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19-09-2008, 05:34
HEROS: 654
Scar-vet: Light armor, BSB, Glyph necklace, sword o' might, Itza, cold one- 185
Old-Blood: Light Armor, jag. charm, great weapon, maiming shield, sword of battle, arua of quetzl- 254
Priest- scroll caddy- 115
Priest- diadem of power- 100

18 saurus: Standard, musician- 234
10 skinks: javalins, scout- 70
10 skinks: blowpipes, scouts- 70
10 skinks: javelins- 60
10 skinks: javelins- 60

18 saurus- standard, musician, Tzunki- 244
4 kroxigors- ancient- 252
4 kroxigors- 232
4 terridons- 140

RARE: 484
18 Saurus- standard, musician, quetzl, huanchi- 289
3 Salamanders- 195

TOTAL: 2500
POWER DICE: 2 (-2 diadem)
DISPEL DICE: 6 (+2 diadem) + 2 scrolls

The idea is that the mounted BSB goes with the kroxigor unit with the ancient and they comprise the center of my line which will spear head my charge (13 str 7 attacks- when hitting basic troops- that hit on 4'2 and wound on 2's + 4 str 6 attacks that hit on 3's and wound on 2's should be around 8-10 total hits and about 6-7 dead with a banner should break many units on the charge) along with a standard saurus block.

Gabacho Mk.II
19-09-2008, 08:24
No true 'punch' units in the army. [kroxigor do not count, as you will have to carry out some brilliant maneuvering in order to have your krox charge into combat, while holding your enemy's attention with your saurus... against a newb, sure... against a seasoned opponent? Not on a 6X4 table]

While I would always prefer skinks in droves, you simple do not present enough of a threat with your lumbering army, as they struggle to march and get into combat, all the while they will be shot and magicked. Sorry, dont like this list too much.

I dont mean to be harsh here.

[in my opinion, this is an AoA (Armies of Arcana) army without any monsters to complete its 40% compliment] ;)

19-09-2008, 15:41
I disagree. You have enough magic defense to shut down to big spells, as long as you pay attention to your opponents magic, and you have three units that will take down enemy shooting (scouts, terridons, and JSoD). Saurus are always a threat and, while you aren't exactly scaring people off with your cloud of poisened darts, you should be able to fend off some fast cav with skinks and sallies. Five(!) hard hitting CC units will make even a vet player be careful. I myself swear by the movement phase, and play my 2250 with to big blocks of saurus, 3*2 kroxs, and 50 skinks. I'm able to get charges off very consistently with at least one of each of my sauri and krox, while my skinks, JSoD, and sallies wreak havok on the rest of the field. This seems similar, just with a little twist with the BSB.

;tldr: Go for it, then give us a battle report, and maybe I can help you with meanuevering advice.

19-09-2008, 18:32
You guys use 50 skinks!?! (Shock). I've gotten allot of heat from this sight for fielding 5 units of 10 of the little *uckers. 60 saurus to 50 skinks is a great combination.

Now Gabacho: What do you consider a "punch" unit? And why don't Kroxigors count? You have to carry out some brilliant maneuvering with all your units and your enemy has to do the same. This game is about maneuvering.

There is no struggle to march into combat and they aren't really lumbering either since 8 out of 11 units have movement 6 or better and 2 out of the remaining 3 can ignore certain terrain features movement penalties.

thisisntnotjt: yeah, I'll keep this army in mind next time I field my Lizards, next battle though me and a friend are trading armies and he's playing lizards and I'm playing his orcs. but this is definitely army I want to field.

Grom Hellscream
22-09-2008, 05:20
I'm his friend....

yes i can understand you worry about socialist loosing to shooting/magic armies. but I play orcs - and we don't play too many all comers lists (we gear to lizzies, orcs, TK, dwarves, scaven, empire, perspective brets).
regardless, his army has some strong punch, and there is not much i can do but go magic heavy (with orcs in 7th ed?!?!?!?) and chariot spam him. otherwise, we'll have a good fight.
I'll make sure we post a battle report - probably next week.

on second thought I could just ignore and avoid that spearhead and whoop those saurus butts while concieding the center... hard but do-able