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17-09-2008, 20:52
Da beginning!

The sun was setting.
Archon Nicotinair stepped delicately down into the blast crater, avoiding the mud where he could. At the bottom a pair of blue tattooed Orks glared at him.

"Ah, my allies, has it not been good?" The Archon spread his arms wide, "We have despoiled this planet; filled our holds with slaves and loot and crushed all who stood against us."

"And 'oo did da Krushing?" roared the bigger of the two Orks. "Us boyz did al da fightin', you've just buggered around in da rear..."

The smaller Ork slapped a hand against the speaker's chest, silencing the Nob immediately.

“Each to da own,” the little Warboss said quietly. “We’ze had a good time and got us a good deal. And we’ze kept it.” He stared at the Archon.

“Oh! That little spaceship you wanted.” The Archon stretched like a cat in the evening sun. “Well, I must admit you’ve earned it but there have been rather a lot of Orks in the last few slave collections.”

Warboss Proppachoppa shrugged. “Dey weren’t my boyz and hoomies are getting a bit thin on da ground. Gotta make quota.”

“Gotta make quota,” The Archon repeated the words softly. “Your people, while impressively tough, have a limited mental capacity and fail to grasp even the most basic pleasure/pain training.
No, I think that rather then gift you a spaceship I’d rather you die where you stand.”

Instantly the crater was floodlit by a harsh, unnatural light. Raiders swooped out of the night sky; cackling Hellions weaving smoke trails around them.

The Warboss grinned and held up an arm. Huge gouts of flame erupted all around the crater rim and the staccato whine of a hundred shootas filled the air.

As burning bodies tumbled out of the sky around him, the Archon tried desperately to contact his ship. The control room was filled with screams and snarls and. After one last bubbling moan, the radio went dead. He never saw Nob Gurtbig reaching towards his head with a hydraulic fist.
The radio crackled back to life. “We ‘as da ship Boss!”

The diminutive Warboss turned to face his cheering warband, “Let’s get off dis stinkin' rok and go find a real fight. Grab your stuff!”
He turned back to the radio,
“Beam us up ladz."

17-09-2008, 21:10
This will be the plog of my heavily converted EPIC force of Deathskullz who have managed to loot a Dark Eldar warship and are now merrily headed towards Armageddon.

In other words I'm taking a well supported army in a less well supported game and converting them to look like an army for which the models do not exist while remaining exactly the same army.

You'll also have to bear with me for a month or so as
1) my cash for the troops is not yet fluid.
2) most of my tools are 200 miles south in Oxford.
3) the rest of my tools are 200 miles to the south-west in Caerdydd
4) Most importantly, my camera is still 200 miles to the northwest in Liverpool

So with that, you'll just have to put up with the fluff for a bit till I can flesh out these posts with pics.

17-09-2008, 21:11
Da Warboss.

Unusually for an Ork, Warlord Proppachoppa is smaller, though as tough as, any of his Nobz. His title and reputation come from his first ever Boss fight. He defeated six opponents, all armed with Kustom Choppas. His ‘Proppa Choppa’ was a triple-barrelled, sawn-off Shruiken Catapult.

Now with a flamer attached, “In case ‘dey feel like getting back up,” the Warboss is an awesome force in an assault, often leading a small warband well ahead of his main forces to ensure he gets the fiercest fight and the best loot.

He always does so accompanied by a hand picked group of Nobz who are cunning enough not to try to kill him. The other type doesn’t survive long. Although unconventional, Orks find it hard not to respect someone who’ll challenge you to arm-wrestle , then bite your fingers off

Chaos and Evil
17-09-2008, 23:11
I am looking forwards to this one!

17-09-2008, 23:28

buggered around in da rear
Nice fluff. :D

18-09-2008, 22:59
Don't worry, there's a lot lot more to come. :-)

In the meantime (and cos i needed the practice with autocad) here is the net for an epic scale DE raider.

DOUBLE EDIT: There is now a better version of this and a ravager variant. I'll post them tomorrow along with (hopefully) pics for both EPIC and 40K scale.

the finished raider is 30mm long and 10mm wide.

Folds: I messed these up a bit.
Looking down at the paper.
All blue lines are valley folds, the two pink lines are mountain folds.
The spiky bat wing like parts i messed up. There is a mountain fold 10mm in from the wingtip and a vallet fold where they join the main body.
The front armour section (looks like a cobweb between the two triangles) ISN'T folded but should curve around gracefully.

Instructions (as if an ork reads those!)
1. Cut out.

2. Cut the long thin line between batwings and thin spkiy bit below them. You should have them held on by just 5mm in the middle

3. Fold and glue the green patches to the green patch on the main body. They both should have a bit that overlaps by 5mm. Fold these at 90degrees and glue them together (like a fin) (otherside of stripy block)

4. Fold the thin spiky bits at the back up where the lines are.
They should be vertical about 5mm apart

5. Fold the squarish bit they're attached to towards the body so the long spiky bits have a flat edge along the body either side of the fin.

6.Carefully glue them to the fin (red patches to stripy), you don't want an extra crease here, it should be a nice curve. This gives a strut that runs down the centre of the raider and makes it much stiffer then otherwise possible.

7. carefully wrap the weird bit on the fount around so the two triangles line up and glue them together. This should give you some nice curvy fount armour ala raider. (Blue to the underside of brick)

8.There should only be the batwings on the back left now, They're going to be the engine housing, tail and tailwing.
Fold them up and glue yellow to yellow. Again, we're looking for a nice curve.

8. Fold the tips of the batwings out to make the tailwings.

You like?

I'm going to be using it as the basis of most my Looted creations.
It's not perfect - that one central strut instead of anywhere for people to actually sit. A 5 mm wide hollow strut is possible but much more fiddly and weaker. If i was doing a 40K scale one then definitely. The model as a whole could become more detailed.

impression beats reality.

EDIT: drat - the dimensions file didn't work. Everything is done in multiples of 2.5mm. Batwings are 25mm long. Spiky bits 2.5mm longer.
I'll redo it once i get back next week - got 4 yr aniversary followed by a wedding (not mine).

23-09-2008, 21:39
Yet more fluff I'm afraid.

Da Warbikes

Hed Nob Gurtbig was not happy. He’d been trying to rivet himself a new suit of armour but was hampered by:
1) the previous owners had been a lot skinnier
2) they hadn’t worn much armour anyway
3) all the suits seemed to have two or three holes extra that were of no use whatsoever
4) and when he did succeed in cobbling enough parts together there were so many spikes he couldn’t fit through the doorway let alone swing his arms.
Giving it up as a bad job he wandered down to the Bike Deck to see how his mates in “da Speed Freeks” were getting on.

The Bike Deck stank of oil and burning rubber. Bits of old ripped tyre were hanging over a couple of candles. It made the place smell of home. All the tyres and stuff had been brought from the planet, the Dark Eldar having little use for them. Gurtbig nodded briskly as Madferit ducked his head to the Nob.
Madferit always boasted to new recruits that his name came from his great skill and love of speed. Gurtbig was one of the few old enough to remember a young Ork walking into the encampment wearing a dead stoat; announcing he had killed “da Great Mad Ferret”

Despite this start, he had turned into a good biker Boss, capable of keeping his krew rolling on the most unlikely of parts. His boys, however, were having trouble adapting to the new technology.

“Oi boss, can I hav annuvver wheel to stick on da front?”

“It’s a bleedin’ jet bike, whadja want to stick a wheel on it fer?”

“Well boss, if oim going full pelt and miss da target, it means oi can come back fer annuver go without ‘aving to get off.”

“It’s a smeggin’ reaver jetbike, one of da best bikes you can steal. ‘Sides, we’re running short of tyres.”

“Put a big ski on it,” Gurtbig interrupted. The other two stared at him. “Word from da Warboss is we’re gonna be fightin’ on ice.”

“Ski’s spikes and tracks den?” mused Madferit, already rebuilding his bike in his mind, “Thanks fer da tip. Just as well, we’re running out of good tyres. Had to go through the Panzee’s wardrobes to get enough rubber for the last batch.
So den, Gurtbag, what brings you down ‘ere?”

24-09-2008, 21:53

Once you get down to this scale paper becomes usefully stiff while still suitably DE thin.

You may want to use something else or paint it before cutting it out. Can't think of any good spray on stiffeners beyond gloss at the moment. The tail fins are the most obvious flaw - possibly a T shaped piece of plasticard?

For a raider just cut the side shields off.

Green parts are valley folds; red = mountain fold

rear detail view

classic view

and with it's 40K bigger brother:

02-10-2008, 23:08
ok. a real model. sort of.


It's meant to be a looted reaver jetbike with extra dakka and a big exaust.

oh well, maybe the paintjob will clear it up a little.
There's yet more fluff coming too. :D

12-10-2008, 22:14
more fluff, no models. I'm a bad panda.

Da Landa:

Flymek Bluberd was feeling justifiably nervous. Half the warband had crowded into the flight deck and gantires, surronding the Landa in a raucous, excited mob. There was a clear space around the giant aircraft though: nobody bothered the Warboss when he was amking an inspection.

The Big Meks of the Warband stood off to one side. They had given thier verdicts earlier, "Not enuff armour," "Too damn slow," "Needs more dakka," "But I reckon I could fly it."

With a hiss of p[istons the main hatch opened, framing the Warboss and two Nobz. The lights behind flared lucky blue before returning to power field green. The Warboss's grin was electric.

"I likes it," he bellowed to the crowd, "Youse lot can slog it on da graound, but me and my boyz 'ere, we iz gettin der first and arrin' wit style."

He pointed to the gun turrets that were welded wherever Bluberd had found space. Each turret was made of about eight splinter rifles strapped to a cooling spinner.

"We 'az dakka enuff for all da Blue Beakies; 'dere Commanders and 'dere flyboyz. And dat means plenty of loot for all!"

The crowd stmaped their feet and grinned in anticipation.

"But wot if dey has tanks? Dakka ain't enuff an it's hard to get choppy in a flyer." Several Dethkopta pilots shouted their objections but the chief was on a roll.

"Dis is where dese come in," He patted on of two huge torpedos. "Inside each one of dese is one of dem Purple Panzees we kaptured. He's hopped uo on drugs so he don't notice he's tied down and eze' got a sleep tape whispering in his ear.
Dis sleep tape is a hoomie thing that basically tells im he'z ded powerful and successful and dat everyone loves 'im. Pretty soon his ego hits critical mass."

He thumped the torpedo again for emphasis. Bluberd winced, he knew just how fragile the Dark Eldar's egos were.

"Just before it 'its da target, diss little window opens and da Panzee realises where he iz and dat he's gonna die. His ego shrinks so fast it causes a physic vacumn and sucks im and half der tank into da warp!"

The hangar shook with the cheering, the loudest coming from the grots for some reason.

It was a good plan.

16-10-2008, 22:51
Believe it or not - I haven't got any fluff for these models...





I've yet to finish the stompa - needs more detailing, the wood sealing or covering and a whole lot of paint.

19-01-2009, 21:15
I haven't been neglecting these guys (much)

One kustom blaster gargant. sort of painted.
He's still missing a Nob with a megaphone on the balcony and lots of little riggers.
As usual the quality is questionable, but the use of lego bricks as mounting points may be of use to some - Who dosen't have a big box of Lego in storage somewhere?

I'm also going to be including a lego block in the base of the models, so I can just click fit them into a carry case.





07-06-2009, 14:23
i atent ded.


08-06-2009, 01:54
i atent ded.


Um... okay? :confused:

~Doom Banner

Brother Jones
08-06-2009, 03:18
This is a odd thread.

08-06-2009, 03:39
This is a odd thread.

We can't stop here! This is bat country!

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18-12-2009, 19:10
stockpile continues.


19-12-2009, 06:15
where's the 40k?

19-12-2009, 11:22
heh i'm hungover, this thread is very odd indeed.

thumbs up though, very bizaare but gotta admire ye passion.

19-12-2009, 16:44
stockpile continues.


dude, where did you get this mug? =) i saw it a couple of years ago, wanted to buy it and it was sold out then ...

01-01-2010, 14:11
For future reference:

Ork Glyphs and how to use them


02-04-2010, 20:41

I still haven't started my Epic ork army. Maybe in a bit.

But in the meantime, I got married!

and, as my wedding present from my friends was given a 1000pt Ork army based on this thread!

The nice part is that everybody contributing painted a model or two and signed them, so it's a lasting testement to a really sweet, if horrendously geeky, group of friends.

02-04-2010, 20:50
Some Nobz with Big Choppas.

'Oo dosen't loike bashing things sumtimes? It's handier den a power-klaw, and you can rip the head off a beakie before he smacks you inna gut. Sure, i can't open tanks da way a klaw can, but anything less gets made a proppa mess of.'


I might run a full squad of these with a pain boy in the future.

Lootas and a Mek (of course)


another two need painting completely, these may need a little touching up.
Mike words "If there was anything that was going to convince me not to get into 40K, the 4hrs I spent painting them did. Look at his damn pupil! I painted that!"

He'll succumb.

02-04-2010, 20:58
'Ard Boyz

The Boss was doing his rounds.

"'Ere, wot's up wit these lads? Dey're all staring at da walls."

"Yeah boss, we found some, loike, pillz and needles and stuff and thought it might be good for a laff. Sum of dem were just snacking on the panzee captives though.

It's a funny ting, they may not be sure what colour the sky is, or wat's coming out the walls at them, but dey just bounce if you hit em."

Thump. The grinning ork (who currently believed his head was made of adamantium and that his choppa was sparkling) flinched, but seemed to shrug off the effects of the 'eadthump remarkably well.

The Warboss grinned.

"Great, Oi'll have em as me personal guard den in da raider. Dey can take da hitz, and I can take der loot."





02-04-2010, 21:06
A few rather more normal boyz.

yes, that is a bat'leth.




Sadly, Sam's Nob with Waagh banner didn't survive the after party / reception, but the roman numerals are our anniversary.


who dosen't love them?
I might have to get a few more of these for use as grot riggers.



Big Mek

courtesy of purple dave, also known here as Palex, who basically came up with the idea and organised everyone.
The purple haired snotling is meant to represent him getting sucked into another of my projects.


02-04-2010, 21:16
and onto the vehicles:

Da Steely DeffDread.

It evens looks like owen!


(sort of. dave was intending for it to be a battlewagon, but I haven't the points and it hasn't the armour. I like it how it is.)


Looted Wagon

He may be colourblind but Sim is one heck of a modeller.


Don't belive me? that's a cardboard tank.

and finally, in case you think the misus was short changed:


she likes little detailed things too :)

18-04-2010, 16:16
I'm working a little on this army as I go along.

I'm currently leaning towards including Mad Doc Grotsnik and liberally spreading cybork bodies about.

30 grots with fearless, feel no pain, cybork bodies and 3 runt herds with stabby things (and the good doc himself)?

It's alike the green tide, but partially silver and only come's up to your knees!
(That's for the future though, I'm going to avoid buying anything new for a while)

I have a very old Freebooter model that'd I'd love to use for Warboss Proppachoppa.

There is a slight issue:


Now fluff wise, he is meant to be slightly smaller then his nobz, and the deathskullz are weedy gitz anyway. The plan is to build the base up, gun upgrade, bosspole & attack squig.

Now, would this constitute modelling for advantage?
the other option is to just turn him into a loota, but it seems a shame for such a nice model.

The warboss will have his head repalced by a smaller ork one, with suitable modification to show the good Dok's motivations.
He'll also need a big syringe to replace that shoota.

The warbosses head will become an attack squig.

fluff once modelled.

19-04-2010, 23:32

23-04-2010, 17:28
Ok, I realised I'd run out of HQ slots, so the freebooter to loota is the plan.

The AOBR Warboss is 80% of the way to a Mad Doc Grotsnik count'as (I need to finish his labcoat)

In the meantime - cybork grots anyone?


22-05-2010, 13:53
hmmm. loads a DE themed grots built, a squad with shootas, Sim's tank well and truly looted and Mad Doc Grotsnik built.

Still to do for 1500pts-

1. two AOBR kopters to skorchas
2. one AOBR kopta to a mega kopter
3. Build another trukk
4. paint, paint and paint.

Dave's trukk now finished. May go back and redo the weathering on the fuel tank at a later date.



warboss tweed
22-05-2010, 19:52
dude i don't know what's going on, but keep doing what you're doing.

22-05-2010, 20:05
Probably the best project log I have seen in a long time.

22-05-2010, 22:37
Surreal indeed, but there is something very good about it. In a spiralling way you seem to arrive att great stuff, and certainly bewilderingly too. Well, I don't know what's going on neither, but keep going! :D

23-05-2010, 06:29
aww shucks guys. blushes.

there's a fair bit done I ain't posted yet, thought I'd keep this log painted only.

anything you'd like to see particularly next? models, fluff ect?

23-05-2010, 15:40
Mad Dok Grotsnik Count'as.

Pic to go here (once I've updated the model with a huge stein.

Moi name is Brewlord Grogswig an dis is moi song:

Dere's many ork Klans and many Ork tribes
Who do wot they do an it werks well enuff.
But give em a Brew Boy and give em some stuff
And they'll go bezerk and do wot they caaan't
With enuff liquid lubrikaant.

If yer wants to show you're a DeffSkull true,
Try yer luck with me Bright Blue Brew
Green moight be orky, Red is dedd fast
but blue is dedd lucky, a fact is a fact.
Drink it or spray it (cos it sticks loike glue)
I tells ya da owner won't have a clue.

Now if yer part of the Grogswig Krew
take a wee glass of da Bungee Brew
Yer'll bounce from one drop
Until yer veins clot
Cos stuff will still sometimes kill you.

An if you wants to try my 'Speshul' Brew
You moight end up a Loony too.
Mixed with a Panzee's Druggie Box
Hallucinate, it friggen rocks!
Colours swirl and birdies trill.
And der's loads more stuff to fight an kill,

So one more time, We welcomez you
An pass a pint of Grogswill's Brew!

I'm thinking of doing wound counter's as beer toting grotz, throughout the army.

02-06-2010, 19:13
degree is done (hopefully) and it's been very sunny.

so apart from enjoying the sun

I've been doing a spot of painting.
the lootas are now done, but I'm having a little trouble with the squad leader.


it's all a bit cluttered I think. There's three layers of wash on this model

The coat is made of large flat areas of fabric. I don't know how to shade this, or even make it look less cartoony.

less contrast on the coat trim may help, Should I make it a purple coat with blue trim?

dunno. any criticism appreciated.

02-06-2010, 20:26
I don't really know what to criticise it on, you're doing something pretty unique here.

dude i don't know what's going on, but keep doing what you're doing.

This. It feels like someone slipped something in my drink. Which is a compliment.

20-06-2010, 06:42
Slight pause while i allow my finger to regrow.


Skorchas (very WIP):



going to finish up the Big Mek and his retinue, then do a spot of vehicle painting i think.

20-06-2010, 13:37
This is something the Flaming Lips would sing about. Excellent, keep it up!

05-07-2010, 18:44



Sim's Looted Tank got more orky.


sadly, not enough room for all the lootas

05-07-2010, 18:48
Grogswill Brewlord (Grotsnik) and Burna Boyz



New Trukk (very Wip)



05-07-2010, 18:51
Big Mek Wadapa D. Klaws and shoota retinue


Comando Cybork Grots



06-07-2010, 17:58
Figured out what went wrong with the loota squad leader.

not enough black.

turns out (according to a documentary on Matisse), any number of contrasting colours and patterns can made to work together if solid black/white is also included.

eg. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KGMBgCHwHao/SdRb4siVLgI/AAAAAAAAA8E/elBrO8ocRkw/s1600-h/matisse+black.jpg


all the vehicles will be getting back as a secondary colour to tie them together. Not something you notice when black is the primer.

Also, possibly too blurry to make out, but I've been experimenting with orks done in yellow with an knarloc wash over the top (bottom left in big mek retinue).
I quite like it

08-07-2010, 09:54
I like how, whenever we gash ourselves badly and there's blood everywhere, the first thing we do is take a picture of it.

08-07-2010, 18:08
nope. First thing is pour a tube of superglue into it.

then it's take a photo.

14-07-2010, 12:48
forgot to share this earlier.

my looting bar.


best piece of gimcrack steel I've ever owned

16-07-2010, 19:14
Looted Wagon, with skorcha.



18-07-2010, 09:00
May i call your Looted Wagon a Bumper Car? it definently looks like an Ork Fun Park Bumper car.... :D ,of course its meant to ram and tank shock things


31-07-2010, 20:36

Freeboota loota redone with black piping on coat.

look miles better. Grogswill WIP

31-07-2010, 20:39

Burna boyz - skin is yellow with knarloc green wash and the sepia wash.

I've also discovered dry-brushing.



bottom picture had to be cobbled out of two - one macro, one not. damn limited field of depth.

03-08-2010, 19:30
So much wonderful stuff here, so many weird but hilarious ideas!

Love the burnaz, the rides all the more. Strange burning tanks trhough, what rules apply? Do I fail to recognize them?

What I like best is the "manual" next to your looting bar ;)


04-08-2010, 07:40
The big one is a looted wagon, armed with a skorcha

the smaller two are skorcha wartraks

16-08-2010, 17:14
so, what does my local charity shop have here?






Some bits, some legs for my Admech / Dark Admech, Chaos Squats and demons; and some drillpod tips for my Space Marine Squats (Varyngr).

16-08-2010, 17:19

possibly a battlewagon, possibly a land raider, possibly just a heavy tank.
just needs wheels or multi tracks.


how's that for a looted eldar battlewagon with a deathrolla?
(minor Ian M Banks reference)


Trukk with wrecking ball now finished, due for priming

18-08-2010, 21:41
after many beers and probably huffed half a bottle of plastic glue today (from modeling!!), and the stumbling upon this thread made my day. this is weird, in a good way...and..are those yellow things kinder surprise toy canisters?

19-08-2010, 11:01
yup. very useful for the smaller bits in my bitz box, as well as fuel tanks and epic scale 'Mr Potatoehead' Gargants / SupaStompa / aircraft hangers.

07-09-2010, 17:27
trukk painted and packed.




09-09-2010, 11:26
not much will happen for a month or so.



16-09-2010, 19:07
That does look very Orkish! What actually is it, it looks like some sort of mining machine?

Great trukk conversions, very wacky, I really liked them.

Those Kinder things are very useful aren't they, I also use them for all sorts of bits, even for odd change, saves it rattling around and getting lost.

07-10-2010, 16:23
Ok, so I have succesfully moved around the world to Vietnam and am now working, and will be moving into final house in a week or so.

however, due to plane luggage restrictions, all of my 40k stuff was packed into Kem's dollhouse and posted via DHL.

I don't know wether it was DHL or the custom goons at the other end, but there has been some minor damage.

weep with me:http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4148/5059617532_a4a6029ae8_z.jpg

entire roof needs to be redone (looks like it was kicked in). front panel ripped off. multi windows out, one beyond repair.




gah indeed.

but it's not all bad. Some of my new workmates:


18-11-2010, 03:58
the army is slowly being piece back together.

so maybe another month.

have some more Orky construction equipment while you're waiting.


18-11-2010, 09:47
Hilarious log. Keep it going!

05-03-2011, 05:03
60 hour weeks does not lead to model production.

one battlewagon finished, will prime it up and post, mebbe with fluff.

also, for some reason this thread is the 5th highest google image result for Ad-mech flyer!

which is odd, becuase the Admech flyer will be appearing in the Ad-mech plog.

18-05-2011, 05:43
looks what i found!


huh. just realised i never did post a WIP for the Squig-Stompa-Wagon

I'm sure I won't need two of these though.

Mr. Ultra
18-05-2011, 06:20
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Waaaall-eeeeee nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh :cries:

09-06-2011, 08:01
Just added this to the 'who loves ork's thread?'

Tactically, your mileage won't be good, but it might make you laff a bit.

Ork wise - lesse.
Squig-Stompa, Rolla-wagon (finish painting only), build three Manz, a unit of cave-orks (white and blind, thought I might run them as tankbustas), a few more bits and pieces, possibly the 2nd stage of painting nearly everything (ie shading, highlighting, eyes ect)

EDIT: also on list, but longer term: 1000pts epic Blood Axe Bovvercraft Brigade, 1000pts of original Epic DE lootas, and maybe an Orkameidies Gargant Big mob list.

19-06-2011, 03:12
Very little to report, although I've started painting the Rolla-wagon.

deff rolla, ard case, big shoota, red paint job


fluff once finished.

18-01-2013, 13:34
hmmm. so back in the uk, packing restrictions (again) means I stripped out all that wasn't on 'theme' - ie Dark Eldar Looted stuff.
So the trukk was binned, the rolla wagon was binned ect.

A shot of my new workspace:

Who's that sneaking around?


Magnets? What do they mean for the future? Could some sort of superheavy/army transport be under construction?

28-01-2013, 08:53
hmmm. note to self - fix pictures.

still to do at 40k scale

podracer deathkopter, valkyrie to battlewagon and some meganobz.
Oh, and battlefortress carry case.

30-01-2013, 22:22
notes for later:


06-02-2013, 17:41
I can make a 1000pt list if i use EVERY boy model I own.

The freakshow needed a suitably subtle and understated nob:


11-03-2013, 14:54
In the 'Who Loves Orks?' Thread, Da Reddnekks threw down a challenge. Build a Grot Megatank, in half a day, with less then $10.

Since I wanted to avoid buying anything for the hobby this month, I was a bit limited in material. Old buisness cards, a beer can and some foam. No spare wheels. Given there's a nautical theme, a terrain re-roll and the opportunity to use the word Bovvercraft in every following game the solution was obvious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDd9vlnqRuo

Armament = 1 TL-grotzooka, 1 TL-rokkit and 3 shootas. Fielded as a battlewagon, the grotzookas count as a killcannon.

Since I'm wasn't a huge fan of how the grotzookas have come out, I relocated the rokkits to the back, count them as double and use a much smaller turret for front shoota. This frees up an area of deck for open hatches, ladders, periscopes ect that will look a wee bit more fun IMO. Also several hundred rivets will be good, once I find a 1mm diameter rod somewhere. I might just use nails.

Time passes

1 more hour tweaking the deck and dusting with detail (could have shaved this down but I was watching telly), andother (optional) hour spent riveting.
(I also detailed the fan areas a little more, but forgot to photo)

Rivet method = old trick. Dots of PVA glue, let set and adda second one on top. I've heard liquid green stuff is much better for this, but PVA is CHEAP!
On test piece: top row = double dots, 2nd row = double dots left to dry with card vertical (no dribbles!), bottom row is single dots. Roughly drybrushed bronxe on some, so you can see how irregular they are.

Once I move house I may go back and do a 'proper' megatank and a set of grot tanks to go with it...