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14-09-2008, 15:15
i'm looking to do a space wolves army as i turned my old one to 13th company.

i wan't a very specialised army. not a mish mash of different things.
so i came up with two ideas for 1500 points

IDEA 1:death on wheels-basically 4 rhino's filled with blood claws with 2 powerf fists and a leader with a power fist.and a land raider with grey hunters and a lord with pf, in total this army has 15 power fists and a flamer!

IDEA 2:angels of death wolfy style-basically about 5 drop pods filled with 4 10 man 2 pf blood claw units, and 1 with wolf lord and grey hunters(also 156 power fists)only this time no land raider instead,2 land speeder storms filled with 5 space wolf scouts fully kitted for close combat. and 3 deathwind droppods if theres points left over.(haven't seen the new marine dex for all that long.

i think theyre both very nice fluffy indications of the wolfy way of battle(get to grips) and it simulates my idea for a blood claw great company.

i especially find the tactics for the angel of death aproach nice, sending the land deathwind droppods in first to wreak havoc and swooping the land speeder storms in for an aussalt.then coming down with the rest.

well tell me which one you like better.

also can any wolf plaer tell me if space wolf scouts have asces to a power fist from the new sm codex.that would make 17:P

Thomas-For Russ and ye old pappy

Leman Russ
14-09-2008, 18:23
As the Propper Leman Russ I give this advice :)

Stick a 15 man BC pack in a Land Raider Crusader with a Rune priest (one advantage of our codex is we DO get the juicy 16 man Crusader, take that Emo Angels!) since the BC WANT to assault right away

nothing says Woops I pwned you like 50 attacks :p

Place the rhinos with GH armed with bolters. the True grit means they can fight well in assault next turn, and if you can deploy them into cover all the better.

Oh yes and we do get the new scout equipment rules too. My My this isnt as bad as I had thought :p (but sadly we dont get a PF as only the seargent can take one, which the SW dont have :()

14-09-2008, 19:18
thanks leman, but i'm noot looking for the 15 bc's+rune priest , i'm trying to get as many men in as cheap as possible but still able to pack a punch.

i figured 9bc's with a wolf guard with pf and 2 more in the unit is hard enough.

what i would like to know leman is tips for the drop pod list as i have 0% experience with a list like that.

ive got about 1110 pts worth in the pods and the rest is not thought up yet so if youve got any ideas.

14-09-2008, 22:01
You do realise nowwhere in the space wolves codex does it say you pay for drop pods. It wont allow you to buy them and they aint an option to take them from the marine codex as they aint listed in the SW that you can take them (please tell me if im wrong as i only have a 2000 ed 1st print codex with me)

just that if your want you army to deepstrike, it deepstrikes via droppod.

Means you cant buy the heavy weapon pods, but you save a ton on paying for pods to arrive in the first place.

Dont bother with putting your scouts into the landspeeders, just walk em on the back of the board with melta guns et all.

Cos your not paying for pods, use the extra pts on some wolf guard terminators, trust me this will make your opponent take a turn to try and wipe em out, when they should be trying to demolish your other squads, use them as a fire ship, accept they will die, and trash the other side with your troops instead.

Anyhoo, thats my idea's if the codex has changed an i didnt notice please do tell me, and accept my idea's as wrong.


Leman Russ
14-09-2008, 22:09
Actually we can buy drop pods for those units that the Codex states may use them, the joys of the FAQ's

Drop Pods: Use the rules for Drop Pods in Codex: Space Marines. Follow the Codex: Space Wolves list of models that can utilize Drop Pods.

I take this to mean that they can buy drop pods.

14-09-2008, 22:48
Fair enough, as i said i only have an older codex, mine says the following:

"DROP PODS - at the start of a battle where you can use the DS rules, you can declare that your space wolves are deploying by landing in drop pods from orbital spacecraft. Models do this using the deepstrike rules in the main 40k rule book.

only the following may deploy from drop pods yadda yadda yadda....."

ok, ive declared im using drop pods - check
no army selections needed for drop pods - check
no points for droppods - check
can i now droppod in using the pods as terrain but with no weapons on them? - check???

but if the codex has been updated then i stand corrected.

Leman Russ
14-09-2008, 23:25
Dont get me wrong Wolves can Indeed all DS in without the need for DP models still, just like the old days muahahahaha