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21-09-2008, 03:15
Vampire Lord (415)
-Additional Magic Level
-Master of Black Art
-Lord of Dead
-Dark Acolyte
-Flayed Hauberk
-Lycni Talisman
-Helm of Command
Necromancer on Corpse Cart (105)
-2 Dispel Scrolls
Vampire (170)
-Dark Acolyte
-Lord of Dead
-Noirot Scepter
Necromancer (105)
-Extra Spell
-Book of Arkhan

-25 Skeleton Warriors with musician, champion (212)
-25 Skeleton Warriors with full command and warbanner (245)
-20 Ghouls (160)
-5 Dire Wolves (40)
-Corpse Cart with Lodestode (100)

-24 Grave Guard with full command (343)

-2 Varghulfs (175 each)

How does this list look? The strategy I was envisioning involved my Skeletons being CR/tarpit units that could be kept up by the heavy magic casting of my characters. Varghul and guards will provide CC power while whatever power dice not used on Skeletons do additional damage with raised Zombies/spells. Dire Wolves make themselves annoying.

Lord Dan
21-09-2008, 04:55
You can't have two warbanners.

I highly suggest a ward save for your lord.

Both your lord and your vampire have Lord of the Dead. Why start out the game with so many skeletons when you could easily just raise them up?