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10-11-2005, 17:21
My first litst with ogre kingdoms, tried to make an all around team

Tyrant HA, Luck-Gnoblar, Gut Maw, Thunder mace, Talisman of Protection 311points

Hunter Luck-Gnoblar, 2x Sabertusk, Longstrider, Sword of Might 275points

Butcher Luck-Gnoblar, 2x Tooth-Gnoblar, Dispell Scroll, Bangstick 195points

Butcher Luck-Gnoblar, 2x Tooth-Gnoblar, Dispell Scroll, Powerstone 195points

5 x Bulls LA 190points

5 x Ironguts + standard bearer with Rune Maw 240points

20 x Gnoblar fighters 40points

Gnoblar Scraplauncher 165points

3 x Yhetees 195points

3 x Yhetees 195points

2001points all together..

some thaughts? i know this is a thin army, but it is adaptable i think, i will try it out now sunday (norwegian time sone) and give a summary..

I am a pretty new general :P så please dont be TO mean to me .. .

10-11-2005, 18:38
As much as I like Yheties, I would suggest dropping one of the units; they are just too expensive to load up on in a 2000 point game. Their mobility is nice, but they just die too fast to shooting attacks.

Also, you really don't need 4 characters. Ogres are tough, and expensive, so I typically don't advise maxing out on them. I would drop a butcher, as I love the Hunter, but many will tell you to axe the hunter and keep both butchers. I guess it depends largely on how much magical support you want.

Use the freed points to add in more core units. I have had great success with units of 3 bulls w/ clubs, champ, and bellower. They are cheap, hit reasonably hard, and can be expended without too much of a loss. Also, Gnoblar Trappers are pretty handy to have around. I would replace the Fighters with them, maybe even shoot for 2 units. Trappers don't count towards Core, but with an added unit of Bulls/Guts, you won't need to worry about it. I beleive that Trappers work as well as Fighters for determining the Scrap Launcher, but I have never used it, so I don't remember for sure.

Of course, in the end, its your army. If you like what you have, keep it. It might be a little tough at first, but it is still an army you can win with.

10-11-2005, 21:00
I realy dont want to reduse the numbers of heroes.. i need the fire power in the tyrant and i need the hunting benefit in the hunter (we do not like enemy warcrew or wisards), and the magic resistanse in the butchers.. dont you agree?

my plan with the yhetees was to have a unit on each flank, and storm ahead with them giving som protection to the 2 ogre units (iron and bull) and the lone lord (lone lords are fetish sinse bretonia :P) the gnoblars are there cause the rune maw... and the scraplauncher are there cause i dont want the enemy to feal safe standing put..

i realise i dont have a main unit of anything (exept gnobblars :P) but i realy think that i can dish out some dmg to any unit anyway with this team.. but i have yet to play them, and even yet to win a battle (newcommer this one yes) but does my thaughts make sense?

10-11-2005, 23:28
I also have to say that 4 characters is just too many in 2000 points. They take up almost half of the army themselves. Ogres have other ways to protect themselves vs magic. One butcher can be enough, or 2 if you want to cast your spells.
Also you might want to look into your magic item choices on the tyrant. I am not sure what you have built him for. The thunder hammer is a great unit killer but the gut maw is for challanges. A gut maw and tenderizer seems like a good mix to me, or the thunderhammer with something else, like the greatskull. Just to give him a bit of focus.

Mind you if your list works tell us and you could show us all to be wrong :)

11-11-2005, 13:13
but i thaught the thundermace is a great challange weapon, and i assume that he is going to loose a few wounds so if i could get him in a challange it would make up for the bad armor save...

the intentional ide was that all the chars would do a free roaming thing.. making great threats by them selfs as i onely have a few units..

I will tell how it goes, maybe even later today (norwegian time)

11-11-2005, 20:38
The problem with the thunderhammer and challanges is you only get one attack. If it is an enemy lord that is only a 1/2 chance of hitting. The tenderizer gives you all 5 of you attacks, at S7 so only the thickest armour will do any good and d3 wounds means you can get a nice fat overkill if you are lucky.

Free roaming ogre characters can be good, as long as there are not alot of cannons around.

11-11-2005, 20:58
but i need the no armor save thing, i know my opponent and strenght 7 wont do much... (lizardmen, enchanted shield 5+, xtra scaly skin 1+, on top of cold one -1+... strenght 10 would give 6+ save...)

Cpt. Drill
11-11-2005, 21:05
For a start why are you having units of 5? If you are makingone of two criminal errors... either taking a unit 3 wide and two deep!? WORSE PLAN EVER!!! or taking a unit 6 wide? (this is with the addition of heros!) that wil also be bad!

You will do better to ditch the hunter and try and squeaze in two units of two leadbelchers! by dropping some yeites!

11-11-2005, 21:41
i use units of five in one rank (5 wide) the chars are loners all of them... i had planned to take some leadbelchers but they came out to expensive for my team, as for shooting i think i have enough treats (hunter and scraplauncher (and magic)) but against cavalery (my english sucks) teams i need speed (thats why i use yhetees and a hunter with movment 7)

but think a bit, the tyrant can hold up 1 unit, the hunter can hold up one unit, the yehtees can both hold a unit each, so does the bulls and the ironguts, thats 6 units, get the scrapelauncher in the flank (with 5 unit strenght) and you will most likely win combat, i think this team is good for å good general, but im not that good... i would like if someone of you also tried out this team for fun, and tell me how it went

btw: havent i covered all the basics in warhammer here? ive got fast moving units, ive got magic (atack and defend) ive got shooting, and a mighty lord, some hard hitting units but not long lasting...

13-11-2005, 21:22
so today the fighting began.. my ogres where facing lizardmen... i had a minor loss, and a lot of luck, i could have played better, but i managed... this team was not a bad idea.. i would recomend this to others..

14-11-2005, 05:37
How well did your yheteies work? And your tyrant?
Those were to 2 big interests to me.

14-11-2005, 13:44
the yhetees wherent much use, mostlikely cause i didn't use them proparly, but the -1 to hit gave me a big advantage against his best unit... the tyrant got 6 wounds after killing a kroxigor in a challange, posed a real threat (spelling?) so he didn't move his units where he would have if he hadn't been there, i know thats the lord i'm going for, but i think i will cut 1 unit of yhetees and use leadbelchers insted of them, but the threat of getting a yhetee pack in the flank is great cause the movement so i will at least use 1 unit of 3 yhetees

and i know.. that lord i use there is dangerous... (but you might find a better combination... :P)

EDIT: ok i made some changes, i took away one yhetee pack, added 3 leadbelchers instead, took away the luck gnoblars for the butchers (as they dont have any saves anyway) also took away the sabertusks from the hunter (as i want him to move more independently) got champions for the bulls, the ironguts, and the leadbelchers...

the question now is: sinse i've got another shooting unit, do i need the scraplauncher? should i switch it with 2 gorgers?

15-11-2005, 10:47
How did the Leadbelchers fair?

I've been using them in my Empire army and have found them very unreliable when shooting. I think in the 15 shots I've had so far I must have had 12 misfires :mad: and when they have got off a shot it hasn't been as devastasting as I had imagined.

15-11-2005, 11:44
havent played the other 'rooster' going to try and get another game this week, and i will tell the tale of the brutish ogres when i have played the game..

23-11-2005, 00:24
I want to go back to the Original army you posted.

Heres what I would recomend in 2000pt army
-7 ironguts-SBMU,CH
-Tyrant(in irongut unit)-HA,Giant breaker, Siegebreaker, Jade lion this will create a St9 Tyrant which is handy especially against cav. because they get no save at st9. You are basically garunteed 2 or more kills on every turn you attack because of ws6 and st9 so you will need to roll 3's then 2's!! Also you will get to reroll all psycology tests. This makes for a huge force on the battle field.
-Bruiser(in with ironguts)-HA, make him your battle standard and give him the Dragonhide Banner.
This will give you an irongut unit with four St5 attacks, seven St6 attacks, and five St9 attacks, along with the added rank(field 4 wide and use the ninth irongut as missle absorption) which will give you a St 5 impact hit for your regular ironguts, a St6 impact hit for your bruiser, and a St10 impact hit from your tyrant. Combine this with the ability to reroll all 1's on everything the turn you charge(thanks to the dragonhide banner) and you have one of the most dangerous units in the game.

-6 ogre bulls-LA(hey at least it has a chance to save you from St3 missle fire)SB,MU,CH, and ironfist(definately worth the money), and a lookout gnoblar(you'll see why)
-Butcher(in with the bulls)-2 tooth gnoblars and he will be protected by the lookout gnoblar. I give him the hellheart if you are playing a magic heavy army because the chances are very good your enemy will roll a double on at east one of his rolls and if the dice go your way, all of his spellcasters could go poof,or loose their spellcasting ability for the rest of the battle. If you're not playing a magicheavy army then you can choose whichever items you want.
-25 Gnoblars-Put these babies smack in the middle of your lines and rank them deep. keep them near your general so that they have a high leadership.
-2 units of 3 leadbelchers-MU,CH-Put one unit on one extreme flank and one on the other. This will give you MAJOR support and really help fight the flank battle.
-Finally since you have a giantbreaker bigname you need to field a slavegiant. Plop this guy right in line with your enemies flanking unit and unleash hell with him. This guy is fun. You gotta love the random attacks. If you get lucky you can totally decimate a whole regiment.

If used properly I have found this to be one of the most devestating 2000pt armies anyone can come up with. (except Chaos)

Just remember to get all of your units engaged as soon as possible because all that strenght doesn't do much good as target practice. Get your giant into the fight early and charge whenever possible. Unleash hell with your leadbelchers and then charge the flanks if you can or spend a turn reloading becase they can stand and shoot so if you are charged you can mow the enemy down before it gets to you.

This is the army I would suggest-let me know what you think.

23-11-2005, 21:26
first of, i dont want the slavegigant, i realy dont like him, largetarget without armour of no kind? no thanks, he isnt even unbreakable! and the dmg he does isnt much to talk about..
2. the tyrant strength 9 is not nessesary, not in my eyes anyway, the knights will die cause the 55 piont great weapon
3. 1 butcher isnt enough, onely 3 dispeldice? i need at least 4, and the magic of the ogres is far to powerful (in my eyes) to be skipped

thats the negatuve things in my eyes, the good things like the BsB i would like to have, but i think that the bolt thrower (hunter) is very useful, BS 4 and a very mobile char moving up the flank fiering strenght 5 no armoursave? priceless

the leadbelchers i also would like, and i plan to switch a unit of yhetees with a unit of leadbelchers, and put the leadbelchers on the flank as you said.

I would also like a heavy unit noone can brake, but i think that power comes in diversety, not in heavy units..

I will play next weekend with a bit difrent team than the one i posted here at the beginning, but very alike, ill post the army list and how the match went later..

24-11-2005, 01:57
What army are you playing? I have played many armies with my OK army and I found the army I listed to be great against high strength low ballistic armies such as chaos. I still say that if you use it right the giant is still a very effective unit. also i said nothing about a hunter and I would not field him in a 2000pt army. If you use the thundermace there is chance that it won't hit because you only get 1 roll at WS6 so you wiuld need to roll a 3 and you only have a 50% chance of hitting.

The tyrant St9 is necessary when you are playing against cav. w/ armoursave of 1+

1 Butcher is plenty. If you want give him 2 dispell scrolls you can. Also remember that most armies won't have very many casting dice at 2000pts and with the dispell scrolls you should be set.

The leadbelchers will provide plenty of ballistics even though it is at St 4 remember that the shots are armour piercing and that will take out almost half a unit or more in one volley. That is why there is no need to take the hunter. You only get 1 St5 shot with him but you can get potentially 30 shots with 3 leadbelchers., Why would you pass up that chance?

Yhetees are too expensive to field in a 2000pt army.

Also, almost all armies have archers at St3 so you won't have to worry about it much. Boltthrowers can be a problem but that is why you should include extra people in your strong units so that they absorb the wounds.

24-11-2005, 11:16
i'm not playing an army at the moment, im testing out witch (hate that word) one i like best, maybe beside the point?

the giant 175 points, and 3 yhetees 195 points, i would use the yhetees over the giant cause 1. the better movment 2. the scaly terrain spesial rule 3. the aura of frost special rule, though they onely have strengt 5 insted of the giant strengt 6, the giant can sometimes just pick up and stuff into bag when he's fighting a 30 sized unit of anything and cause he's broken he will most likely run, he also might get the jump up and down, or yell and brawl, and take out the unit that way, but to much risk for me, if i use the giant it would be cause the giant breaker big name

thundermace, if you have the dragonhide banner you can reroll all 1s, but i dont have a BsB so i might just have to invest in one of those insted of the hunter (i know you didnt say anything about the hunter in last post, but you said something about a BsB, and the reason i dont use a BsB is that i think a hunter is better, but i might change that now)

the enemy archers St3 is not to be taken lightly, it can do much dmg if they have enogh archers.. DE repeater crossbow comes to mind..

24-11-2005, 22:05

In my opinion, Ogres only "need" two characters - a Tyrant for ld 9 and a BsB to reroll those close break tests. Winning combat consistently is difficult without ranks, relatively low unit strength, and a mediocre armour save. at 40+ points a model failing a break test by 1 without a reroll can hurt alot.

Hunters are nifty, but it is the sabretusks that make him cool - they are wizard hunting extrordinaires.

Butchers are nifty as well - I would recommend just 1 with the bangstick and a DS. Four spells on a low difficulty and a bound spell is suprisingly good. The second butcher doesn't really add much to your potential - probably one more spell at much higher difficulty is not a great investment for nearly 200 pts!

As for magic items. why not run lean and mean? - great weapons or cathayan longswords are far cheaper than their magic equilivants. The wyrdstone necklace is a bargain, giving you a good ward, though at some risk. The points you could save by cutting back would give you more ogres.

Tactically, running the characters outside the units is definately the best plan of action as it creates more threats for your opponent to deal with.

Your ogre count seems rather low, but hey, if it works, good for you. I actually like the unit size at 5 - it allows for a casualty without losing attacks against the average frontage of enemy infantry units, and more attacks against wide cav units than a unit of 4 would offer. The targeting advantage is nice too. :)

While I do not really like the slavegiant (or yhetees for that matter) there are two things that the giant provides the yhetees do not. First, he causes Terror which can be game breaking against things like skinks, goblins, humans, etc. The second is that he is a threat (or at least appears to be one ;) ), and will probably draw more war machine fire away from your tyrant/bruiser/butcher than 3 yhetees will.

Oh, yeah, Gnoblar Trappers are great for march-blocking and (in a pinch) "good" :rolleyes: at war machine hunting.

Edit: Oh yeah, Tdawg50, siegebreaker is a great weapon with +3 strength bonus (instead of +2), not an additional 3 strength to your profile, thus your impact hits do not include this bonus (ie they are st 6 not 9).


26-11-2005, 19:17
today i played ok vs chaos undevided, major loss :(

the list is like the first i posted, exept this: i changed 3 yhetees against 3 leadbelchers, i swapped some magic items and the hunters sabertusks so that i could afford a gorger and full comd to the ironguts and the bulls (and LA + ironfist to the bulls)

my experience: I WILL NEVER USE LEADBELCHERS AGAIN! maybe bad luck to day, but a pack of fast yhetees is MUCH more dangerous! even a giant is preferrable, total waste of points, they got a total of 1 wound while shooting at the chosen knights (my opponent failed the armour save so i was a little lucky)

the most positive suprise today was the gorger, i will definetivly use him more

the hunter may seem good, but i am thinking about swapping him against a butcher or a bruiser.. (he havent done more than about 40 points of dmg in 2 matches)

the tyrant is a HUGE advantage, the opponent was doing everything in his power to avoid him, (sorry to say he managed so the tyrant never saw combat today :( must use him more aggressivly)

the match went wery good in one aspect, the turning point was when the bulls didnt flee long enough :( chosen knights got to close and slaied my first butcher, and things went a bit downhill from there..

02-12-2005, 10:00
are ogre kingdoms a good tournement army????

06-12-2005, 02:20
The army i posted is the ultimate chaos destroyer army. I designed this army specifically to play against chaos(which I do virtually every time I play because my uncle has them) Chaos is very strong-but the main unit is the chosen chaos knights(i'm sure you're well aware of his.

Remember to get all of your ogres into combat as soon as possible because all that brute strenght doesn't do much good if you don't get engaged.

Don't give up on the leadbelchers. I have taken out 6 chaos knights before which do to the cost of the knights, really hurts your opponent

Remember that most of your opponents strenght will be in his knights so-place the ironguts with your BsB and tyrant last so that you can line them up with his knights. Your tyrant at St9 will kill knights automatically which means you don't have to worry about the gay +1 armour save. You are garunteed to get atleast 2 knight kills with just your tyrant alone. you then have 2 iron guts with a total of 7 attacks(your champion and a regular irongut) at St 6. He will need 4's to save these. Also you will have a bruiser at St 5 with an ogre club so he will need 4's to save those attacks as well.

The army I posted earlier will decimate even the most seasoned of chaos generals.

You can trade out something for a gorger because you're right that the gorger is a cool and powerful piece. Especially when it appears when you want it to.

Let me know what you think.

06-12-2005, 15:14
it might be a ultimate chaos destroyer army, but you would like your army to be as good against other armys as well dont you? against skaven this probably havent much chanse, or at least you have wasted a good deal of points on things you realy dont need against them..

and if you are playing against chaos you realy should have som dispel dice, slaneesh magic realy hurts when they move youre 7 ironguts along with youre bsb and youre tyrant ... thats about 800-900 points man! never put so much juice in one unit if you dont have enough dispeldice to protect them from magic (or shooting)

06-12-2005, 22:42
This army is meant to play chaos and chaos only. Obviously you need diferent rosters to play different armies.

Chaos undevided doesn't get many casting dice unless thier are mages. Chaos players usually don't invest much in magic because of their other powerful characters but even if they do you're ok. Just put the butcher in the ironguts unit (somewhere near the back) and give him two dispell scrolls or the hellheart which will cause your opponents to miscast on any doubles and make them have to use the ogre miscast table.

Then put your bruiser in with the bulls and either keep him as the BsB or give him whatever you want.

07-12-2005, 03:16
Are Ogres a good tourney army? Umm, well, no, not really... if winning is your only goal. :rolleyes:

However, if you are looking for an army that is quick to paint, has excellent potential for impressive center-pieces and conversions, and just plain fun Ogres are a great choice. :)

Despite being the "big, tough guy" army, ogres need to be used with some finesse to be truely effective. The lack of ranks and low numbers means you have to squeeze as much effectiveness as possible from the units you choose to take.

On the plus side they cause fear, which helps against really tough tourney armies like Vampire Counts, and helps prevent long grinds against non-fear causing units. Impact hits and a bucket full of attacks helps out alot as well.

Oma, the leadbelchers definately worth it in a tourney list because they provide area suppression. Without leadbelchers and/or trappers the southlands, RAF, Flying Circus lists can manuveure around ogres with near impunity. Keeping your charcters outside units can help with this by widening your LOS and protecting your flanks. However, you lack immediate counter-punch under these circumstances. A unit or two of leadbelchers used in conjunction with your characters provides you with the ability to return fire and perhaps force your opponent to hestitate for a turn.

Tdawg, if you were going to a tournament and could only use one list, what would you take against "anything and everything"? Being ready for chaos is not a bad plan, but what would you change to deal with the potential to face lots of wizards and war machines?


Cpt. Drill
07-12-2005, 20:26
TBH the way the army plays there are a few specific units that are good against all oponents... admittedly that southlands army wont care if you have ironguts or regular bulls but fallow the few simple rules of a good ogre army and you will always do well...

08-12-2005, 02:23
hey carlos, how many pionts are you talking- I'm guessing your talking 2150 which is tourney points. Let me know

08-12-2005, 03:19
sounds like a decent list, although lizaedmen is one of the armys ogres do better against. i would recommend if you know ahead of time what kind of terrain your using. if there are lots of obstacles and terrain problems then take the yhetees, if there is a realatively flat board get more bulls. more bulls=more mass= death to all who are charged. bulls are highly underestimated by most OK playersa ive met. put them in smaller squads if you are worried about getting shot up, and make sure they are usually in range of your butchers. butchers are very usefull, and i think taking at least two is always a good idea. all in all a pretty well rounded list.
btw how was the scraplauncher, ive never actually used one.

08-12-2005, 11:06
the scraplauncer isn't effective, ive used it 2 games, and it has taken 1 w of a kroxigor, 1 chaos knight (killing blow!), and won CC with 5 screamers, i think its better with another unit of either yhetees/bulls/irongutts than the scraplauncer..

08-12-2005, 16:22
if people have trouble with getting shot up by warmachines then i can recomend a gorger. he is very cheap on points and can come in right behind them. i have had great success with him and even after hes finished his job he went on to kill many empire soldiers in one game and a full unit of kroxigors in another. definitely a good and often overlooked invesment. as far as the scraplauncher is concerned, thanks for the warning, maybe ill use the points to get a slavegiant instead seeing as how its getting a new model.

08-12-2005, 17:08
@ tdawg - 2150 sounds like a good number, if thats what you play at. For myself tourneys are 2000, and league night is 2500. Therefore 2150, which falls in between, is a happy medium. :cool:

Umm. gorgers? Correct me if I am wrong but they enter play via "reserves", therefore on turn 2 they have a 50% chance of showing up and cannot fight until turn 3 at best. Your ogres can literally cross the table in that time, hence any damage that was going to get done by war machines has been done by the time you gain any advantage from the gorger. I realise that having a unit show up behind enemy lines, especially a high St & To, unbreakable beast, sounds very cool, but its utility is marginal at best. Scouting Gnoblar trappers are more useful for harassment and march blocking than the gorger. Now, if they were US 5, or could be grouped together, I would take 2 every game... :cheese:

Don't forget that the scraplauncher is a US 5 chariot. It does impact hits and negates ranks. The 5" template should be used on rank and file blocks to reduce rank bonus, not single rank cav (even chaos knights) or big, mutliple wound creatures. Of course the launcher underperforms if you don't pick the right targets. ;) Even a unit of skirmishers is in trouble if a 5" template crashes down on them.


Cpt. Drill
08-12-2005, 21:12
To fight warmachines I think the best unit is your Butcher... try to cause panic or do damage with 2d6 str2 hits...

12-12-2005, 22:24
I have had consistently good luck with my gorger. He's nice and killy and only 75 points. Besides, my opponents hate him, so i know he's good :D

23-12-2005, 22:13
Has anyone had any luck with Maneaters armed with Handguns? I would think this would be a good tactic having 2-4 maneaters armed with them and giving them to your tyrant. this means 6-10 4+ to hit on -2 armor saves shots and almost guarentees a lost rank on most units in the two turns before you charge. Meaning that you just boosted your combat res plus they make great denial units in the back ground since they can move and fire and mor than hold their own against most extremely fast units. Has anyone tried or had any experience with this?

28-12-2005, 12:59
25% lord and heroes in an army is a good procent. You got nearly 50%

Drop the hunter and the tyrant and add a bruiser. Of course you can always drop a butcher but then I wouldn't go for two units of yehtees they are way to expensive. You can also have a hunter, butcher and a bruiser...

Add another unit of gnoblars they are really good. Think about taking some gnoblar trappers as well, for 6p each they are really good.

The scraplauncher is probably my favorite in this army, keep it.

A gorger? That is all up to you...

Think about adding a unit of leadbelcher they are also really good.

28-12-2005, 14:00
i have swapped the hunter for a BSB

gnoblars aren't good at all, if they get in combat the enemy will get more wounds than the CR the gnoblars have at basic

the scraplauncher is not so good, but unit strenght 5 and flank charge is cool, but probably use the points on another unit of ironguts (or give more too the existing units of ironguts)

the yehtees are good, cant stand much shooting though but movment 7 is very good, have 1 unit on each FAAAR flank

28-12-2005, 16:58
The gnoblars are good, they aren't supposed to handle an enemy single-handed. Their main purpose is to take away the enemys rank bonus (by attacking them in the flank or rear) and add a bit of rank bonus to your own. They support other units. They are good.

28-12-2005, 20:47
how are gnobblars gonna get flank or rear charges when they get left behind the ogres in turn 2?

either way, i changed my list:

Tyrant, GW, HA, gut maw, wyrmstone neclase, giantbreaker bigname 300
Butcher, 2x tooth gnoblars, dispelscroll, bangstick 190
Butcher, 2x tooth gnoblars, dispelscroll, power stone 190
3 Bulls with nothing 105
5 ironguts, full comd + bull standard 315
5 ironguts, banner, musician 275
5 ironguts, banner, musician 275
3 yhetees
2 gorgers
(may swap the GW (tyrant) for the killing blow for a total of 2006 points)

i especially want slappy to coment this list

29-12-2005, 12:17
Well sooner or later they are going to catch up, right... How long do you think a battle going to last, 3 turns? Wouldn't think so... (Deploy them ahead of your army then). You just try them out a bit and I bet you will find them useful.

2 gorgers in a less then 2000 battle, they count as rare choices... But if it's ok with your opponent or if you play with the rules of 2000 or more, i guess you should ignore what I just wrote.

Still don't really believe in having two units of yehtees, something I must try myself before I say it's loosy. Still I would suggest the scraplauncher instead, but I see that you have taking that away from a previous list so I guess you thought it was quite bad. Anyway it is useful in many ways...

29-12-2005, 14:36
how do you run those ironguts? I've found that a 5-wide formation is quite unweildy. Do you stick one in the back to soak up shooting/magic casualties?

And if you take giantbreaker, you have to include a slavegiant in your army.

Cpt. Drill
29-12-2005, 16:16
The ogre at the back is a sweeper! keep him on the flank where you think you might get charged ...

Two ironguts can beat most small flanking units!

29-12-2005, 17:06
darn! missed that giantbreaker rule! swapping it for something else then..

using the ironguts in 5models wide, playing against chaos to day ;) get them all in front :P

30-12-2005, 10:02
i hate slaneesh magic! my opponent whipped my lama ass!

got help from a friend setting up a different list.. here goes:

Tyrant: GW,HA,LuckGnoblar,Brace of Handguns,Bullgut,Wyrdstone Necklace,Greyback Pelt
(his use is for flank charge, when he chages he has US6)

Butcher:Bangstick,Displ Scroll,2xToothGnoblars
(need!! the magic defence, and offensivly more chanse of getting the ogre spells in)

3Bulls - Bellower
(my flee unit, or using it for flank charges)

4Ironguts - Full command - LoG - Rune Maw
(having a gnoblar unit within 6" of this one, making it resiliant to magic)

4Ironguts - Full command - LoG
(power unit 1)

(to cause havok)

(to die)
(to cause havok)

4Maneatere - 2GW - 2Brace of Handguns
(power unit 2)


30-12-2005, 11:28
So far this is your best list. I would drop a butcher and take another unit of ogres and gnoblars if I was playing with your list. Everything else I like. Gnoblar screens prevent ogre casualties and are essential IMO. Remember that they only cost 40pts. 20 wounds and 3 ranks for 40 pts is a great thing and if you keep them close to your tyrant the test on his leadership.

How are you using gut magic? It is pretty unstoppable with one butcher. They no every spell, need only a 3+ to cast, can have remain in play spells on the board and still cast. They also can cast more times than normal. I think up to 4 times for a butcher. So why are you having a hard time getting magic off?

30-12-2005, 11:58
ive been cheating (without knowing) on the spells, i thaught that if i took a tooth gnoblar it would be okay to get a 2+ but thats not allowed in the great rulebook ARGH! and when the opponent has 6 Dispel dice and 2-3 scrolls it is quite hard to get things off.. but the biggest problem is to stop enemy magic i think, ive onely got 4 dispel dice (5 now with the new list) and 2 scrolls (3 with the new list) and slaneesh realy hurts :(

but now i have 8 power dice 5 dispel dice, and 3 scrolls so enemy magic shouldent hurt SO much..

playing against skaven at newyearseve so im taking the skullmantle and the brahmar statue (chaos and skaven takes tests on -3 Ld) putting the tyrant and the butcher in the same unit and casting panic Mohahaha GOT to work dont it? (dropping a unitchampion in the ironguts unit to afford the skullmantle, and swapping the Greyback Pelt for the brahmar statue)

30-12-2005, 20:13
ive been cheating (without knowing) on the spells, i thaught that if i took a tooth gnoblar it would be okay to get a 2+ but thats not allowed in the great rulebook ARGH!

Dang... I've apparently been cheating too. Makes those tooth gnoblars seem a lot less useful.

30-12-2005, 23:10
me thinks that too :(

well the match today went a bit bad (as usuall, i thaught that i would be a better general after a while) but it was fun too see my opponent when he found out that his knights where at -4 Ld at the panic test :lol: and so they went running!! but that didnt help so much when his khorne chosen chaos warriors charged my maneaters (who where under spell nr 5 of slaneesh lore, they where auto hitted, still hate those irresistable force!)

his list is pretty good, 5 chosen chaos knights, 4 dragon ogres, 5 screamers, 1 chariot, 10 chosen chaos warriors of khorne, 1 chaos lord with the knights, 3 slaneesh mages, makes for a fast army, and i dont get the charge wery often, and if you try to loure the warriors with fleeing, the screamers charge as well and will probably run you down..