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18-09-2008, 19:08
I found my old aborted O&G army hidden away in a box yesterday which combined with the skull pass goblins looks like it may be fun to try out.

Orc Big boss, great weapon, collar of Zorga, amulet of protectyness= 104

Orc shaman lvl 2, staff of sneaky stealin = 150

Night goblin shaman mushrooms = 60

20 Orcs shields and FC = 140

20 Orcs extra hand weapons and FC = 150

30 night goblins, spears, FC and 2 fanatics = 170

25 night goblins spears, FC and 1 fanatic = 130

20 night goblins short bows FC(I have the models so I may as well use them even if they are 25% of the units points cost) 80

5 wolf riders bows and musician = 71

5 wolf riders spears and musician = 71

6 spider riders musician = 84

10 arrer boys = 60

Boar chariot = 80

2 spear chukkas = 70 ( I dont have any orcs spare for bullies unfortunately)

Doom diver = 80 (the ancient model)

1500 exactly

Obviously there are some less than stellar units here but meh its supposed to be a fun game isnt it? :)

Vengeful Turtle
19-09-2008, 00:32
I've never had any luck with Night Goblins at all, but if you're bent on using them I would suggest dropping the spears. It's not worth the points value for an extra rank of worthless attacks (WS 2 STR 3 ugh). I know the Skull Pass models come with them but in a friendly game your opponent should have no problem letting you count them as hand weapons.

I'd drop the Arrer boyz as well. They're another unit that probably won't make up their points. It might be worth considering giving all your fast cav short bows.

I love Spear Chukkas and Doom Divers. Spear Chukkas can be unreliable but they're only 35 points and they have the potential to do massive damage. Doom Divers can also do some pretty insane damage once you get good at guessing.

22-09-2008, 14:36
See the point of this list is that I didnt even know I had it and as it can make 1500 I may as well use it as I found it. I dont expect this to beat 'optimised' lists but it seems ok to me. Plus it would be nice to play with such an outdated army book :)

Arrer boyz are 60 points, they may not kill much (though my Empire archers were pretty good in their day) but they are another cheap unit.

The spears are on the goblin models so they are staying as I play by WYSIWYG.