View Full Version : 2000pt Wood Elves based around stuff I like.

24-09-2008, 23:15
Ignore the army being noted as High Elves, I'm having a select box population issue that I've taken to helpdesk.

Anyway, I bought a Dragon yesterday. This is good, because I've always wanted one. Now, however, I gotta think of my list. So here's what I got;

Highborn 561 pts
Light Armour, Spear, Forest Dragon, Bow of Loren, Stone of the Crystal Mere, Starfire Arrows

Noble 151 pts
Light Armour, Great Weapon, Alter Kindred, Helm of the Hunter, Murder of Spites

Spellsinger 170 pts
Level 2 Wizard, Orb of Divination, Ranu's Heartstone

10 Glade Guard Scouts 170 pts

14 Glade Guard 168 pts

12 Dryads 144 pts

5 Glade Riders 120 pts

6 Wardancers 108 pts

5 Waywatchers 120 pts

3 Warhawk Riders 120 pts

14 Glade Guard 168 pts

Green units are models I own, Grey are ones I plan to buy. I'm trying to keep it relatively cheap for me to finish up, and I do like the stuff I have. I just feel like I'm missing on offensive capabilities. That's one of the reasons I went for more Glade Guard - I need more pointy stuff to stick in to the enemy. I own currently;

Highborn on Forest Dragon
Noble w/ Great Weapon
24 Glade Guard
12 Dryads
8 Glade Riders
6 Waywatchers
6 Wardancers

Any advice for improving offensive ability in this list? It's non-competative, I should also point out. This is purely for club use.

25-09-2008, 17:14
Starfire arrows are pretty useless, and if you take the bow of loren you might as well take the arkain bodkins.

Other than that it looks interesting and should be fun to play : )

25-09-2008, 18:03
Panic Tests are useless? I must be missing something, because they scare the living bejesus out of my Bretonnians. Arcane Bodkins were the other option though.

25-09-2008, 18:37
Just look at what you are hoping for:

1. You hit (with a highborn this is the easy step)
2. You wound (this will drop half of your shots)
3. You get passed the armor
4. They fail a panic test

The odds really terrible when you look at it. So unless you are shooting at night goblin archers out of range of the general's Ld it's not really worth it.