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22-09-2008, 17:38

A friend of mine plays empire. We are interested in an alternative model to the currently supported GW war later. Does anyone know of one made by a 3rd party?


22-09-2008, 22:35
Medieval vehicles are a rare sight in miniature ranges.
At the moment, I have only one alternative that is also difficult to get:
The Dogs of War Midias treasure chest wagon (giving a nice theme to your army!).

25-09-2008, 17:49
Heavly converting any chariot, or maybe the corpse cart... Hey... That would work for my Morr themed empire army!

26-09-2008, 23:53
For a heavy-duty pope-mobile, you could try converting the old Empire War Wagon.

Alternatively, there are various wagon models that could work as a basis:



27-09-2008, 07:09
what, you are telling us you don't just adore the volkmar model? :p

my arch lector straddles a chaos beastman chariot body being drawn by two 4th edition chaos knight horses... his altar is festooned with skulls, banners, weapons and shields from all ranges... the jade griffin is a cut bit from the empire general set and he has the monkey from the gunner sprue holding his speculum until he needs it...

basically dip your hand in your bits box and go nuts... if you don't have a bits box (bad doggie! :)) think up what you're after and head down to your local game store... with a few rough sketches and dialogue folks there will be more than thrilled to assist you in finding whatever odd like model piece you need...

rock the empire