View Full Version : Vampires in an Escalation League

24-09-2008, 15:05
Hey there, there's an escalation league starting up in my area and I've desided to go with the new Vampire Counts. We start at 500pts and work our way up 350pts each month. I've been playing Orcs and Goblins for years so I decided to change it up by starting a new army. This is what I've figured out for my first 500, any suggestions?


-Avatar of Death
-Lord of the Dead


x15 Skeletons
-Full Command, Hand Weapon and Shield

x20 Zombies
-Standard + Musician

x10 Ghouls

x5 Dire Wolves

I figured this list would give me some flexability and get me used to how the units operate in the first couple of games. Any input would be great, thanks.

25-09-2008, 17:41
Well there sure is a lot of flexibility, but I think it's too much.

Remember that for vampires that if you lose combat then all units involved crumble so you usually want only a few strong units. You also probably want to specialize as far as your raising goes. If you took the ghoul unit to be a bunker in later games then I understand, but otherwise they might as well be skeletons.

I also hope you are using avatar of death to get the handweapon shield to keep him alive.