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14-09-2008, 16:04
I just battled two empire army yesterday. The first is 1500pts battle and the second is 2000pts battle.

The First Battle (1500 pts)

Dark Elves

Master, Cold One, standard stuff, Ring of Darkness
Sorceress, lv 2, Tome of Furion, Lifetaker, Lore of Death
Sorceress, lv 2, cold one, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Dark

20 Spearelves, FC (joined by foot sorceress)
Assassin, xhw, rune of khaine, touch of death

10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
5 Dark Rider, mus

5 Cold One Knights, FC, Null Talisman (joined by master and mounted sorcerss)
1 Cold One Chariot


All comers list, nothing is OTT.


Warrior priest, mounted
Wizard, Rod of Power, Lore of Light

9 Knights, FC, Warbanner (joined by warrior priest)
20 Flagellents
25 Swordmen, FC, 8 militia and 5 archer detachment
25 Spearmen, FC, 8 militia and 5 archer detachment

5 Outriders, mus
1 Cannon

Another balanced list. The commanding general is a veteran empire player so it will be an uphill battle.

Magic Roll,
Sorceress 1 : Wind of Death, Walking Death, Doom and Darkness
Sorceress 2 : Chillwind, soul stealer
Light Wizard : Burning Gaze, Dazzling brightness

Deployment (from DE player view)
Empire : Knights block, Flagellents, Spearmen with detachment, Swordmen with detachment, cannon, Outriders
Dark Elves : RBT, DR, RxBowmen, RxBowmen, Cold one chariot, Cold one knights, Spearelves behind cold one chariot and cold one knights


Empire player won first move.

Empire Turn 1
All units marched full movement except the knights that hesitates. outriders went to DE right flank, facing CoKs. Empire magic phase is non existent in the entire game. The only time burning gaze got off, it failed to wound. So i wont mention empire magic phase anymore. Cannon targets cold one chariot, hitting, but rolled 1 to wound. (save...)


DE Turn 1
Cold one knights gone retarded... (/w Ld 9). Only DRs marched to opponent knights flank. spearelves reposition to get LOS to outriders. With cold one sorceress gone stupid, only foot sorceress able to cast. she successfully made CoKs to cause terror. RBT attempt a single shot and failed. RxBowmen picked some flagellents and several archer. Nothing major. Lifetaker killed 1 outrider.

Empire Turn 2
Mounted warrior priest attempt to charge RBT but falling 1 inch short, stranded in the face of RBT. (grins...) Infantry marched full movement, knights wheeled to face the center battlefield. Cannon did not fail to destroy the chariot this turn. (why didnt i hide my chariot behind the rocks? Silly me). Outriders killed one CoK.


DE Turn 2
CoKs failed their stupidity AGAIN!! This is not good. They are risked with swordsmen flank charge. No charges. The left RxBmen fall back 2,5 inch. DR reposition to march block more opponents unit. Not wanting to risk any CoKs anymore, shot 3 outriders to death with wind of death. The last outrider panicked and ran off the board (not able to rally anymore). Six RBT bolts saw the demise of lone warrior priest. RxBmen picked several flagellents and archer again. No combat.


Empire Turn 3
Fearing flank shot from the RBT, knights moved to face the bolt thrower again. The rest advance more into DE defensive lines. One militia detachment faced DRs. Cannon killed 3 DR. Passed panic test. No combat.

Empire Turn 4
General passed Doom and Darkness test so the unit regained full leadership. Knights charged RBT. Archers charged right RxBmen. Swordmen hesitate to charge spearelves and fall back 2 inch. Cannon moved to find some target. Lone DR lost combat and fled. Spearmen chose to restrain persue but failed the test and pursued towards his table edge again. Archers killed 1 RxBmen and took one also in return. They held as the general is nearby.



DE Turn 4
CoKs gone stupid AGAIN!!!!! Well, if he didnt want to charge me, then i'll be the one charging. RxBowmen charged flagellents. Doom and darkness failed to cast and he dispeled soul stealer on swordsmen block (well, its pretty obvious). Knights destroyed RBT outright (well it is well worth - 100 points for heavy combat unit redirection). RxBowmen killed 3 flagellent and got one wound back. flagellent unbreakable. Main battle : Assassin showed up and put a surprise to my opponent. 7 attacks later, the general is killing blowed. Spearelves killed several more swordsmen and swordmen retaliated, killing one spearelves. Swordmen broke and fleed far enough to outrun the spearelves. RxBmen killed another archer and won combat, broke the archer to persue into rallied militia detachment.



Empire Turn 5
Swordsmen failed to rally and ran across the board. The spearmen turn to face the spearelves. Militia lost combat to RxBmen and pursued. Flagellent killed several elves and broke it but the elves ran far enough.


DE Turn 5
Empire player realized that his swordsmen will be charged by spearelves in the front and RxBmen in the flank. Thus, he conceeds.



Post game thoughts:
Redirecting his knights to the RBT has the biggest impact. His blocks is not reliable enough to hold elven charges or good enough to kill the elven block with assassin. Destroying his militia detachment is the right thing to do. Without the detachment, empire can no longer get flank charge as the detachment rules. Other than these things, Empire's average leadership did help a lot. :D

I will do the second battle report tommorow. Well at least, i will put our list used for the battle.

The second battle (2000pts)

Dark Elves

Master, Cold One, standard stuff, BSB, Hydra Banner
Sorceress, lv 4, Tome of Furion, Lifetaker, Pendant of Khaeleth, Lore of Death
Sorceress, lv 2, cold one, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Dark

20 Spearelves, FC (joined by foot sorceress)
Assassin, xhw, rune of khaine, touch of death

10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
10 RxBowmen, shield, mus
5 Dark Rider, RxB, mus

5 Cold One Knights, FC, Null Talisman (joined by master and mounted sorcerss)
1 Cold One Chariot
5 Shades, GW, champ
5 Shades, GW


Another balanced list. Adding lv 4, more RxBowmen and shades from the 1500pts list.


Kurt Helborg!
Mounted Warrior Priest
Foot Warrior Priest

10 Knights, FC, Warbanner
10 Knights, FC
10 Handgunners, champ, 2x5 archers detachment

10 Greatswords, FC, 2x5 halberdiers detachment
10 Greatswords, FC, 2x5 halberdiers detachment
5 Outriders, champ, mus
5 Pistoliers, champ, mus

Nice mobile list.

How is your prediction based on the two list?

16-09-2008, 11:36
You miss a DE turn 3?

Not the most killy empire lists I've seen but neither is yours. They're pretty balanced, though the last empire list is pretty mobile. However your magic fase should be quite ok :)

16-09-2008, 14:39
A DE sorceress on a cold one? So they do exist... ; )

That was some bad luck with the CoKs, but I guess that's a risk you have to take.

That 2k empire lists looks like it could cause you some trouble, but I'm hoping your assassin kills Kurt ; )

17-09-2008, 09:01
Likewise, it was my first thought too, epic duel in which kurt gets butchered would be cool :D

17-09-2008, 22:26
The Second Battle

FYI, i proxied some models as i dont have a 2000pts DE force yet. Proxy items, militia to fill in spearmen ranks into 20 strength. One Cold one saurus to be the fifth Cold One Knight. And if you find some militias, they are shades so dont be confused.

The opponent of the second battle is not the same with the first. So i borrowed some of his models for the battle. BTW, we used the same terrain (i can only play for 2 more hour, no time to reshuffle terrain).

Magic Roll,
Sorceress 1 : Dark hand of Death, Steal Soul, Wind of Death, Walking Death, Doom and Darkness
Sorceress 2 : Chillwind, Word of Pain

Deployment (from DE Player view)


Handgunners n detachment, Outriders, Knights, Knights, Greatswords n detachment, Greatswords n detachment, Pistoliers

Dark Elves

RxBmen, shades in the forest, Spearelves, Cold One Knights, Cold One Chariot, RxBmen, Dark Riders, RBT, RxBmen, shades behind the rocks


Pre-game thoughts :

I need to get the first charge off the knights or i will be in great disadvantage. I didnt really worry about outriders, pistoliers, and the infantry. I knew my ranged units is capable to wipe them down. So it will be the center battle that will determine victory.



empire player won the first move (actually, i always get bad luck in rolling going first, not just this battle).

Empire Turn 1

Everything advanced forward but still out of my charge range. Handgunners and archers reposition to be in shooting range. Pistoliers moved towards center of the table. Empire player do not have any magic phase so i wont mention them anymore. No shooting yet.


Dark Elves Turn 1

Cold One Knights gone STUPID!!! Failing stupidity test has becoming a habit. Now, it is in the charge range of big block of Knights with Kurt Helborg in it. Shades move out of cover to start shooting at things. Far right RxBmen reformed into 2 ranks as they wont find any target. DR marched full movement to empire's right flank. LV 4 cast Doom and Darkness on the Kurt Helborg's knights block and dispeled. Dark hand of death killed nothing. Shooting phase, this is where i rocked. RBT attempt a flank single shot on the knights block and missed. Far left RxBmen and shades shot 30 volley of xBow and killed 4 Outrider. Center RxBmen and shades shot 30 volley of xBow and killed 4 Pistolier. Going head on with the fast cavalry was not a good move. DR killed nothing. Outrider and Pistolier passed panic test.

Empire Turn 2

Knights block /w Kurt charged CoKs and Knights block /w Warrior Priest charged spearelves. CoKs chose to fleeeeee. BTW, i dont remember the rules, but does stupid units becomes Immune to Psychology? This comes to mind when i was writing the battle report. If it become ItP, then the battle will be helluva different story. Did i play the rules right? Well, please remind me if i was wrong. I will just go on with whatever happens next on the battle. Left knights falling 1 inch short from the spearelves, thus both failed charge. Pistolier moved to face DRs. Infantry marched forward. Shooting phase, Handgunners and archers killed 3 far left RxBmen. Lone outrider put 2 shades to death (yes, i know it was almost impossible). Pistolier brought 1 DR down. RxBmen failed panic and ran off the board. Shades passed its panic test.



Dark Elves Turn 2

Spearelves and Cold One Chariot double charged the Kurt's knights block but spearelves touched left knights block and they join the battle. Dark Rider charged and pursued fleeing pistolier. Cold One Knights rallied. Cast Doom and Darkness and Word of Pain with three dice scoring 9. Opponent dispeled them both with two dices each. He was good at rolling dispel dice. But i managed terror on the Cold One Chariot. Shooting killed several infantry. Shades failed to kill the lone outrider. COMBAT! Impact hits killed 2 knights. Assassin got 6 attacks and killing blowed 2 more knights. Between cold one and chariot crew killed another one. Spearelves did nothing (no wonder with 1+ save). Knights return fire and killed one spearelf. Kurt Helborg time to shine. 4 Attacks. Roll to hit. All Hit. Opponent then said "dead chariot". I then surprised, "What?". "He used runefang. all hits autowound. no armour save", he replied. Wow. dead chariot. Then he said, "I got 8 CR, okay?". Startled even more, "WHAT!?" i asked. "He has Laurels of Victory, all combat wounds doubled for CR count", he answered to my surprise. "NO WAY!! That is a nasty special character". Despite of 5 wounds, 3 ranks, and banner, i lost combat. Luckily, i only lost a little and bsb is nearby so i passed break test. Fiuh... He is nasty...



Empire Turn 3

No charges. Archers and handgunners reposition to find new targets. Greatswords face Dark Riders. Kurt switch place to kill the assassin. Outrider killed another shade. Passed panic test. Straight to combat. It was a grave mistake to move Kurt to face Assassin. 6 attacks later, Kurt Helborg head rolled over the battlefield (assassin has ASF). It was enough to win combat and break both units with static CR. Tried to pursue the remaining big block of knights but was outran.



Dark Elves Turn 3

Charged the big block once more but was outran again. DR finds a save place out of any empire infantry sight. CoKs advanced to find some battle. magic killed one knight, other was dispeled (he was very good with two dice dispeling three dice spells). Shades finished the outrider. Other shooting killed more infantry. RBT killed one knights from the big block. No close combat.


Empire Turn 4

Big block knights rallied, but the remaining small knights failed to rally and fled just about 2 inch of the table edge. Shooting put two Cold One Knights down. Passed panic test. No Close combat.

Dark Elves Turn 4

Charged big block of knights with the spearelves. Magic successfully made the spearelves to cause fear (to force insane courage). Shooting finished one greatswords and its detachment. Combat, assassin killing blowed one knight and the rest is armour saved. Spearelves did nothing too. Knights killed several elves. Combat draw. No insane courage...


Empire Turn 5

Small knights block rallied. no movement. no shooting. Combat, assassin did no killing blow and 3 wounds. He rolled armour save, 1,1,1. Three dead knights. lost combat, broke, and he conceed.

Post game thougths :
Well, that was exactly as i wanted it to be. Sure, kurt is nasty as i havent know his rules yet. I now have some doubts of my Cold One Knights. Two battles and they did nothing but gone stupid. Man of the match always goes to the Assassin. He single-handedly slayed a lot of knights and most important, the characters.

There, two battles won with Dark Elves. I will report more when i got into more battles. BTW, its not always going to be Dark Elves. I have Tomb King, Bretonnian, and Dark Elves. The next battle report might be one of them. :D

18-09-2008, 00:20
For what its worth I'd like to hear a TK battle report.

18-09-2008, 03:19
Congrats on another win and big pat on the shoulder for beating Kurt ; )

I'd give the cold one knights another chance. Just because you got unlucky with them not doesn't mean they aren't worth it. Knights that cause fear and have protection against rubber lance syndrome is a good thing.

18-09-2008, 10:02
Wahoew assassin ownage, he certainly is the man (or elf) of the match :D. Nice report!

On th CoK part, as Malorian said, give them another chance. My CoK tend to preform pretty well, especially with a general or BSB in it though. They killed a giant in one turn for me once and a big block of skeletons also in one turn (last one with BSB and hydra banner though). Sometimes they're just plain nasty and after that you're opponent is outright scared of the unit, it helps in your strategy :D.

18-09-2008, 14:32
@PopeAlexanderVI : Your wish may come true. I have scheduled a battle of my Tomb King up against High Elves for this sunday. Still deciding on the list though.

20-09-2008, 13:15
In relation to your question about stupidity.

You should have held. Your unit failed stupidity and was therefore immune to psychology. (At the bottom of page 52 under - Other Psychology (Large book)).

A couple of very good reports. Couldn't understand why he moved his character into range of a multiple attack opponent with killing blow!!!

22-09-2008, 05:21
Another two battle took place yesterday. The First was Tomb King against High elves and the second was Dark Elves against High Elves.

I havent got the time to write the full battle report, but i'd like to have people's opinion of pre-battles and prediction. So here is the list for the first battle.

Tomb Kings

Tomb King, Chariot, wound healing spear, +1 wound heavy armor, dispel scroll
Liche Priest, hierophant, Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest, dispel scroll
Liche Priest, mounted, 3d6 S2 power level 4 bound spell

3 Chariot
3 Chariot, std, icon of +1 to hit in the first round of combat
10 Skeletal Bowmen
2 Tomb Swarm

19 Tomb Guard, Full Command
1 Tomb Scorpion
5 Carrion
3 Ushabti

1 Screaming Skull Catapult, -1 ld upgrade
1 Bone Giant

High Elves

Lv 4 Archmage, ring of fury, dispel scroll
Lv 2 Dragon Mage on sun dragon, 5+ ward save

18 Spearelves, Full Command
10 Archers

1 Lion Chariot
10 Swordmaster
12 Swordmaster, Full Command, +d3 power dice banner
6 Dragon Princes
5 Shadow Warrior
5 Silver Helms

1 Great Eagle

Here is the second battle army lists.

Dark Elves

Master, full mundane upgrade, pot of +3 S for 1 turn, lance
Lv2 sorceress, +1 spell, 3 S4 RxBow (lifetaker)
Lv2 sorceress, sacrificial dagger, dispel scroll

20 Spearelves, Full Command
Assasin, +D3 attack, Killing blow
10 RxBowmen
10 RxBowmen
5 Dark Rider, musician

5 Cold One Knights, Full Command, Null Talisman
1 Cold One Chariot


High Elves

Dragon Mage on sun dragon, 5+ ward save

18 Spear Elves, Full Command
10 Archer

5 Dragon Prince
1 Lion Chariot
12 Swordmaster, Full Command, +D3 Power dice banner
5 Shadow Warriors

1 Great Eagle

So what is your prediction of the two battles?

23-09-2008, 17:05
Magic Rolled,

L4, Burning Gaze, Healing Energy, Guardian Light, Cleansing Flare
L2, Fireball, Burning Head, Fiery Blast

Pics of deployment



Tomb Kings Player pre-game thoughts :

At the end of the deployment, i kinda thought that i was outdeployed. I have a strong right flank, but my left flank is in a grave danger. Dragon mage should be able to destroy my left flank easily with his magic. Furthermore, his RBT will make a short work of my BoneG. So, i was kinda forsaken my left flank, focusing on the right.
As for the right flank, here is where my main battleforce stand. I need to force magic in order to reach his lines. My main chariot target is the spearelves and the archmage within. The thing is i need to break his spearelves in one shot or the swordmaster gonna give me a lot of punishment. I hope my tunnelers will do their job in taking out the warmachines.

Tomb King went first

TK Turn 1

Everything moved forward full movement except the chariots in order to prevent enemy charge range. Carrions moved towards center of the table. In the magic phase, I spammed all movement incantation to the carrions. of course it goes off and charged the carrions into the archers (wrong move, i think now). Stand and shoot put a wound off the carrions. Skull Catapult missed horribly despite i got a dead on range guess. Archers aimed their arrows at the eagle, but they did nothing though. HE ASF killed a carrion with one wound. Carrions returned three wounds back, but archers held.



HE Turn 1

Everything advanced a little bit except eagles trying to redirect my chariots, dragon princes positioned themselves to charge my ushabti, and the dragon moving right down the left flank, threatening the chariots. Magic phase, I let the dragon mage cast fireball and destroyed a chariot. Burning gaze put two wounds on the big chariot unit. RBTs make a short work of another chariot, leaving a chariot stranded with two wounds left. Archers put another wound to the carrions. The carrions killed two back, but again they held.



TK Turn 2

Both tunnelers showed up, scattered, but not far. Tomb swarm charged the right RBT, and Scorpion charged spearelves unit in the flank, just beside the archmage (evil grin). Lone Chariot charged the silver helms and they held. Ushabti fallback 2,5 inch. chariots moved to face the spearelves, away from the eagle. TG advanced to embrace the dragon princes. skeletal bowmen reform to face the dragon. In the magic phase, I spammed the movement spell to the chariot to charge the spearelves and successfully did. Tried movement spell on the BoneG but it was dispelled. 3D6 S2 bound spell killed two shadow warriors. They panicked and fled off the board. Skull Catapult blows up when trying to hit the dragon. Combat, the lone chariot killed two silver helms and the silver helms react by destroying the chariot outright. The carrions engaged in a almost neverending battle against the archers. Tomb swarms has no troubles with RBT crew. Impact hits killed some elves. spearelves put some wounds on the chariot. Scorpion failed to assassinate the archmage. charioteers and general put enough casualities to break the spearelves, catched them up, and charged the lion chariot. Woohoooo, mission successful.





HE Turn 2

Charged the big chariot unit with small swordmasters. Silver helms advanced a bit. Big swordmaster unit reformed to face chariot battle. Dragon Princes advanced further to face the tomb guards. eagle blocked the ushabtis charge against the dragon princes. Dragon Mage moved to the skeletal archers flank. Magic was not much, putting two wounds on the BoneG. Dragon's breath killed five skeleton. RBT missed the BoneG. Impact hit put some wounds on the lion chariot, but barely killing it. Swordmasters put a lot of wounds between the tomb kings chariot and Tomb King himself. Charioteers and Tomb Kings put some damage too, while healing some in the process. But, Tomb Kings won combat and won Unit Strength. Swordmasters broken and fled into impassible terrain, killing it. (I thought that was the demise of my chariots, but King certainly even the odds with the healing spear). Carrions finally finished the archers.


TK Turn 3

BoneG Charged the silver helms and they fled. Tomb Swarm charged the other RBT. Ushabtis charged the eagle which fled. Tomb Guard advanced towards the Dragon Princes. Tomb King Chariot unit turn to face the other swordmasters. So does the scorpion. Carrions moved to support BoneG. Hierophant left the tomb guard unit and land right behind the ushabtis for some magic support. Skeleton bowmen reformed to face the dragon again. Magic phase, all TK "My Will Be Done" dispeled. Magic missiles successfully wound the dragon mage, but not killing it yet. Cast urgency on the tombguard and charged the dragon princes. Dragon Princes chose to hold but they failed their fear test and fled just to find impassible terrain waiting for them. No shooting for both armies anymore. Tomb Swarms won ofcourse.


HE Turn 3

Not much left but HE player fighting spirit was still alive. Charged the swordmasters to the chariot. Silver Helms Rallied. Magic tried to wound hierophant which either failed or dispeled. Swordmasters put quite some wounds on the king and the chariot unit. Tomb King killed some back and healed himself. Lost combat and crumbled, leaving only one chariot with standard left.


TK Turn 4

BoneG and Carrions double charged silver helms which held. scorpions pivot again to gain line of sight to the swordmasters. Magic missiles killed the dragon mage and the dragon passed monster reaction test. Tomb Guard and Ushabti advanced to support chariot battle. Swordmasters destroyed the chariot and crumbled the Tomb King, leaving him with two wounds left. Silver helms killed a carrion and boneG only able to wound a single silver helms which was saved... lost combat by one...


HE Turn 4

Dragon advanced again to gain LOS to the hierophant. Swordmasters finished the Tomb King... The curse did nothing. silver helms fluffed their attacks. BoneG make a short work off the silver helms and left them running.


TK Turn 5

Scorpion charged the swordmasters. ushabtis turn to face the dragon. tomb guard advanced to kill the last of the swordmasters. magic saw the tomb guard in the rear of the swordmasters. Ushabti also able to charge the dragon. Swordmasters killed the liche priest (i guess this was a wrong move... scorpion should be enough to break the swordmasters...) but tomb guard finished them in return. Ushabti put 3 wounds on the dragon. Dragon retaliate and killed an ushabti.



HE Turn 5

Dragon killed another ushabti but the last of the ushabti able to finish the job of dragon slaying.

Total Massacre

No high elves model on the table anymore. Tomb Kings are left with BoneG, 1 carrion, several skeletal bowmen, mounted liche priest, tomb swarms, tomb guard, hierophant, and a single ushabti model.


Post game thoughts:

Well, another well executed plan. I was quite lucky to have both tunnelers came up on the second turn which helped a lot. As expected, the left flank didnt hold quite much.

Undead of the match was Tomb King with his Spear of Antarhak. He was such a game winner because the healing capabilities kept the chariots with enough unit strength to break the swordmasters. I dont think that it would be more effective if the Tomb King wielded other weapons.

Ok. Coming up next is the Dark Elves and High Elves battle report. So, dont go away yet (blinks).

26-09-2008, 23:40
Ok, here is the civil war report

Magic Rolled,
Sorceress (shadow lore), Steed of Shadows, Shades of Death, Pit of Shades
Sorceress (dark lore), Chillwind, Black Horror
Dragon Mage, Fireball, Flaming Sword of Ruin, Fiery Blast

Pics of Deployment


Pre-game thoughts:
I always thought that it was not sportsman to bring flying terror large target at battles under 2000pts. Oh well, this was only a friendly game. Seeing the deployment, i was confident enough to think that i will have the upper hands. His main battleforce is too far behind in the left flank while i have powerful force on the right flank. Destroying right flank is the main priority.

Rolled, DE player went first

DE Turn 1
Passed stupidity test, in fact no stupidity tests failed this game (how rare did i get this luck). Everything moved forward. Dark Riders moved towards the center of the table for baiting. Cold ones positioned themselves for counter charge. RxBmen didnt march in order to release volley. Sorceress miscast, took a wound, and magic phase ended on the first magic try (BAH!!). RBT took aim at the dragon, wounding 1 from the D3 roll. Left RxBmen did nothing on the eagle. Right RxBmen killed both his RBT crew. Hurrah!!



HE Turn 1
No charges. He didnt take the bait. Infantry marched full movement to the center battle. Dragon and eagle fly across the flank. Magic killed 2 left RxBmen with fireball and 4 right RxBmen with fiery blast. Archers did 3 three wounds on the Dark Riders. Passed all panic test.



DE Turn 2
No Charges. DR moved towards the spearelves flank. CoK repositioned to face the left infantry. Sorceress in the RxBmen joined spearelves for better protection. Magic successfully killed 2 dragon princes with Black Horror. Passed panic test. RBT successfully hit dragon mage, but another 1 rolled for D3 wounds (BAH!!). RxBmen did nothing.

Sorry, forgot the pic.

HE Turn 2
Dragon Prince charged Cold One Chariot and i held. Eagle charged the RBT. Infantry advanced even more to the center table. Magic killed RxBmen. Archers finished the Dark Riders. Dragon Princes did an amazing 3 wounds while i did nothing in return and dragon princes broke the CoC. Eagle killed one elven crew and the crew did one back. draw combat.


DE Turn 3
Spearelves charged the lion chariot and Cold One Knights Charged the Spearelves. Both clipped exactly at their charge range (almost failing). Magic did nothing. Shooting did nothing. Cold One Knights easily broke the spearelves and overrun into Sword Masters (oh, damn...). Spearelves with assassin did only one wound on the chariot. Lion and crew each ripped a sorceress. Damn, this is bad. no magic defense and offense anymore. But, the chariot broke and spearelves failed to outrun the lions. Eagle failed to wound, elves put another wound on the eagle.





HE Turn 3
No charges. chariot rallied. Dragon landed between the RxBmen. Magic and shooting killed more RxBmen. Leaving only one RxBmen on the table. Eagle finished the elven crew. Champ challenged and master gladly accept. Swordmasters put out a bazzilion attacks and did five or six wounds, half of them saved, killing three. Champ did 2 wounds and i was gonna save it with 3+ armoursave (from 1+) and both dice failed me. No more DE character on the field..... CoK killed two swordmaster back and broken, fled to be chewed by sun dragon.


DE Turn 4
Spearelves charged archers and finished them. Only the spearelves remained on the battlefield...



HE Turn 4
He didnt want any combat anymore and flew dragon to magic missile my spearelves to death. I conceed at this point.

Post game thoughts:
Well, i made two grave mistake which were taking the dragon prince charge on the chariot and spearelves charging the lion chariot. Losing sorceress put a great impact on the game. If i still have them, i am confident that i can put out the dragon mage. Lessons learnt. I also have bad luck with the D3 wound roll on the dragon mage. Killing him outright can turn the battle 180 degrees.

That sums up the battle report of the week. Sorry for the second battle blurry pictures. I should have brought my usual SLR camera. Low lights has put some damage on my pics, taken from a compact camera.

27-09-2008, 04:10
Wow two battle reports back to back, nice work.

I thought the high elve list was gonig to be killer against your tomb kings with no real blocks other than the one tomb guard. As you said having both tunnelers come up on turn two really set the tone early.

In the second battle you just made some mistakes early that cost you the match. Next time you'll know and won't make them again I'm sure. You shouldn't give up though. Always push for something. Even in the games you are being crushed, it just means the game is over sooner anyway so you might as well finish it.

Thanks for taking the time to make the reports : )