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24-09-2008, 17:58
A 1,500 point list for a small local tournament. So after getting tired of getting my teeth kicked in every time I play a new army that causes some kind of fear against me which seems to be nearly every army in the game anymore. :p (Okay thatís stretching; but you get the point.) Iíve decided to play defense style. What Iíve done is made a list that Iíll deploy in halves. 1st Iíll drop all my archers/war machines on one side of table opposite the bulk of my opponents force. Then Iíll drop the rest on the opposite side and as he comes across the table at the archers try and use my 2nd half to flank his entire army. May; may not work; but weíll see. What do yaíll think of the list?

BO Big Boss
-Boar, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Big Boss ĎAt

Orc Shaman
-LVL 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll

NG Shaman
-LVL 2, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll

2 Units of 10 Orc Arrer Boyz

1 Unit of 20 NG Shortbowmen
- 1 Fanatic

2 Units of 6 Spider Riders
-Short Bows, Musician

1 Unit of 23 Orc Boyz
-Full Command

1 Unit of 25 Orc Boyz
-Full Command

2 Rock Lobbaís

10 Squig Hopperís

1 Goblin Doom Diver

I have a solid survivable general with best available leadership. WAY more shooting than you usually ever see in an O&G army and before I catch flak for it Iím well aware that this is a very un-orclike list. Shooting over fighting; pahÖ Anyway; Iím pretty good with the lobbaís and theyíve always treated me better than spear chukkaís so Iíll tell you now thatís why I took them over the BTís. Thoughts?

24-09-2008, 20:52
This seems like a pretty fun list, as always I feel sceptical to greenskin shooting, but it could be fun to try.
Besides, if those arrer boyz they can always charge if they get tired of shooting, having some decent melee capabilities too.
Just how do you plan on using the Night goblins with shortbows? They have such poor range and to get rank bonus they wont be able to shoot anyway. So I'd just drop the bows tbh.
I'd proably trade the spider riders for wolf riders for the extra movement.
And your orc boyz must ahve either sheilds or additional choppas, you cant just leave them unupgraded! :p

24-09-2008, 21:21
...orcs are not meant to be played like this.

24-09-2008, 21:39
...orcs are not meant to be played like this.

This is the response I expected. :) LOL! Of course I'm coming from playing an all goblin army so my strategims will always be a little odd and on the far wing from normal. May we well test out the different options.

Anyway; The NG's with the short bows. I give 1st turn to my opponent. (He'll probably get it anyway) He moves up 8" (assumption); now my goblins move up 1-2" and were in long range. Yes this turn I'll have a -1 to hit; but it's not like I'm gonna hit anyway right! :p From there we just stand. When the opponent get's close enough the fanatic may discourage him a little at least from charging. Particularly if he's decided to send cavalry to take care of the archers.

Another thought is that even if he turns his main force away from my archers then there is always the possability of me moving up and flanking with them. Slim as it may be; still an option.

25-09-2008, 10:04
I think it looks fun, although I question your extreme shootiness. To me, it looks like you plan to use your arrer boyz as support formations to your combat blocks, who just happen to be equipped with bows. To go ALL shooty, I would take 3 shamans and replace the squig hoppas with spear chukkas as well. But then, perhaps you want to have a little bit of everything, and to be able to take the fight to the enemy as well. In short, the army looks balanced to me. For an even more extreme artillery feeling, perhaps a third rock lobba? I would try to squeeze in Nibbla's Itty Ring as well.


25-09-2008, 11:41
Yeah; I think it's a pretty extreme deviation from the normal O&G list that most people play. It's still got a lot of models for only 1500 (120 something), but I never and I mean NEVER see people fielding bows. Everyone says the army is supposed to thrive on combat; but it seems like our book is designed to keep us from getting charges. Squabbles mean we don't move; Waaagh moves us out of position; and our leadership is so terrible were lucky to even charge something that causes fear or terrror. So I figure if you can't hit 'em with a choppa hit 'em with an arrer. Now it's not like our skill with bows is great; but dammit it can't be any worse than our abililty to move across the board and get charges off.

25-09-2008, 12:09
Yup I think for 6 points arrer boyz in particular are a great choice they're ok at shooting nothing special but then they're still Orcs and they've still got choppas so can move up and flank people nicely or if they're charged they get to stand and shoot and then are still almost as good as normal boyz (assuming boyz have been given an upgrade otherwise AS good) in combat.

25-09-2008, 14:16
Well the tournament is Saturday; I'll be sure to post how the unorthadox list performed.

VC Doke
25-09-2008, 16:22
I'm not familiar entirely with O&G, but is there a better way to mitigate the problems with animosity in 1500?

25-09-2008, 16:43
The only options are black orc characters who do D6 S5 hits to let you ignore the 1 result although the 6 can still pull you out of position, units which don't have animosity or taking lots of units for each job so if one fails another can do it, which doesn't work well as it means you have fewer options as you need 2 or 3 units for every one thing you need done.

VC Doke
25-09-2008, 16:47
The reason I mention it is because it would cripple a shooty army as there a lot of units US 5 or more.

25-09-2008, 19:35
This is a valid point that animosity can cripple my shooting just as badly as it can cripple my charing; but since I've already tried the run at you route I figure I'd give the shooty route equal opportunity.

28-09-2008, 11:50
Well unorthodox list lost. I lost 3 games although the last was a draw by VP loss by BP. The shooting actually did really good. It's the fact that every time I got into combat I lost that made me fail so utterly. Oh well; worth a try.

Also in my defense I've never seen dice as terrible as mine. During 1 game my NG Shaman on turn 1 rolled 3 1's for a miscast; gained stupidity and frenzy. Was then stupid until turn 5 at which point he happily rolled another miscast again with 3 1's. I'm not sure what the odd's are, but wait it get's better. Turn 6 I have 3 units subject to animosity. You guessed it.... 3 1's... I hate my army sometimes...