to scratch build most of my vehicles and spend the money i save on boyz. I have put together (almost) one bike, 4 deffcoptas, 20 boys with sluggas and choppers and am working through cutting off the arms on the AoBR boyz (I had the way the weapons are held) and swapping them with shootas instead.

Anywho, here is my current work space (taken A few weeks ago)



12-09-2008, 22:37
This is my first bike, I wanted it too look as if it had been crashed (and dinted) on one side.



The first mob of boyz


And shootas (arms are blu tacked on, Iíve removed all the mold lines, so they are just ready to be glued, I just want to make sure the heads fit on fine with the shootas)


12-09-2008, 22:38
My battlewagon . I am going to try and make the turret look like it was looted from a baneblade and just welded/bolted to the top. It will hold a kill cannon (which I may try and make look like a sawn off main gun from a bane blade (forget its name sorry).


Some older shots (for scale purposes)


With the rokit launcher, and without the side bits for tracks (and my horrible armour plating)


12-09-2008, 22:38
These are my first few boyz painted (first minis painted in about 2 years (I mostly just build stuff and leave it unpainted, but I am deterimed to get this army fully painted!). It sucks, I want the real dirty look, but all the detail I painted on goes away! (But itís still good to learn right now).



Another group shot


12-09-2008, 22:39
And the fighta bomma (I love ork aircraft) And I dislike using historical models and just slapping a few armor plates on (I love history, and I cant see past the original shape L).

No skin:

Skin (the canopy and the half a ping pong ball are just place markers, Iíll put a gun turret there make a nicer canopy once Iíve finished with the fuselage :

The nose section (and the start of the engine intake:

I was originally going to have it crashing down, but Iíve changed the base around and the fighta bomma is going to be coming up (as if from a dive bomming run). From this side you can see the start of the trench system (Aim is to have the orks fighting on some desert planet against IG who are dug in. I like putting heaps of detail into a base.


14-09-2008, 07:15
Small update.

I forgot to post a picture of my defkopters. I wont post the ones I have not modded because they're all pretty much the same. I'm going to add buzzsaws and bigbomms to some of them. One kopta I removed two of the top rokkits and am going to try and make it look like it has just fired off two of them (similar to the picture on page 48 of the ork codex).

This is the first defkopta with a buzzsaw (taken from the sentinel still got to fill the gap where it joins the defkopta)


And here is my weekends work so far; two boxes of AoBR boyz with their choppa arms choped off, slot bases filled in, mold lines removed and based, Just waiting on sand to dry as I'm writing this. Guns have been prepepped too.


Comments and criticisms much appreciated,



14-09-2008, 09:18
Ambitous project you have.
Lots of things on the go at once would drive me crazy, hope you have better luck!

Like the shape of your bomba, also like your rusty weapons on your slugas, orange/brown wash used?

Your Orks have a macleans smile, lovely white teeth! I think a little yellowing would help a bit, my 2 cents.

Bugbait out

14-09-2008, 09:34
Thanks for the comments :)

You're correct about the teeth, I never really thought to make them all yellowed and rotten. And I don't normally like having this much stuff going on at once (though I do like having two or three things on at once (I get bored easy and move from one to the other then back when I have new ideas), but I think this is too much). However, I want to get enough boys made so I can start fielding them. I prefer scratch building than putting the boyz together, but once this is out of the way I can return to finishing the bomma and the battle wagon and converting up the other vehicles

The rust on the weapons is created from a rusty pigment mix made by adding vinegar to steal wool, then decanting the vinegar out and adding water and a little bit of PVA. I could never get the rust to look good with paints.



14-09-2008, 10:02
Wow, who would have thought to use real rust as rust :D might have to try that.

I agree scratch building is the most fun. You are going to need alot of rivets for your bomba and wagon, do you have a plan for making vast numbers of them?

Bugbait out

14-09-2008, 10:29
here (http://www.wideopenwest.com/~tinweasel/rust_tut.html) is the link to the tute I followed (roughly) to create the rust. I don't know why he says add bleech and vinegar. Vinegar works because it is acidic and by adding the bleach you would be raising the pH.

Anywho. What I did was just get a smallish container, Put the steel wool (make sure its the cheapest type you can find, here there are lots of steel wools that say they prevent rusting and remove the soapy layer if you can't find steel wool with out a soapy layer), then soak the steel wool over night or so (doesn't really matter, the production of rust may take a day or two to start. Sometimes I would take the steel wool out of the vinegar and just let it get exposed to the air over night then before I go to work put it back in the vinegar.)

Once you can see rust falling off (you will be able to see it) drain the liquid (with the rusty bits) into another container (I'd try and find a container that is deep but doesn't have much area (like a skinny tall cylinder) so the rust can fall to the bottom and you can tip off the vinegar layer. Though this does not matter so much, just might make it a bit easier. I tried putting it into a disposable cup and using a 10mL syringe to suck off the liquid, which worked great. Then add some water to the left over rust, and repeat a few times (to remove the vinegar). Then you can make up the mixture to the concentration you need. It takes a bit of playing around with, but once you figure it out, it's pretty easy just takes a lot of words to explain.

As for the rivits, there are no plans yet. I was thinking of making/buying (if I can find) a punch and die set. I've tried using plastic card rods (the 0.035") but I find it hard to cut it so its straight (because of the way the knife blade angles and my clumsiness). Punch and die set would be the best, I could create both rivits and bolts with it. It might be cheaper in the long run too.

19-09-2008, 21:19
Good idea on the rust. I have one of these paint-on rust-making kits, but I haven't tried it yet.

Out of curiosity, why do you base them before you paint them?


19-09-2008, 22:05
I originally wanted to have the orks in some desert planet, walking through loose sand so their feet sink in a little. I did this by gluing the orks to the base first then applying heaps of PVA to the base and coving it with heaps of sand (so the PVA moves up in the sand making the layer thicker). This results in the feet being partially covered in sand which makes it look like the sand is not so packed. This had to be done before the minis were painted (or made it a lot easier to do). However after doing 80 bases of this I decided I disliked the look.. so I've taken all the sand off just leaving the cork. It did not make sence to me that the loose sand would not cover the rocks (cork). I think I'm going to go for a muddy look now, But as you say, I'll be doing this after I paint the minis! I like having a theme that feels right and is continuous through the army.

Thanks for the comments!

20-09-2008, 00:51
Update time:

As said above, I finally finished converting the 40 AoBR boys to shootas and removing the sand of the 60 bases here (and the others are just soaking in water to release the PVA). I still need to do some monor gap filling with the shootas and a few gun barrels to drill out.

The first group shot. Sorry about the poor photo, I don't yet have anywhere to place all the minis in one spot besides an empty spot in my cloths cupboard.


And some WIP shots on the buzzsaws for one of my deffkopta



Comments/ criticisms appreciated.



20-09-2008, 01:27
Those buzzsaws look very unhealthy. Whoever is at the receiving end will not have any time to reflect on the experience.
Orkdom at its best.

Btw, the rust on your weapons looks very good aswell!

Keep it up!


20-09-2008, 07:17
Thanks for the comments :)
The rust on the weapons is created from a rusty pigment mix made by adding vinegar to steal wool, then decanting the vinegar out and adding water and a little bit of PVA. I could never get the rust to look good with paints.

wow, ive read about this mix on Cmon, and hear its quite dangerous to do! though the result is pretty good, i must say, if a bit too much on the orange side. but i like the effect - it sould look great on the battlewagon!

just be careful!

nice simple addition of the ssentinel rough terrain mod to the kopta. i like it!

20-09-2008, 10:32
Nice plog, can't wait to see more painted. I think you should focus on one task at a time, it helps keeping the motivation to go on when you have some finished product you can be proud of.

21-09-2008, 00:19
Thanks for the comments guys :)

synapse: The solution is pretty harmless. I wouldent add bleech to the vinegar mix because you want a low pH to create the rust, and then as I said decant the vinegar and replace the liquid with water or something else. I also found that when you initially do the rust, it is a bright red, but after a week the steel wool starts making brown rust. I tried to figure out why, but I'm stumped.

Crabhermit: I usually agree, but sometimes I get stuck (I'm sort of stuck with the engines for the fighta bomma right now thought I have some ideas and I've built some of it dry (with no glue I'll try and get the pics up later today) but when i get stuck, I find it helps if you take a break and come back to it later. Once the engines are finished, the fighta bomma should not take too much longer (just the canopy, the gun turret at the back, some bombs and lots of wiring). I hope to finish construction in 2-3 weeks (unpainted of course :P).Or like with the buzz saws, I had the idea, and I needed to see if it would work while it was fresh in my mind. The battle fortruss will take a lot longer I fear. But I'm going to concentrate on finishing the turret before I move onto the rest of it.

In other news, I brought the citidel wash set yesterday to try out with on the ork skin (I am not very happy with the skin.

30-01-2009, 19:10

I've redone the buzzsaws and working on the next defcopta.Sorry for the long break, me and my fiancee just brought a house and I had to pack everything up a few months ago, and well there's still lots to do. But soon ill have my own double garage for modelling/gaming


30-01-2009, 19:10
I completely remade the nose cone, and am working on the pistons for the bomb grabba

30-01-2009, 19:11
ooh intresting. i like the rust on the ladz, and the level of scratch build!

consider me subscribed.


01-02-2009, 08:38
New update! More defcopta goodness.

This copta has three claws to hold the bomb, the picture doesnt really show it.


My soon to be squigoth

And the boyz


07-02-2009, 12:41
More updates
Added some pipes, and stuff. Not sure if I should have the driver firing the main gun at the same time firing his personal weapon? :S


Comments/ criticisms welcomed!

07-02-2009, 12:42
Early WIP of a trakked trukk


Nothing much to see yet, Just wanted to see if it was possable. Got the tick, now its in a box waiting to be worked on!

11-04-2009, 02:19
NEW UPDATE! finally finished my new workbench and built a gaming table (which I'll use for board games, rpgs and table top games. My aim is to make a highly dynamic modullar board with a decent theme, maybe the 40k MMO concept art (,Big pic here (http://www.warhammerworlds.com/content/WH40K_Online_Concept1.jpg) AND now I crave orks! But before I get to the updates, here is my desk and workbench. The desk is 2x2m and 75cm deep. The table is 1200x1800mm or 4x6 foot.






11-04-2009, 02:20
Anywho. I recon I spent about 3 hours trying to figure out how to finish of the buzzsaws on the deffkopta, but yesterday it took me about 20 min . I don't know why I could not do it before. Anywho. Pics!




Almost finished this one



I wanted something different for this kopta. I figured it might look cool to have it firing all its rockets at once and, well, I don't think ork rokkits would fire very straight (though if you fire enough it does not matter if you fire enough!). Anywho. Not sure if I'll go through with this or not, but I like it, but Maybe it's too much? (the rokkits are not glued in, I'll add them last because I want to paint the smoke differently. Also this kopta will be flying straight rather than tilted forword as if the rockets have kicked the kopta back. The other 4 I have will be heavily converted too. I might add buzzsaws plus guns on another, I want grots on another but not too sure yet. I'm going to work on other stuff untill I figure what I want to do. I continued on the trakk last night.

11-04-2009, 02:20


Sorry for the quality of the pics.

Comments/ criticisms welcomed!

11-04-2009, 06:33
The trakkd trukk looks great, as does the new work station!
The fired rockets look very orky with their random flight! going to do smoke trails to cover the wires?

Bugbait out

11-04-2009, 06:35
Hey Bugbait,

Nice seeing you again! Yeah, I'm going to do smoke, I'm just waiting for the putty to dry on the front bit. I'll probably end up gluing the wires that cross over together and hope that they can hold together so I can have the smoke interacting. I'll see!

thanks for the comments :)

25-04-2009, 06:24

My tracked trukk failed. So insted of wasting time trying to fix it, I decided to scratch one. Here are some early WIP pics.


Insted of a wrecking ball, I'll add two claw "count as" wrecker balls and a deffrolla as a reinforced ramp. I think it's a little to long, as I wanted it to line up with the rear wheels, but it shouldent be too difficult to fix this. Also, the length of the trukk is a little shorter than the standard (about 1cm) and about 1cm wider than the standard.

Still lots of work to do, but I thought I'd post what I've done so far.

In breaking news, the dinosaur has lost his head, and will be transformed into a squiggoth, and I brought 1 AoBR and 1 more battalion. I am planing on using the 20 boyz from hte AoBR to convert to storm boyz or convert up a number of them, and have some left over for the squiggoth.

I'll try to get some more pics up later.

25-04-2009, 12:56
After looking at the roller, I decided it made the truck look slow so I changed it for a ram.


This is one of my grabber claws. I still need to add two more pistons and a heap of other stuff to it. I was thinking of adding a buzz saw to it that is on a piston, so when the claw grabs down on a victim, the ork can push a butten (or something) so the saw goes forword and chops em :P. I'm not sure if I'll have the claws located ontop of the cabin or on the back.





25-04-2009, 14:09
First off, where can I find those black paint-holders you have?!

Second, I really like your orks. Nice to see some nice deffkoptas!

25-04-2009, 20:18
Thanks bob :)

Regarding the paint pot holders, I built them, but I based the concept off CNC workshops paint pot holder thingy.

26-04-2009, 20:30
The trakd trukk must be finished!! it looks way to cool to be abandoned! maybe just say its on hold until you can sort out the technical difficulties!

Not sure about the snow plow on the trukk, maybe sorten it up a bit?

Grabber definately needs more gubbins.

Bugbait out

29-04-2009, 11:28
Sorry bugbait, Maybe next time :(

More updates! It's almost finished. Just got to add some smaller details and lots of armor plates, pistons for the claws and other random stuff, but the hardest part is over!

I like these too claws, the other claw i made was too realistic, and these look more likely to chomp you in half!

The plow is just blue tacked on and I've just started work on the wheel guards.





Comments/critisms would be great (bearing in mind, I will be adding lots of hydrolics to the claws when I get plasticard tubing that's the correct size.

Also, I picked up some supersculpey for my squiggoths head!


29-04-2009, 11:47
True conversion madness, thatīs how I like it.
The koptas are very cool, love the way you do the rockets!

BTW, your soon to be squiggoth somehow doesnīt seem to like the prospect of being converted :p The looks it has is priceless...


29-04-2009, 11:50
warflag: Yeah, I thought the dinosaur looked too lady like. Almost wanted to put lipstick on it.

Thanks for the comments :)

09-05-2009, 21:29
Updates: Scratch build deffkopta WIP. Got the idea from UT2K4/UT3. Still early WIP. Guns and some bits are just blue tacked on. It's a little big, but meh, I might call it a "nob kopta" or something. I've seen other people with bigger koptas, so it should not be a problem (and if it is, well, I just wont be playing those opponents).


jet intake (eventually)

Comments appreciated.

09-05-2009, 21:30
and my new trukk.




comments appreciated

10-05-2009, 10:14
Awesome orkyness and some wicked conversions! (plus i really like your game/painting room/garage/thingy).

If im allowed to give any criticism it would be that the Trukk looks really heavy towards the front (almost everything except the flatbed and the ramps are in front of the forward wheelbase). I wouldnt want to be driving that thing on a slope!

10-05-2009, 10:56
So true. I never noticed that. I'll have to put some "weight" in the back. I am planning on adding grots and stuff to shoot from the back, but I don't think that will weigh things out exactly. Maybe I'll make a light roof (two bars and a centre bit with lots of gaps on either side) on the back for a few grots to hang out? I'll have to give it some thought.

Thanks for the constructive criticism :)

[Damn you, Now I see it tipping forword! :p]

26-10-2009, 23:53
Great work on everything there. I love the new take on a deffkopta, that's inspired. I'll be keeping an for ideas as I start my own WAAAGH!!!

28-10-2009, 11:20
You must have Mek in your blood, very nice builds, i'll keep an eye on them and probably in the orky fassion steal some ideas, i particularly like the huge deffkopta *does little clap*

If you were open to a suggestion one thing that has helped me more than any other tip when building ork stuff and it's the rivets...

Here's how i do it..

ix up some Green Stuff, Let it set for about 20 mins, roll it on a flat surface into a nice long thin sausage (as thin as you want your rivets and bolts to be), for bolts leave it about another 20 mins then flatten the edgesm for rivets just leave em round, leave for another few hours to properly set then slive into tiny little discs when you need them.

I narmaly have a few different thicknesses of GS strips in my modeling kit and when i'm about done with a model i chop a load of rivets and bolts and have a tiny pot of super glue, all you do is stick a rivet on the end of a craft knife or pin, dip in super glue and then place on your model. you can get through a couple hundred rivets in half an hour.
Hope that is usefull.

Hope to see more stuff soon.

PS. i think i might have a rivet issue.

30-10-2009, 12:52
I really like your conversions on the deff koptas, the trucks ace to.

08-03-2010, 18:28
And I thought it would never happen. I've almost finished the trukk! Finally got an idea to "balance" the trukk more. I also added flamers and a heap of grots too. I've only got to add a fuel tank for the flamers, a door for the cabin, some exhausts and a heap of bolts.. and also paint! but I think I'll have most of it done tomorrow and paint it later (want to get an airbrush and paint all my machines at once, maybe!).




I've also brought a box of nobs and stormboyz. Hopeing to use the extra bitz in the nobs box to make another 5 from the AoBR box (i hate thoes nobs). Also hoping to convert up and mix up the storm boyz with scrathc build jet packs and what not to make 5 into 10. or so...

Comments? criticisms?

Thanks for reading.

10-03-2010, 02:30
Just found this thread, excellent stuff! The kopters in particular are ace

12-03-2010, 22:48
dude the truck looks amazin well done could ask to anyone that knows what is the white stuff that everyone scratch builds out of called cheers

warboss tweed
13-03-2010, 00:16
wow i logged on warseer today and was like, "i wanna see some cool ork conversions", and i did. seriously cool. claws are a little big for me, but still, some great models.and how do you do rust?

13-03-2010, 00:36
cheers guys

Luke, the white stuff is called plastic card and you can get it at most military/train modeling shops.

13-03-2010, 00:38
warboss tweed : thanks! The rust is painted.. with rust! :P I make rust by mixing vinegar and steal wool and letting it dry, out then doing it again a few times then replacing the vinegar with water and then adding acrylic medium to turn it into a paint! If you want to know more i can give a better description.

19-03-2010, 21:53
Cheers cheaky look forward to seeing more