View Full Version : Tomb kings skeletons

22-09-2008, 21:44
i am starting a tomb kings army

but not sure how to arm my skeletons

i have 2 units of 10 archers and one unit of 20 warriors.

should i give the warrior unit hand weapons or spears?

22-09-2008, 22:02
Hand weapon and shield. With one attack each at WS 2 and S3, they're not going to kill much. Skeleton warriors don't win by slaughtering the enemy, they win through static combat resolution. Hand weapon and shield will give you a better save, which will preserve your full rank bonus and outnumbering (really important when you cause fear) for longer.

Also, consider boosting that skeleton block to 25 models.

22-09-2008, 22:05
Best bet: Hand weapons, shields, and light armour. I would love to be proven wrong but I just don't see when I'd use spears over the better armour save. All in all, Skeletons are so horribly bad fighters, they're not going to win anything on their own. Their use in the army is to hold stuff in place and provide bulk, which they do better with the better armour save option.

It's important to remember that you still retain the option of fighting with hand weapons for a better save if you need to, though. So you're not giving anything up, just giving them another option.

Ed.: As for increasing their size to 25, I think it's a luxury. If you have points to burn after setting up the list (which you won't with the Kings), you can do it for some redundancy, but there really is very little point. Here's why: Skeletons are some of the worst fighters in the game. They're good for providing command, rank bonus, and unit strength to a combat. The first I won't talk about because it's not relevant to the discussion. As for rank bonus, you'll get full rank bonus with 20 Skeletons. Normally, people will field their light infantry with an extra rank to spare, but this isn't nessecary with the Kings, because you can simply raise back any losses you have, if you absolutely feel you need every single CR you can get. In a "normal" army, you'll of course always want every single CR you can get, to make a potential break test harder to pass for the enemy, but with Tomb Kings this isn't really as vital; you either win and (probably) break the enemy on Fear anyway, or (if you lose) you don't take a break test, you just lose one more worthless Skeleton more. So, the only thing the CR is good for is to decide if you win or lose (and not degrees of winning or losing, as would be the case with a non-undead army), and you can get that CR by raising back any casualties you've suffered for a full rank bonus.

"But what about outnumber? Surely that's a point of CR worth striving for?". Yes, but you'll get that with the unit that supports the Skeleton unit. I cannot remember, in all my battles with the Tomb Kings, ever seeing a unit of Skeletons win a fight on their own against anything with a rank bonus. Sure, I've seen cavalry fluff their attacks and lose, similar stuff. But that's all in situations where I'd get the outnumber anyway, be they 20 or 25. To win with a unit of Skeletons, you need the Skeletons to provide the banner, the ranks, and a fair deal of the bulk. However, something needs to do the damage to tilt the combat in your favour, be it Horsemen, Chariots, Ushabti, or whatever. And once you combine the unit strength of the 20 Skeletons, plus whatever else is in the combat, you'll get that outnumber.