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Time of Madness
23-09-2008, 02:35
Basically decided to create the toughest bretonnian army I could without taking the Royal airforce. This army is fast, well armoured and packs a huge punch in combat.


- Lance/Shield
- Birth Sword of Carcassonne
- Tress of Isoulde
- Virtue of Joust
= 220pts

- Sword of Might
- Gromril Helm
= 124pts

- Grail Vow
- Lance/Shield
- Falcon Horn of Fredemund
= 146pts

- Level 1
- Barded Warhorse
- 2 dispel scrolls
= 134pts

- Level 1
- Barded Warhorse
- Silver Mirror
= 124pts


7 Knights of the Realm
- Full Command
- Warbanner
*Lord and damsel*
= 217pts

7 Knights of the Realm
- Full Command
*BSB and damsel*
= 192pts

6 Errant Knights
- Full command
- Errantry Banner
= 161pts


5 Mounted Yeomen
- Musician and shields
= 87pts

5 Mounted Yeomen
- Musician and shields
= 87pts

4 Pegasus Knights
- Musician and champ
= 230pts


5 Grail Knights
- Full command
- Valorous Standard
*Paladin here*
= 270pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1992pts

The characters for this army are rock hard and all fulfill a role. The general and bsb add ld/combat res and the ability to take out things with their magic weapons. The 2 damsels provide my army with some much needed magical protection. The extra paladin is used to ground my opponents annoying star dragons etc and provide my army with even more magical attacks.

Basically I have 4 blocks of knights with 2 baiters/re-directors and a unit to chase down war machines. The biggest decision when putting together this army was taking the unit of grail knights. With all the VC/daemon armies kicking around lately the expensive grail knights found a place in my list. For the price of the unit I could however probally squeeze two more blocks of knights into my list.

Any opinions on changes?
Time of Madness

Time of Madness
24-09-2008, 00:59
Hate to bump, but I'm in need of some comments. Any potential changes I should look at making?
Time of Madness

24-09-2008, 01:40
IMHO, Brettionians have very powerful Infantry. If you want a powerful non RAF list, I would suggest dropping the Errent Knights, a Damsel, and a Paladin for 2 x 25 Men at Arms, and a few units of bowmen.

Bretonnian Lord
24-09-2008, 02:07

Virtue of the Joust seems like a waste on the Lord since he's only using a mundane lance imo... plus with Tress of Isoulde, he's hitting on a 2+ for one round anyways. Birth Sword of Carcassonne is an alright weapon but it's really only useful after the charge... and a good Bretonnian charge should always shatter the enemy in one turn! Imo, swap out the Lord's weapon set for items that do a ton of damage on the charge to rack up combat resolution and break the enemy (Lance, Virtue of Knightly Temper, Cuirass of Fortune). If you want a character killer, (Virtue of the Joust + Lance of Artois) is cheap and effective or slap on Tress of Isoulde to the previous combo for a dual-threat lord.

Paladin BSB is good. Nice survivability and hitting power.

The Paladin is also good, the Falcon Horn can be deadly against certain army lists, but is useless against others. It's a risk to consider. Also, you've got 5 characters in 2k points, which is a hefty chunk of points.

Damsels are fine, although I'd drop the Silver Mirror for 2 more dispel scrolls and drop the barding on the horses (since the Damsels will be protected in knight units anyways). Also, consider putting a Damsel with the Grail Knights to provide magic defense (they will be targeted quite a lot by enemy wizards).

Consider dropping the Grail Paladin or one of the Damsels to free up points. Grail Knights can look after themselves and with such a high movement rate, you should be engaging the enemy in CC before they get too many magic spells.

Core and Special:

The knights look good, although 2 characters in a unit runs the risk of putting too many eggs in one basket. Maybe drop a Yeoman unit and a character to get another solid unit of Knights of the Realm?


Drop the Valorous Standard. Grail Knights don't need it. Also, consider swapping the Paladin's spot with a Damsel, as I've said before.

Overall, I think the list is too character heavy, which is eating away points from the blocks of knights that should make up the bulk of an all knight list. Drop a Paladin or Damsel (maybe even both?) and get more knights! The characters are there to assist and add points to the combat resolution, but the knights are what wins the game at the end of the day (most of the time :))

My 2 cents

24-09-2008, 13:41
I don't see the point in taking so many paladins SPECIALLY with the GK, your paying a huge amount of points for +1A
Also virtue of confidence should get you better resaults than joust (get the gaunlet) and the morning star of fraccase could also let you save some points.
Another thing i don't like is command on the GK, its very expensive and they are very powerful on their own. I would drop it.
Try to get at least another unit of 6 KotR, your army lacks combat units atm badly.