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13-09-2008, 00:12
Does anyone have any help for the Chaos Dwarfs? I'm trying to start an army, but if someone could help me by telling me the ups and downs of the units and monsters, I would appriciate it.

Warlord Broken spear
13-09-2008, 00:27
blunderbusses are great for stoping flankers, a unit of 10 on the flank in one big rank means a lot of dead skirmishers and no one in the flank,

dont take any sneaky gits because they lost the lap around rule.

bull centraurs are not as good as they might seem because they are going to be shot at by everything and they can't survive shooting very well, but if you can get into combat they are devastating.

If you are looking to expand your army then I would reccomend buying a battle for skull pass set because it comes with dwarfs and gobblins

Thommy H
13-09-2008, 02:02
Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with bows and all the armour you can give them. Assuming you don't get stung by animosity too often, they're the best unit in the game - if they could be taken as true Core and had unit size 5+, the Chaos Dwarf list would be utterly broken.

13-09-2008, 02:39