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complete n00b
18-09-2008, 05:35
This is a dwarf 1500 list I was thinking of please tell me what you think and how I could improve it.

2xMater Engineer with Brace of Pistols (In army to entrench cannon's)
Runesmith with rune of cleaving and shield

10 warriors with great weapons
2x10 warriors with shields
10 Longbeards with great weapons and shields
3x10 Thunderers

1xGrudge Thrower, engineer with brace of pistols

Organ Gun

bork da basher
18-09-2008, 08:22
2 ME are a waste. one at most or IMO none. get thain of pain and BSB instead and they will earn their points back.

runesmith shouldnt be kitted out for fighting, he's your magic defense you dont want him where the action is. give him a rune of stone and a shield and take at least one "dispel scroll" if your going to bother taking him at all. unless you face severe magic offense i wouldnt even bother you have a basic 4 DD anyway which is decent.

units of 10 are pointless for combat troops. minimum of 15 but 20 is best. dwarfs win combat by wound denial (great toughness and save) and static CR. you havent even got command groups in there. this isnt how dwarfs should be used. look at how you arm them too, GW's are nice and ive tried them but its the armour save that wins for me. beat the enemy down with thains and use your CR bonus to win combats.

10 thunderers are fine but i dont think you need 3 units of them. 2 is enough, shields are a good idea for them aswell. 4+ save in combat makes them hard to kill.

one cannon is plenty, replace the 2nd with a pair of bolt throwers or use the points to seriously bulk out your fighting troops.

grudgethrower i have no experience of but a rune of accurracy helps a great deal.

as it stands the army is weak, its relying on firepower to win battles. big guns do help but you dont have enough to stop an army in its tracks and flimsy units of 10 warriors/longbeards will just melt under the charge. dwarfs are without doubt the toughest, bravest troops in warhammer. your lowest LD is 9 which is better than some armies commanders. your units should be big blocks of rock hard stunties that are near to unbreakable. make the enemy break on your units its how they win battles.

without trying to sound harsh i suggest starting again and really look at what dwarfs are capable of and exploit their strengths.

complete n00b
18-09-2008, 08:27
Thanks for the tips
I'll prob post another army up in a couple of days starting from scratch:)