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23-09-2008, 08:12
Warrior Priest; Armour of Meteoric Iron, Great weapon
General. Goes with Greatswords.

Warrior Priest; Heavy Armour, Sheild, Barded Warhorse
Goes with Knights.

Battle Wizard; Level 2, Rod of Power

5 Knightly Orders, Full Command

17 Greatswords, Full Command
*8 Swordsmen Detachment

20 Free Companies, Standard

5 Outriders, Musician, Champion with Hochland Long Rifle


I have two regiments with some killing power (greatswords and knights with hatred thanks to my warrior priests).
I have a decent amount of DD (5) and a potential to get another 3/turn with the rod of power (or more PD if I face an army that is low on magic).
I have some shooting support and my outrider champion is great for killing off other unit champions, especially when being blessed by a warrior priest allowing me to re-roll to hit and to wound.
The free company is mainly there to get some more cheap bodies and rank bonus (and hopefully to cooperate with the knights).

I feel my character setup is very solid, how about my unit setup? Is there anything I should do differently?

If I want to expand this to a 1250 pts or 1500 pts force, how should I go about? Should I get more shooting (handgunners/cannon?) or do I need more state troops?

Give me your thoughts and ideas.

23-09-2008, 12:14
First, you should fix your list somewhat by keeping it at 1000 points or lower. Makes things easier for everyone involved.

Secondly, I don't suggest 20 FC. They'll get shot at first and cause a panic because they're a parent unit if they get wiped out. They're also lacking in unit support.

Give your mounted WP a Shield if he doesn't have one.

The lack of a Great Cannon may hurt you at this points level. It'd be beneficial to have one. I'd suggest 1 Great Cannon, and 10 Crossbowmen to fill out your army list.

Also consider instead of Crossbowmen and the like, a Flagellant unit as a Core choice. 14 of them arranged 7-wide would be enough, and they're deadly on the charge and can keep a unit pinned.

I will warn you that Knights, even with FC and a character aren't going to be a great hammer unit at times. Compared to other cavalry in the game, Empire KOs are great mobile LOS blockers and shot absorbers. Don't go hurling them at the front of heavy infantry blocks is all I'm saying.

23-09-2008, 12:48
Yes, naturally the mounted warrior priest should have a sheild. I must've missed writing it.

I feel my list has abit of a lack of bodies, hence why I took the cheap Free Companies. Flagellants are nice, but twice as expensive and die just as easily.

Why a great cannon? The only thing that I have found them usefull against are big monsters, and I dont expect to see alot of those in a 1000pts game. Am I wrong, how do you use your great cannons?

Maybe I have too much points tied up in characters for a 1000pts game, I might use this character setup for a 1250 or 1500pts game instead.

And no, off course I wont be throwing my knights head first into heavy infantry, I'm planning to use them for flanking and support mainly.

23-09-2008, 16:24
First thing I'd do is get the army list down to 1000 points. I wouldn't complain but many people get very uptight about staying within the points limit. The next thing I'd do is look to seriously reduce the cost of some of the units you have.

I'd recommend dropping the Greatswords for Swordsmen. This will save you some points/. I'd also recommend ditching the Free company in foavour of some missile troops like Crossbowmen. With the knight units I'd drop the full command to make them that bit cheaper. If you have any points left over I'd sugest investing it in a cannon to help you against any tough things your opponant might bring along.

I don't have my book with me at the present moment but I'd sugest going for something like this...

Warrior Priest
Warrior Priest

25 Swordsmen + FC
+ Swordsman detachment
10 Crossbowmen
5 Knights

1 Cannon
5 Outriders

Any left over points can be invested in magic items, equipment and another small missile unit to act as a second detcahment to the Swordsman unit.

Hope this helps.


Benigno (WE)
24-09-2008, 10:51
The best detachments are of free company (2 attacks) or halberdiers (strenght 4). You should use them to countercharge, so having a better armor save is of no use for them.

24-09-2008, 11:19
In my experience, detachments are mainly there to negate rank bonus, and its better to throw in a unit with 4+ save than a unit with no save, as normal empire soldiers will usually have a hard time killing anything elite anyway.

24-09-2008, 14:15
Kah's kist looks good, just be sure to grab a musician for the knights.

25-09-2008, 05:07
That looks impressive. I wouldn't want to go up against it.

But then again, it sounds like a challenge.

25-09-2008, 16:43
Which list? Mine or Kahadras? :)

27-09-2008, 04:22
That army looks good, and its certainly improved by Kahadras, you've kind of replaced the need for special with extra characters, lets hope they do the job.