View Full Version : skaven vs daemon tactics???

General Squeek Squeek
19-09-2008, 20:43
I'm setting up to play in a local tournament with my skaven army. Up till now I've only been playing a horde list with little to no shooting in it whatsoever. It's only been beaten a handful of times, and is competitive against even the new high elves and dark elves.

However the new daemons scare me a bit as to how I will go about facing them. Even with a flank charge it seems that I'll be spending the majority of the game tied up with a unit trying to kill it off assuming they don't have a support unit come tear me up from my flank. I could go heavy shooting but I absolutely despise SAD armies. Has any skaven player had luck with a non shooty army against the new daemons?

20-09-2008, 07:18
I've found the chessy daemons quite hard to face, without extensive magic or shooting to be honest. Especially versus nurgle/khorne combos it's hard to win the bomats even with checkerboard flank tactics.

I know you won't like them but...Ratling guns however useless against most armies, are wonderfully effective against daemons unless it's a tzeentch list. They don't get picked off as much, and the high number of str4 shots is perfect against the majority t3/4 troops. One or two won't mean you're SAD!

I've found a warlord/bsb/2 warlocks combo has worked best for me. The grey seer just doesn't pay back the points, plague isn't good against the nurgle troops, and daemons usually have lots of DD/MR for warp lightning.

The bloodthirster is extremely difficult to take down without jezzails, or combat on at least 2/3 sides. I'd advise being extremely defensive and try to tempt him with charges early in the game, flee and flank.

You'll need to get rid of flamers of tzeentch early on as they can devestate entire flanks, best to concentrate your warplightning here first of all.

All in all, you'll need lots of small throwaway units such as nightrunners to take the charges. And good luck, a victory against a cheesey daemon list with skaven is a very rewarding feeling!