View Full Version : 1750 Vampire Skeletons for tournement

13-09-2008, 07:27
Vampire general
-Helm of commandment
-Dark Acolyte
-Summon Creatures of the night
Grave guard 19 (full command)
-Screaming Banner
-Sword of battle
-The flayed hauberk
-Dark acolyte
-Lord of the dead
Skellies 16 (full command Hw/S and spears)
-Banner of the dead legion
-Biting Blade
-Book of Arkhan
-Dark Acolyte
-Lord of the dead
Skellies 16 (full command Hw/S and spears)
-War Banner
Black Knights 6 (full Command)
-Banner of the Barrows
Fell Bats 4
1750 of 1750 points

I like magic heavy lists so I'm thinking this should do well, ill be running into dwarfs, lizardmen and empire more often than anything else.

The vampires go into the skellie units, I'm thinking of running the general separate to use the helm to aid combats. between the varghulf and Black Knights i can control one flank rather well (i think).

I like skellie builds as i don't really like the look of any other models (i still need to convert my grave guard to Black Knights) any suggestions to the build welcome, as are any suggestions on strategies to maximize the army's efficiency.