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Col. Dash
16-09-2008, 14:56
I know boar boyz arent the most cost effective troops out there for their points but my idea for this is to play a bit different of a list than your normal sloggy orc and gobbo army. I have my lethal scalpal army, this is my club. That said, i would like it to be effective. I dont have the points exactly since I am at work but it comes up to 2250.
Lord- Savage orc, LA, Porkos pigstikka, spitefull shield and something else bringing him up to 100 points in gear. Wyvern.
Savage orc Big boss- Chariot, minor magical weapon 30-35 points
Savage orc Shaman lv 2- Boar, 50 points in gear
I know someone had the amulet of protectyness

Spider riders x 6 with musician, shortbows
Wolf riders x 5 musician, shortbows
Wolf riders x 5 musician shortbows
Wolfriders x 10 FC shields, spears

Savage orc boar boyz x 10 Fc they have the charging banner(+d6 to charge)
Savage orc Boar Boyz x 5 FC, big uns
orc chariot
orc chariot

Doom Diver

think thats it. Any suggestions to make it a bit more competive yet still keep its theme?

Col. Dash
17-09-2008, 12:39
Changed out my characters and havent changed my list accordingly but I think i over payed a few odds and ends anyway. At most i will lose a wolf boy unit.
Lord wyvern, pigskikka, spiteful shield, effigy of mork. light armor
Savage orc shammy level 2, warpaint, wand
Gobbo hero on a wolf chariot, one hit wunder, bauble, extra hand to hand weapon
night gobbo shammy level 1, staff of sneaky stealin.

If i can fit it in, Light cav will be the point fillers. The shammy will be with the big unit of boar boyz while the gobbo shammy will hang back with the diver.

17-09-2008, 14:59
Any strategies to go with that army? Because when I look at it, I have no idea about how this could ever work, you have:

- Nothing really hard hitting
- Max 1 rank bonus (removed with 1 kill on that unit)
- No way to set up your chrages with your "hitters" as they are frenzied.
- Hardly any magical defence
- Small amount of units

So unless you have some strategies that I am not aware of, I dont see this working unfortunately, because the savage orc boar boyz are lovely models.

17-09-2008, 15:15
- Nothing really hard hitting

Except the Savage Orc Warboss on Wyvern, you mean?

What is the Doom Diver doing in the all-mounted army? Not that it's bad or inappropriate or anything, but since your stated aim is 'mounted'...

Okay, it's the most scalpel-like (ie reliable) O&G war machine, guess it fits that way.

28-09-2008, 03:21
hmmm.. i like the fluff bt as a competitve list it dosent look good. a heavy magic force would destroy this army quickly i reckon. bt i am curious if u use it let me know how it goes