View Full Version : The Celestial Lions?

Sir Phobos
19-09-2008, 04:23

I was just wondering what people thought that the Celestial Lions still had as far as troop make up seeing as they only have 96 marines? (Tactical Squads, Scout Squads, Terminator, Assualt, Devistator, and Veteran Squads) And what type of equipment they had left? (Rhinos, Bikes, Landspeeders, Dreadnoughts, Whirlwinds, Predators, and Landraiders)?

Also does it take SM to crew the rhinos and tanks? or are they done by serfs?


19-09-2008, 09:25
They are being crewed by Space Marines as all vehicles of the Space Marines are.

Sir Phobos
20-09-2008, 01:39
I probally should have put this in the abckground section could the mods please move it there?


20-09-2008, 11:09
According to their article on 40k Lexicanum, they had 96 marines left... just in time to be all wiped out to the last man by Ork forces ;) I'm thinking they were mainly Tactical Squads, but that's just a wild guess.

But I'm sure that in the current, 5th edition days, the Celestial Lions are no more. You can always either field a force of them from their time before the Third War for Armageddon, or go ahead and create your own full-force vanilla Chapter with Lion iconography and similar color... there's not that many people who knows about them by now anyway :)