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20-09-2008, 19:58
So, I had a game against the Daemons today over at my LGS, using my Dwarves.

We decided to play a 2250-points game, using the ETC rules for army composition. I wanted to try out my experimental list:

Dwarven Defenses, 2250 points
Runelord, MR of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, rune of Might, rune of Fire, Rune of Striking, MR of Spite
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

10 Quarellers, Great Weapons
10 Quarellers, Great Weapons, Rangers
10 Thunderers, Shields
15 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command, Rune of Stoicism, ancestor rune
20 Warriors, Shields, Full Command

15 Ironbreakers, Full Command, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
10 Miners, Musician, Champion
Grudge Thrower, Engineer, Rune Of Accuracy, Rune of Reloading
Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

Flame Cannon

Daemonic Assailants, 2250 points

Bloodthirster, Obsidian Armour, Immortal Fury, Firestorm Blade
Herald of Tzeentch, Spellbreaker, Winged Horror, BSB
Herald of Tzeentch, Spellbreaker

10 Horrors of Tzeentch
10 Horrors of Tzeentch
10 Horrors of Tzeentch

6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
6 Seekers of Slaanesh, Full Command, Siren Standard

3 Fiends of Slaanesh
6 Flamers of Tzeentch, champion

Both lists are designed for all-comers matches, hence the 2 spellbreakers the heralds were carrying...

We set up terrain in a balanced way, avoiding the one-hill-per-side approach and setting a piece of difficult ground on one edge of the battlefield and a house (building, 2-story) with a fence on the side with no hill.

After rolling for deployment, I found myself deprived of the hill, as I lost the roll! Deployment went as seen on the image below and eventually I got the +1 for the first turn roll.

Both heralds got flickering flames (D6+1 SD6+1 hits, 18") and Gift of Chaos (D6 SD6 hits on all enemies within 12") as their spells.

Pre game thoughts:

I hadn't faced daemons before with the new army book, but from what I've read on the net, I figured I was facing a really hard list. I wasn't sure whether my list (which is a bit on the soft and fluffy side of life) had the right tools to deal with this daemonic invasion!
Due to limited deployment "drops", I had to deploy my warmachines without knowing where the Bloodthirster would go. Thus, I opted for a defensive formation, using the quarellers and warriors as flank guards and holding the centre with my elite units.
Magic didn't worry me too much, nor did the flamers, as I had 6 dispel dice and a toughness of 4 to handle most of it. It was the fast portion of the daemonic army that scared me; without doubt, by turn 2 they would be upon me...

Thankfully, I got the first turn, we shook hands and off we went!

Turn 1 - Dwarves


On the right flank, both the warriors and the slayers shuffled forwards, while the thunderers took the opportunity to enter the building in from of them, as they were already out of range. My center advanced at full speed, trying to draw early charges and get stuck in.

The shooting phase was intimidating, as all 3 of my guesses were spot on: The grudge thrower landed a rock in the middle of the fiends of slaanesh, the cannon sent a flaming cannonball through a couple of flesh hounds and the flame cannon set two more hounds from the other unit on fire. When the smoke cleared, ward saves and poor rolling meant that the fiends only suffered 2 wounds, the rightmost dogs came out pretty much unscathed (a single wound was caused) and the other unit lost one puppy to the gout of flames. The quarellers on the left performed extraordinarily, though, killing 3 mounted daemonettes!

Turn 1 - Daemons


Last turn, by entering the house, I had foolishly given my opponent the opportunity for a first-turn charge with his fiends, but the following flank charge set up by the warriors and the prospect of stand-and-shoot deterred him!

With no charges yet, the daemons quickly closed the distance and it was clear to see that next turn a lot of charges would be declared. The horrors paced forward to get into range for their magic tricks, while all the heavy stuff was upon me, including the bloodthirster, staring at the cannon!

Magic came and went, and poor dice rolling, in addition to succesful dispelling efforts, saw a single Ironbreaker dying from a single s3 flickering flame hit! (oh, the shame!)

Turn 2 - Dwarves

The miners turned up early on, and spreaded 8-wide in front of the flamers in order to protect the quarellers. In true Slayer Fashion, the 3 Dragon slayers positioned themselves in front of the flesh hounds, fiends of slaanesh and bloodthirster, respectively, hoping to die an honourable death (and buy my long range troops some time!) The ironbreakers set up a trap for the fleshhounds, should the slayer survive the combat, and the Longbeards surged forward, getting up close and personal with the other doggies.

Shooting began with high expectations this turn: The cannon shot a ball right through the fiends of slaanesh, its bounce hitting all of the Khorne Dogs! However, the fiends suffered only a couple of wounds and the dogs saved 4 hits with their ward saves and suffered a total of 2 casualties!
The stone thrower hit the other doggies with great accuracy (thanks to the rune of the same name) but the result was a single casualty...
The flame cannon decided to give the flamers a bit of their own medicine, and hit 3 of them with a lucky shot. Still, the daemons came out of the flames unscathed... Their god was truly protecting them!
The rest of the shooting accounted for the deaths of another seeker, a fiend, a horror and the rangers put a wound on the greater daemon of khorne, but his ward save ruined my day...

Turn 2 - Daemons

Right, it was charge time! The daemonettes charged my flame cannon, the hounds of khorne my lone slayer, the single fiend of slaanesh attempted to take over the house from the thunderers, the flamers chased the gyrocopter away (it fled right in front of a horror unit) and the Greater Daemon sharged the raving lunatic in front of him.
In a most un-khorny fashion, the other pack of dogs backed away from the longbeards, probably imitating their tzeentch couterparts, who tried to stay as far away from combat as possible!

In the magic phase the main attraction was "shoot the gyrocopter down". Still, only two wounds were suffered, but another 3 ironbreakers died in the process (I hate D6+1 S6 hits!)

The combat was swift and bloody: The bloothirster munched the slayer, overrun into the cannon, which fled in terror out of the field. The same fate awaited the other slayer, who, even though he was facing 4 attacks, managed to die screaming in rage. The 2 remaining seekers made short work of the flame cannon, but their pursue left them stranded inside of the forest (same thing happened with the doggie's overrun). On a more happy note, the thunderers repelled the fiend and even gave it a wound for its troubles!

Turn 3 - Dwarves

My only charge this turn was the last slayer charging the wounded fiend of slaanesh.The gyrocopter rallied and flew behind the flesh hounds to block their retreat and ensure that the longbeards reached them next turn. The latter moved to within 1" of the doggies. Ironbreakers carried on forward, trying to trap the flamers along with the miners.

This turn I decided to ignore the bloodthirster once more, since I had at least another turn before he could do any real harm. My stone thrower was once more unnervingly accurate, hitting 3 hounds with a large boulder. The hounds proceeded to make all of their saves, and there was much rejoice there...(booooo) The highlight of the turn was the quarellers scoring 5 hits against the flamers of tzeentch and killing 2 of them!!! (these guys are getting a promotion!) In other news, the thunderers tried to nullify the magic potential of the rightmost unit of horrors but were thwarted by that cursed 4+ ward save, merely tickling the abominations!

In combat, the slayer performed spectacularly well, killing the fiend with a flurry of blows (my opponent not making these 5+ ward saves helped as well!)

Turn 3 - Daemons

The doggies of khorne charged the longbeards at last and the rest of the army shuffled, reformed and got ready to charge the stunties next turn.

Magic was quite painful, seeing 2 successful castings of flickering flames. After a series of good rolls, 7 ironbreakers were left in the unit. To add to the insult, the dwarven "creme de la creme" failed their panic check on an 11 and fled, only running 2 inches though! In the subsequent shooting phase the flamers grilled another dwarf in an attempt to get them below 25%.

Combat was a bit better for the dwarves, who only suffered two wounds from the charging hounds, dealt one in return and won the combat. The break test saw another dog die, leaving 2 in combat with the longbeards.

Dwarves - Turn 4

The ironbreakers rallied, and reformed 7-wide, the quarellers changed formation and then faced the seekers of slaanesh, while the warriors whistled indifferently and tried to evade the 'Thirster. Finally, the miners closed in on the flamers, with the hope of finishing what the quarellers had started.

Shooting was sub-par this turn, the stone thrower signing its death sentence as it scattered away from the flesh hounds about to charge it. The thunderers proved that even bloodthirsters bleed, putting a wound to the beast! My gyro rounded off the shooting phase by incinerating a couple of horrors with its steam gun.

In the only combat available, the two sides fought to a stalemate; the dwarves were quickly losing their numbers, and the future seemed bleak.

Turn 4 - Daemons

Some inevitable charges happened this turn: The Bloodthirster flanked my longbeards, the seekers charged the quarellers and the stone thrower crew waved us goodbye as 4 angry deamonic hounds ran towards it.
The flamers elected to stay put, in order to shoot at the ironbreakers without any penalty modifiers. The rest of the tzeentch force didn't seem to notice what was goin on, save for the BSB's unit, which turned around to finish off the gyrocopter.

In the magic phase the gyrocopter, after enduring a hail of flaming shots, finally crashed to the ground.

Shooting was uneventful, the Ironbreaker's armour proving too much for the flamer bolts. (these were the first adequate saving throws these chaps made today!)

In combat, the longbeard champion bravely sacrificed himself in the challenge for the full 5 overkill, giving his mates the chance to kill another hound, leaving a single, wounded dog standing. When the time came to roll for the break test, I remembered the Ancestor Rune I had bought for the unit, and was lucky enough to roll that 4+. Easily passing their stubborn break test, the melee carried on.
The seekers fluffed their to hit rolls, but their faithful steeds felled two stunties. Enraged, the remaining two quarellers in BtB heaved their great axes and chopped the champion's head off. The lone daemonette standard bearer passed her breaking test, though.
No need to describe the effect 8 WS5 S5 attacks had on my grudge thrower crew, right? Predictably, the hounds ,made short work of the crew and then destroyed the warmachine, electing not to overrun.

Turn 5 - Dwarves

Quite a few charges this turn: The slayer challenged the bloodthirster, whereas the ironbreakers and miners charged the flamers. They elected to stand and shoot against the miners, killing three of them (they turned out to be out of range anyway). The general's retinue smashed upon the daemons, at last!

Only the thunderers were unengaged and capable of shooting something, and did an exemplary work of depleting the BSB's horrors below half strength, leaving only 4 of them standing.

Many combats this turn: The quarellers proved their Great Weapon's worth by killing the final daemonette and capturing the unit's standard as well.
The Runelord and ironbreakers made short work of the flamers, popped them via Combat Resolution and overrun into the leftmost horrors with herald!
In the longbeard combat, the survivors finished off the last flesh hound, then the slayer proceeded to hit twice with his slayer axes, only to roll snake eyes for the to-wound-roll. Needless to say, he was slaughtered in return! Needing a 5 or less to stay in combat, I rolled a dissappointing "6", turned tail,ran and was cut down. Nice.

Turn 5 - Daemons

Last turn's massacre had given the bloodthirster a handy pursuit move, landing him exactly where he was needed to be; he declared a charge against the ironbreakers and hit their flank. The combat was turning from a win in my favour to a texas chainsaw massacre! Nothing else of interest happened, save for the hounds backtracking towards the now unengaged quarellers.

Magic was uneventful, as I dispelled the gift of chaos tice and the magic missiles had no targets.

Due to a careful (lucky, some may say) maneuver when reforming after rallying a few turns back, the only model in base to base contact with the Greater Daemon was my runelord, full with 4+ ward and re-rollable 1+ save!!
Neither opponent challenged, so the thirster directed all his attacks towards the runelord, causing 6 wounds! They were all saved with ease, and the runelord then - realizing that his weapon would be of no use due to the obsidian armour - put a wound to the tzeentch herald who was passing by. Another 2 horrors were killed and a lucky wound from the daemons resulted in one dead ironbreaker! Still, the dwarves won the combat by one, and the subsequent break tests saw the bloodthirster suffering a wound!

TURN 6 - Dwarves
Apart from the big combat, my turn 6 involved avoiding the flesh hounds with my quarellers and securing a table quarter with my warriors (who spent all the match picking daisies and playing dodgeball). After all, a movement of 6" can get only you this far...

This time, the bloodthirster didn't forget to issue a challenge, saving theherald from certain death. Another 6 succesful wounds resulted in a failed save from the runelord, whose attacks didn't even chink the beast's armour. However, the ironbreaker remnants made up for this by killing another horror and winning combat by one once more. The presence of the BSB nearby (he had flown out of the depleted unit and into a fresh one earlier) helped turn a roll of 10 for the bloodthirster into a more favourable roll of 5!

Turn 6- Daemons
Closing turn, and not much to do, is there?

That's what I though as well, until the magic phase started:
A measly unit of horrors targetted my fresh unit of warriors with flickering flames, producing an irresistible force casting! To add to the insult, the magic missile dealt 7 strength 7 hits, killing 6 dwarves!
Then came the time of the BSB, who rolled another 2 dice at flickering flames, getting an irresistble force as well! This time it was 4 Strength 7 hits, which resulted in the death of 3 more warriors, leaving them just above half strength status! Thankfully, they passed their panic check and stayed put...

In the final round of close combat, two more horrors were killed, and the bloodthirster avenged them by dealing 7 wounds to the runelord! I saved 3 with my rerollable armour save, then rolled the remaining 4....
...3 saves! The runelord lives! Once more I won combat, but the pesky re-rolls ensured that neither the Greater Daemon nor his lesser minions dissappeared in the Warp.

And with that, the game was concluded!

Dwarves: 1289
Daemons: 1328


Post-game thoughts:

Well, that went better than I had envisaged!
The game could have gone either way, and dice weren't too kind with any of us at times! Still, I'm really satisfied that my army (Which, presumably, is weak/ non-competitive) could take on a greater daemon.

-The quarellers, who held and destroyed the seekers of slaanesh with their great weapons, having killed a couple of flamers and the first 4 seekers with their ranged attacks!
-The runelord, truly a beast in combat! He suffered 19 wounds in 3 rounds of combat with the bloodthirster, lived to tell the tale and, if it weren't for the obsidian armour, he could have tackled the greater daemon as well!!
-The Daemonic ward Save; I had such great luck with my guesses and still the daemons barely felt it! I miss the good ol' days when daemonic aura was cancelled by magical attacks!
-The Flickering Flames: It's so easy to cast, but you can't let it through, out of sheer fear of suffering several s7 attacks! Even Ironbreakers can't withstand this!
-The Daemonic BSB: The daemonic rule makes units terribly hard to shift. When a re-roll is added to the mix, it gets really frustrating.

On a side note, I think that I could have deployed my army slightly better, seeing as both the ranges and the warriors hardly did anything during the game. Maybe I should try a more compact deployment next time...
Still, it was my wide frontage that prevented the bloodthirster from overruning combat after combat!

Hope you liked the report!

Until next time,


20-09-2008, 20:26
I enjoyed it, good job.

Quite some mishaps in both the rules and the pictures, though. =O

But no big deal, you are good at telling things and the report is written well in my opinion.

21-09-2008, 00:22
Excellent report. Tell me, what did you use for the pictures.

The quarellers proved their Great Weapon's worth by killing the final daemonette and capturing the unit's standard as well.

Just like to point out that unless there's some special Daemon rule I haven't heard about, you only capture a unit's standard when you break it in combat, and so you didn't capture the standard by killing them all.

21-09-2008, 05:09
Third paragraph of Capturing Standards states that you get one if you destroy an enemy unit in close combat also.

21-09-2008, 16:28
good report, I really enjoyed it. Could you post some pictures if at all possible as I feelthis brings the game to life for the reader.

22-09-2008, 12:52
Very well written batrep and greatly played against a Daemon army which certainly belongs to the meanest of the mean! I think I will be crying if I see yet another DC list with minimum core horrors, a greater demon and several flamers and flesh hounds. But more important it sound like a close and fun game (the closer the more interesting). Your opponent also did his job quite well though I don't understand why he let you charge his flamers.

22-09-2008, 14:47
Great Battle Report! Two armies near and dear to my heart...very happy to see such a close hard-fought battle! I really liked your maps, made things very easy to follow! Thanks!!

22-09-2008, 22:36
Nice report! Good to see the dwarfs holding up to the daemons fairly well without having to go uber competitive. Nicely written and very entertaining- well done.

23-09-2008, 09:41
Thank you, everyone, for the feedback! It's much appreciated!

OldMaster: I can understand the mishaps as far as the pictures are concerned, bu what about the rules? We've been playing Warhammer for years and I'm certain that we've got the majority (if not all) of the rules right...

GodlessM: The program used was a user-made application I found over at Warhammer-empire. Here's the link: http://heraldsoftethys.com/fantasy/resources/battlereport.zip
As for the banner issue, alextroy has covered the issue!

ryszard: Pictures are in order for the next battle report. My dwarves are almost 100% painted, but the daemons were bare metal models. (as the army is new) I'll be looking at playing another game this week-end which I'll take pictures of.

Asfaloth: Thank you for the kind words! The daemon list is hard, but the guy playing it is great and really easy-going and we always have fun playing. As for the flamers, he wanted to wipe out the Ironbreakers, and figured that without the -1 for moving penalty, he had better chances. Either way, I had placed my miners in such a way that it would have been really difficult to evade both units.

Silverstu: Thank you! What pleases me most is that it's the same dwarves that got painted for last year's ToFP! I liked the way the list performed, and it really gives me the opportunity to play with some of the least used elements of the dwarven army list in a "competitive" way.

whitemagikmarker: Both me and my opponent have been playing warhammer possibly before you were born, so I believe that when it comes to chosing what game to play, we've got dibs on Warhammer. ;)
As for your remarks concerning the lists, have you bothered to read the whole report? I pointed out early on that both lists are all-comers, in the same way they would be if we were paired in a tournament. Hence, the 2 dispel scrolls! Dragon slayers, besides being one of my favorite concepts of the Dwarven race, have many positive attributes when used solo, namely protecting warmachines, redirecting and delaying enemies, even tarpitting weaker foes.

Once again, keep the comments coming, they make the effort worthwhile!

23-09-2008, 09:52
This would have been one of those battles where I might have decided for another 2 turns. So much still alive and undecided outcome...

Anyway, good battle!

23-09-2008, 16:12
I really enjoyed reading this thanks. Interesting to see a Dwarf list with not one but three slayer heroes. It seems your lord was your best bet against the bloodthirster, shame you couldn't have got the two in combat earlier on. It's a little boring I know but do you think you spread your army out a bit too much? You can sort of deny a flying monster's ability to outmanoeuvre you if you bunch up and don't give him space to land.

Are whitemagikmarker's comments acceptable on this forum? They don't seem to be anything but malicious...

23-09-2008, 17:44
Braad: This is true, too much unfinished business on the battlefield! I believe that it would have been up to the Runelord's ability to roll saves against the Bloodthirster, had the battle carried on.

Superduperkoopatrooper: To be honest, I don't like using castle formation; even with a tight formation I believe that I would have given the Bloodthirster a chance to coordinate his attacks with other nasties. As it turned out, he wasn't able to deal any real damage up until turn 4, when he broke the longbeards.
I figured that by deploying wide I'd have better chances of keeping the beast occupied and denying him any juicy overruns.

You are correct concerning the Runelord's role. Had I any foresight on where the Greater daemon would be deployed, I would have deployed him as close as possible. If only he had been inside the Longbeards...

Finally, the 3 slayers are an experiment of mine, and one I would like to try against other foes as well. They can perform a multitude of battle roles, and are dead cheap! My only problem is the lack of a BSB in the list (I would have been much more calm when rolling break tests had there been one...)

24-09-2008, 22:07
Fantastic Battle rep. Great to see a top daemon list get a run for it's money. I play hard daemon lists and I wish there was more competition out there for them

24-09-2008, 23:54
Well, for every jerk out there who only plays to win and talks down to other players, I find that there are a dozen who just play to have fun. In the end it all works out.

29-09-2008, 06:19
Nice battle report! Really cool with the three lone dragon slayers. I will have to try that out some day.
One question: How come you schose to use a runelord as a fighty character? I dont have the book with me here, but arent the Lord's stats better and cheaper?

Again thanks for a great report

29-09-2008, 13:51
On that note, if you just took the runelord for the dispel dice it is cheaper and better just to take a runesmith with staff of sneaky stealing... er... rune of balance.

29-09-2008, 16:19
Thats one thing, but you said you wanted him to fight the bloodthirster. Then isnt a normal Lord better stats/points-wise? Why did you choose the Runelord as your general? So you can get DD and pretty fighty at the same time? Something like that?

30-09-2008, 16:36
Thanks for the battle report.

Dwarves vs Daemons is the one battle I have yet to observe and I'm pleased it ended in a draw.

Lucky Runelord - a total of 6 or is it 9 successful saves!!

I'm more of a Bolthrower with runes fan when it comes to Dwarven warmachines - easier to decide targets and certainly unpopular with Large ones.

01-10-2008, 19:25
Sorry for the late reply, guys!

On the Runelord subject, the choice can't be explained purely with gaming terms. My reasons for taking the runelord over the combination of Lord & runesmith:

-background issues, I fancy the story of a grumpy old runesmith defending his mountain stronghold/forge without the omnipresent anvil of doom!
-No one does it, so I figured it would be fun and innovative.
-The total of 6 dispel dice gives me a solid dispel pool, considering that in the ETC environment, the most magic you'll face will be 9 power dice.
-I couldn't choose a Lord and runesmith, as I needed the 3 character slots for the Dragon Slayers (I just love the chaps!)
-I wanted a character to deal with Monsters and powerful combat Lords. To me, it's more about neutralizing the enemy via impenetrable saves, then wearing them out with my 2 attacks. The Ironbreaker unit is a defensive bunker, soaking up damage and winning via combat resolution.

All in all, he is as defensive as the most defensive dwarf lord*, offers 2 dispel dice and it's a chance to prove that you don't need to follow popular choices in order to have an army which performs fairly well.

*Most characters will hit him on 4's, wound on whatever (usually 3's) and then their attacks will have to pierce the following saves: 1+, 1+, 4+(ward)

DeathlessDraich: The choice of warmachines is another point where I wanted to deviate from popular choices, hence the flame cannon and stone thrower. Bolt Throwers are golden, but they aren't what I wanted for this list.

p.s. The Runelord isn't lucky, he's always well prepared! (surviving a bloodthirster challenge will go on his record permanently, though! :p )

I'll be probably getting a game or two during the weekend, so expect the return of the short brigade! This time I'll try to get in touch with the gaming club's resident Vampire Counts player, and boy is he a hard nut to crack!

02-10-2008, 03:34
I get it now :) You can make the Runelord a bunker and still have runepoints left over for some offense, and you dont have to buy another runesmith for magic protection.
I think i will try it too some day, I too dont like the same old same old all the time.

EDIT: Cant wait for your other battlereports!

04-10-2008, 19:38
excellent BR, like your maps with the templates

05-10-2008, 05:41
Looking forward to reading more battle reports from you mate- nice interesting list and nice to hear your ToP guys getting some tabletop action.

13-11-2008, 11:54
maybe it is for the extra points when it comes to rune items.and personally I think that the rune lord is solid.

14-11-2008, 19:18
I am enjoying your batreps very much. I like that you take units that are not popular, and yett seem to do very well with them. Keep up the good work.