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20-09-2008, 16:27
I play with one friend and we are still learning the game. We need a little clarity on rules. He plays dwarf so he gets a ton of dispel dice and it seems that from reading the rules, that he can use as many dice as he has collected up to that point in the game to dispel my magic. Since Im a level 2 shaman if i cast anything past the first turn ill get 3 dice and he can use like 15 or 16 dice to dispel it. It makes magic almost seem useless. Are we interpreting the rule correctly and my magic is worthless or are we missing something.

20-09-2008, 16:37
It is difficult to tell whether your interpretation is correct or not without hearing what it actually is.

However, dwarves get by default only 4 dispel dice + whatever extras they get for runesmiths/runelords/magic items.

Notice that the unused dispel (and power) dice are lost at the end of each magic phase - they cannot be normally stored for use in later turns.

20-09-2008, 16:43
The dispel dice go away at the end of each turn. He will generate new ones that he can use as he chooses, but he can't hold them in reserve for a later turn.

Of course, he is a dwarf player so your magic won't be all that effective anyway, but it'll be more like 4 dice versus five than four versus fifteen.

20-09-2008, 18:46
every army gets 2 dispel dice per enemy casting phase...

dwarf armies add 2 to that number 'cuz they are so anti magic...

so the dwarf army will have a pool of 4 dice every turn...

they then add in dispel dice from items, runesmiths/lords, etc etc...

so lets say you and your pal are playing a 2000 point game and he has taken a lord, 2 runesmiths and a thane...

this means he will get 6 dispel dice issued to him every time your casting phase rolls around...

he can then use those 6 dice however he wants during your casting phase... but once your casting phase is over for THAT TURN however many he has remaining from his 6 issued disappear into the winds of magic...

none carry over from turn to turn...

so on your turn 1 magic phase he will have 6 dispel dice to work with... your turn 1 magic phase ends and however many dispel dice he chose not to use to dispel your magic (be it 6 or zero) disappear into the ether...

then on your turn 2 magic phase he will have 6 fresh dispel dice to work with... the turn one dice, no matter how many he used, don't factor in...

then on your turn 3 magic phase he will have another 6 fresh dispel dice to work with... etc

make sense? :)

keep gaming, sooner or later this will all be old hat to you... but the best way to learn the rules is to play the game! :D

vinny t
20-09-2008, 19:25
You can't save dispel dice from turn to turn without a magic item.

20-09-2008, 23:52
Thanks guys you answered all of my questions. I appreciate it.

Lord Dan
21-09-2008, 00:47
You should also note that when he's attempting to dispel, if he rolls two 1's his dispel attempt fails (which is why simply hurling a fistful of dice to stop a spell is not such a great idea).