View Full Version : Dwarf warmachines and killer units.

20-09-2008, 12:30
A friend told me about a guy who had made an insane killer unit to a dwarf army around a warmachine. The basic idea was to use the Gunner's Pride rule as the center piece. Add an engineer with upgrades, pimped our lord, BSB, master engineer, etc. The unit was said to have slaughtered great amounts of enemies though the gun itself was never used.

Would such a thing be even possible?

20-09-2008, 13:13
I suppose you could add all those characters to a Warmachine and trundle it down the table. If they're Stubborn on Ld10 as long as the Warmachine doesn't die, then they're not gonna run away to easily. But yeah, I'm not totally sure exactly what that kind of thing would do :/

20-09-2008, 18:49
Wouldn't the crew get slaughtered by any sort of shooting and then the characters would lose the gunners pride? 5 wounds counting the engineer, then 2 characters driven off by static CR?

20-09-2008, 19:04
well its 6 wounds really and most of the shots would hit the machine.

This just wouldnt work though; its really slow, has no static CR and is frankly a bit daft. Once (if) it makes contact all your opponent needs to do is kill the crew and stubborn vanishes.

Just take the same charcters and put them in a longbeard/hammerer/iron breaker block like normal people.

Danger Rat
20-09-2008, 20:12
that and it would be stubborn on a 9 not 10

20-09-2008, 20:46
Well, I had a talk with the guy again on the matter and got more into. For one, the unit had tons of CR (slap in some runes on there) and actually did perform extraordinary well. Sure, it's slow, but what isn't in a Dwarf list? I'm tempted to try it. Sure, shooty armies were a problem, but there's always the possibility of hiding behind other units until its time to get the lead out.

Gazak Blacktoof
20-09-2008, 22:53

Erm, war machine crews can't elect to charge. Avoid the unit (it also can't march) and kill everything else.

Worst eggs in one basket tactic I've ever heard of.

Lord Dan
21-09-2008, 00:54
Point denial was funny when I saw the first list. Now it's just getting kind of sad.

23-09-2008, 14:55
Not a keeper. You'd have to be playing someone with a deathwish. Kudos for thinking outside the box, but I can't see this working at all. Let us know if it does though...