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22-09-2008, 14:30
A mighty force of Daemons had been rampaging through the borderland between Brettonia and The Empire for months. They stumbled upon an army of Beasts, and fell upon them without hesitation...Skulls for the Skull Throne!

The Daemons included a large Khorne contigent, led by a Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut leading his personal entourage of 16 Bloodletters and also including two units of 5 Fleshhounds. Tzeentch was represented by one of his heralds carrying this army’s battle standard, flying on a flaming chariot; 6 Flamers hopped about, alongside a unit 18 gibbering Pink Horrors. Slaanesh also sent a large force, including a Herald of Slaanesh leading a large unit of 15 Daemonettes; and The Masque was drawn to the battle to dance her way through the death and destruction!

The Beast army was lead by a mighty Doombull, with his personal bodyguard of 5 Minotaurs. Two Wargors and a Brayshaman led a large beastherd. 4 vile Trolls, 4 stinky Ogres, and a bestial chariot drawn by mighty tuskgor battle pigs followed the Doombull. Adding significantly to the force was a mighty Mutant Giant, and the real power-house of the force was a terrifying Dragon Ogre Shaggoth!

The battlefield terrain was determined using a random method (the chart I got at the GW store in CA), giving us a densely wooded battlefield with a farmstead on the east side of the Beast’s deployment, and some rocky standing-stones right in the middle of the table. The only clear area was on the extreme west end, which is where most of the fighting took place.

The Beasts went first, making measured moves forward to avoid being charged by the Daemons. The Giant was on the extreme east end of their line, moving through the farm village. The Ogres moved slowly up the middle through the standing stones. The beastherd with the shaman and wargors came through the woods in the mid-west of the battlefield, and the open area at the west saw the Trolls, the Minotaur stampede, and the Shaggoth advance. The brayshaman had rolled the spell Bear’s Anger, but the powerful daemonic magical energy never allowed the spell to be cast.

The Daemons surged forward…on the extreme west end a unit of Fleshhounds rushed forward within a few inches of the Shaggoth and Minotaur unit. The bloodletters with Khorne’s Herald marched towards the minotaurs and trolls, while the Daemonettes advanced right towards the beastherd and trolls. Flamers hopped and bounced in to some woods to the east of the Daemonettes, while the horrors inchedforward to unleash their magics on the ogres with a unit of Fleshhounds protecting them. Tzeentch’s herald moved to the west, behind the bloodletters. The Furies flew towards the standing stones, hoping to slow down the Beastly advance. Daemonic magic did a wound to the Ogres, and made the Doombull Stupid, but the spell they really needed to cast, Wolf’s Hunt, failed to go off…leaving the fleshhounds on the west flank hopelessly exposed to a charge!

Seeing opportunity for a decisive win in front of them, the doombull and his minotaurs along with the shaggoth charged the fleshhounds. The Trolls and Beastherd charged the daemonettes. The Ogres and Giant edged closer to the Horrors on the east end of the Daemonic battleline. The Chariot was able to skirt the rocky stones and hit the furies, killing them all with impact hits! The fleshhounds lost three of their number, the remaining two managed to kill a minotaur. The Slaanesh herald issued a challenge, which was accepted by a wargor with a powerful 4+ ward save. The daemonettes enjoyed the ability to strike first granted by their Herald, which allowed the herald to deal a wound to the wargor while taking none. Two daemonettes were only able to strike trolls, and their regeneration made them impervious to attack. The other two in the front rank were only able to attack the wargor battle standard bearer, and were lucky enough to cut him down! The trolls and beastherd killed a fair number of daemonettes, but their magic banner made them stubborn on their first break test, so they held taking no more wounds.

The Bloodletters and Herald charged in to the trolls. The Masque moved in between the ogres and the woods the beastherd had come out of. She used her dance to reduce the Chariot’s movement to M5, hoping to keep the chariot at arm’s length for another turn. The Tzeentch Herald moved behind the trolls, hoping to cut down any that fled from the charge of the Khornate forces. Daemonic magic was completely ineffective. The flamers hurled fire at the Giant, wounding him slightly. Khorne’s forces were unable to dent the trolls, and more daemonettes were cut down, but not before the second Wargor was cut to ribbons by the Slaanesh Herald. Bloodletters and Daemonettes were lost to the warp as the power holding them was weakened. The last fleshhounds were beaten in to pulp by the shaggoth after they wounded another minotaur.

Turn three, and everything was going the Beast’s way…but chaos is fickle. The Minotaurs charged in to the bloodletters, while the Shaggoth moved to flank the daemon line. The Ogres finally got clear of the stones, while the chariot and giant joined, ready to roll up the right flank of the Daemons. The doombull and minotaurs were thwarted by the bloodletter’s martial prowess, killing only a few, while the Khorne herald’s armor allowed him to weather the storm only taking one wound. The Daemonettes and Slaanesh herald cut down a large number of beastmen, while the bloodletters and khorne herald cut down two more minotaurs. When the blood and dice settled, the daemons had won combat by a fair margin! The Minotaurs with doombull failed to run, but the beastherd fled in to the woods, and the trolls fled in to the waiting tzeentch herald, who cut them all down!

The Daemons sense the shift in the winds of magic, and sprang in to action. The remaining fleshhounds charged the Ogres, along with The Masque. The Daemonettes moved in to the woods chasing the Beastherd. The Tzeentch Herald moved behind the Doombull, ready to catch him in pursuit too. Tzeentch was pleased, and the Horrors flickering fire was cast with Irresistable Force, doing seven strength seven hits to the chariot, destroying it in a flash of prettily colored magical light! The Flamers hurled more fire at the Giant, leaving him with a single wound left. The fleshhounds and the Masque beat up the Ogres, and though they killed a fleshhound, they knew they were outmatched and the survivors fled back through the standing stones they’d just so laborously come through. The fleshhounds were slow in their pursuit, but The Masque cut them all down as they ran. The Khorne Herald and Bloodletters killed enough minotaurs to force them to run, where the flying chariot was waiting to cut down all the minotaurs and the Doombull!

Turn four, and things had reversed mightily! The Shaggoth tried to salvage something by charging the rear of the Bloodletters. The Giant charged the rear of the Fleshhounds. The Beastherd rallied and took position in the trees. The Shaggoth cut huge swaths through the bloodletters, but the powers of the warp were strong, and they refused to crumble. The Giant picked up a fleshhound and hurled it at The Masque! She lithely moved to avoid being wounded by the recently living projectile, but the fleshhound was destroyed. The remaing hounds pulled the giant down, but he fell right on top of them, killing three more hounds as he fell to the earth!

In the remaining turns, the remnants of the beastherd attacked The Masque and the remaining Fleshhound, while the daemonettes laboured through the forest to come upon their flank. The Masque danced marvelous conterpoint to the fleshhound’s unrivaled ferocity, and the two of them cut down the reamaining beasts over the next two turns. The Shaggoth slogged his way through the bloodletters, eventually killing all of them including the Herald on the final turn.

When we added up the points, it was 1700 points for the Daemons, and 1000 points for the Beasts! A Solid Victory for the Daemons!

A VERY fun battle with a lot of dice-rolling Ordo Ineptus style…I remember rolling six dice one time, getting four 1s and two 2s! Of course, there was the magic phase of turn 3 where I rolled four 6s in a row! :O At the start of turn 3 I was convinced the daemons were going to be defeated, but somehow things shifted completely the other way! Blowing up the Chariot, breaking the trolls & minotaurs and destroying them by crossfire…those were things the Beasts could not recover from.

23-09-2008, 04:00
Refreshing to read a battle report like this. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

I was hoping that the deamons would lose though, but just to stick it to the 'deamon are too powerful crowd'.

23-09-2008, 15:25
After two turns, thanks to some decidedly inept deployment and a ghastly gamble on getting Wolf's Hunt off, I thought the Daemons were going down.

But luckily I'd sacrificed a goat to Tzeentch before the battle, earning his favor and getting the dice I needed at the critical moment. :)

Refreshing to read a battle report like this. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

I was hoping that the deamons would lose though, but just to stick it to the 'deamon are too powerful crowd'.

23-09-2008, 20:20
nice writeup, and a fun battle it seems, always fun when it turns around like that. Even though I was rooting for the beasts, they didn't loose to the "entire army runs away syndrome" my beasts are suffering from

24-09-2008, 04:26
I was rooting for the beasts as well, but it was not to be. Nice report though.

24-09-2008, 08:59
So everyone was for the underdogs (undergoats?). Nicely written batrep, anyway.

Dark Patron
29-09-2008, 01:03
Nice Battle Report. Very well written.

23-10-2008, 04:35
but the beastherd fled in to the woods, and the trolls fled in to the waiting tzeentch herald, who cut them all down!

Since the herald was not Unit strength 5, I don't believe he could have killed your trolls.

23-10-2008, 09:58
The chariot is US4, but with the addition of the character I think it takes it above the magical US5.

30-10-2008, 03:40
Zak got it...chariot with a character is US5.