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24-09-2008, 22:44
Check it out...


This is of course not official. It is however my take on bring Combat Patrol inline with 5E. I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism and am more than willing to make changes that make it better.

Update: I've made some small revisions. The new file can be downloaded off of my blog or here: http://www.box.net/shared/f2sjsv4b2x

09-10-2008, 10:00
This is useful, thanks.

I like the change to the "no inv save" rule - Daemons should be able to get in on the action!

I have played a few games of CP in 5th Ed - we tend to get together in groups of three, and playing CP ensures everyone gets a game.

Extra rules we use:-

1. Rapid Fire Combat Patrol. You get 2 mins each for deployment, moving and shooting. If you run out of time and, for example, haven't moved all your models, tough - your shooting phase has already started. The same thing applies to shooting, so roll fast! We don't time limit the assault phase. This adds a real edge of tension to the game, and makes for some sweaty decisions. The clock gets halted for a rules query, but only your opponent can do this, so if you have a rules query during your own Turn you need to find the answer inside 2 mins! Better know your codex! It also forces the opponent not to query on minor matters - if he keeps stopping the clock you will have lots more time to plan your game.

2. Winner stays on. The winner plays with the same patrol he used in the last game, and cannot make any changes. The challenger has no such restriction and can make any changes he likes - even use a different army.

3. Same terrain. We use the same terrain set up for all games played in an evening, except that the challenger is allowed to move, add or take away one piece of terrain before rolling for first Turn. Note: you can only add terrain that has been previously removed from the table.

4. No Reserves. This means no outflanking and no deep striking.

5. Semi-ard Boyz Kill Points. HQ units earn 3 Kill Points. Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support units earn 2 Kill Points. Troops units earn 1 Kill Point. 1 Kill Point for dedicated transports or units spawned by other units (eg. Chaos Spawn made by Gift of Chaos, Scarab Swarms made by Tomb Spiders and so on).

6. Custom Missions. Since we have 2 people on the table and a third just standing around, we get the third person to adjudicate. This includes controlling the clock and ruling on any disputes, but more importantly it means the third person can run custom scenarios for the 2 people playing, and come up with interesting challenges for them.

7. Overall winner. At the end of the evening, total up all Kill Points earned to see who is the overall winner.


Private Ginger
07-02-2009, 13:23
I've been looking for a way to finally start CP and you just really helped me along. Thanks, Oni!