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18-09-2008, 21:27
Dreadlord Aesith´s Army

I created this list out of boredom from seeing so many dark elf lists looking the same with small adjustements. Allways the same items and combos. So this is a list without any of the fancy stuff.

Imagine if youre a Dreadlord of lower influence and not as important or rich as other greater families? Imagine that all other Hydras and Black Dragons, Pendants of Kaeleth, Cold ones, Executioners, Black Guards and other elites are occupied elsewhere and theres no more to find since theyre all away fighting with the cooler kids? And still you want to raise an army to make a mark on the world and show you got the right stuff. Well what do you do?

First we look around our keep to see what we have. Hmm.. we got warriors.. and crossbows.. just plain people. Ok, have to do. I also got some conections with a couple sorceresses that promised to aid me if i just gave them my two first son-childs as a gift. No problems!
Theres also this Keepguard that can follow me and help show off my cool banner of the keep to impress my enemies and also my own troops. Lets bring a Battlestandard.
Ok so everyone else have allready cleaned out the market from every pendant and crimson death and such so i have to stick with what i can find at home or other stuff. Hmm.. a whip.. a warbanner good good.. Ah, my armor of darkness and the ring too, hard to find in here. Thought i lost them in some other dark corner.

Ok so i got some Dark Riders to help me and i managed to get a gang of Shades joining the fun. I promised lots of rewards if they helped me, that is, if they survive of course.
Finally a use for those annoying Harpies that fly around all night cackling like mad..
So.. all the hydras where sold out or to young or had a bad firebladder so i sent orders to build me some big old Reaper Bolt Throwers instead. Should be useful i can imagine.

Well, there you go. Now what tactic will i use? Hmm.. Lets shoot and sabotage marching and attack at weak spots when and where i want to? ok, deal.

So this is now the best army in the world. What could possibly beat it? Huh!

Dreadlord 211 Pts
Armor of Darkness, Ring of Darkness, Great Weapon

Master 145 Pts
Battle Standard, Blood Armour, Whip of Agony

Sorceress 185 Pts
Magic Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Darkstar Cloak

Sorceress 185 Pts
Magic Level 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Dispel Scroll

23 Dark Elf Warriors 201 Pts, Shield Full Command, War Banner (Combat Unit for Lord and BSB)
23 Dark Elf Warriors, Shield; Full Command 176 Pts (Bunker for Sorceress)
5 Dark Riders, Rptr Crossbow Musician 117 Pts
5 Dark Riders Rptr Crossbow, Musician 117 Pts
5 Harpies 55 Pts
5 Harpies 55 Pts
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen, Shield 110 Pts
10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen, Shield 110 Pts
5 Shades GW 90 Pts
5 Shades GW 90 Pts
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower 200 Pts
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower 200 Pts

Casting Pool: 7
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 112
Total Army Cost: 2247

18-09-2008, 21:34

I love the background, which is a very important thing for any army in my opinion :D, I'm a bit dubious about how effective the army will actually be to play with but with 4 Bolt Throwers acting as a bit of a crutch it could be daunting for some.

18-09-2008, 21:42
Actually im a bit dubious also but i think it would be more fun playing with this army than the "standard" ones just for the challenge. Its not that different from my old army i had before i sold the whole army (CURSES! I Sold them believing that no new book would come for ages and then it just took a year for it to come out! The pain... ) and i managed to get a nice ammount of wins against most armies. Better than my greenskins anyway heh :P

18-09-2008, 22:15
Army seems ok, don't like however (actually hate) gear choices for both noble and dreadlord.
What i am the most curious about however is how are theses "standard DE armies" you speak of.

18-09-2008, 22:28
Yeah the gear sucks, it was all sold out so i couldnt go buy the immortal lord or strike first banner or such. I think there are other combos but i didnt look that hard this time. Was thinking of black amuleth, seems pretty fun.
Im mostly thinking of black guards, cold ones, black dragons and hydras bein used alot nowadays with some variants on the side. Wanted to try make an army without any of the special bling bling troops.

19-09-2008, 00:20
BattleStandard with Whip of Agony?

Sry mate I think there's an issue there, Battlestandards are not allowed other magic items then there Standards.

19-09-2008, 00:38
Good all rounder army but it will be better to swap 2 rbt for hydra. Against army with good warmachine/mage hunter such as Tomb King, Wood Elves, lizzardmen, and high elves, you will have quite a trouble if they act fast enough.

19-09-2008, 00:49
I think there's an issue there, Battlestandards are not allowed other magic items then there Standards.

They are not allowed magic items if they have a magic standard, by the looks of the list it's just a basic battle standard. :)

23-09-2008, 14:52
Hmm more warriors do like 3 or 4 units then it'll be like more dynamic...ur's is kinda similar to my army; I do like a pure Darkblade army so it's filled with warriors and crossbows but most importantly i have like big 15 man unit of Cold One Knights - my household knights hehe lead by Malus Darkblade himself of course; sometimes i use a Dread Lord with the Black Dragon egg so i'm like yeah he's possessed he has a breath weapon and t6 hehee. and an assassin, a scroll caddy, shades, dark riders and bolt throwers

23-10-2008, 02:16
Love the theme.

but I strongly miss the two lost assassins Haldan and Hargar in your spear men units.
I was sure thats where they where hidding themself from the wrath of the hag queen for spilling warm donkey milk on her instead of cauldron blood.
I am sure they would make wonders in the whirling melee.