View Full Version : The Ultimate Skaven Army that you have no chance aginst

11-11-2005, 18:44
1 Grey Seer 615 Pts
General; Magic Level 4; Skaven Magic
#4 Warpstone Tokens
Warpstone Amulet
Eye of the Horned Rat
1 Screaming Bell
9 Stormvermin
Halberd; Heavy Armour; Standard
Banner of the Four Black Winds
1 Fangleader

1 Warlock Engineer 125 Pts
Magic Level 1; Supercharged WP Accumulator; Upgraded Warp-Energy
Condenser; Warp Blades; Warplock Pistol
#1 Warpstone Token [0]
Warpscroll [30]

1 Warlock Engineer 145 Pts
Magic Level 1; Supercharged WP Accumulator; Upgraded Warp-Energy
Condenser; Warp Blades; Warplock Pistol
#1 Warpstone Token [0]
Warpstorm Scroll [50]

1 Warlock Engineer 140 Pts
Magic Level 1; Supercharged WP Accumulator; Upgraded Warp-Energy
Condenser; Warp Blades; Warplock Pistol
#1 Warpstone Token [0]
Storm Daemon [25]
Death Globes [20]

19 Clanrats 205 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Clawleader
1 Weapon Team
Ratling Gun

19 Clanrats 205 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Clawleader
1 Weapon Team
Ratling Gun

8 Night Runners 73 Pts
1 Nightleader

9 Night Runners 80 Pts
1 Nightleader

2 Poison Wind Globadiers 20 Pts

2 Poison Wind Globadiers 20 Pts

3 Gutter Runners Tunnelling Team 72 Pts
Tunnelling Team; 2ndWeapon
1 Black Skaven

5 Warplock Jezzail teams 100 Pts

1 Warp-lightning Warp Cannon 100 Pts

1 Warp-lightning Warp Cannon 100 Pts

Casting Pool: 14

Dispel Pool: 7

Models in Army: 91

Total Army Cost: 2000

Lets face it you would have no chance agist this rooster - dont you think so ... ??? :>

The Judge
11-11-2005, 19:44
Oh please... 5 Jezzails? 10 (yes, 10?!) Stormvermin defending the Bell?

You are a very overconfident person...but then perhaps I've played too much against harsher Skaven armies than this.

11-11-2005, 19:50
Lets face it you would have no chance agist this rooster - dont you think so ... ??? :>
Let's face it: I am chickening out already...:p

But really: Congratulations! You have discovered the concept of the SAD (Skaven/Shooty Army of Doom)!:rolleyes:
And not even more than 3 years late :eyebrows:


11-11-2005, 20:01
Wow! Yes you are totaly right. There is no way that I can beat this army. I will now go away and cry in a corner because remember, the amount of victories your army wins is alway proportional to the size of p***s you have.
Seriously though a fast moving army with a turn or two of magic defences will still beat this list easily.


11-11-2005, 20:04
a SAD army so original go look at every other SAD armie yours is no different and no more powerful. Infact this is actually less powerful only 2 rattling guns and no slaves.

11-11-2005, 20:12
and the bell can also do serius dmg... too your own... frenzied comes to mind...

11-11-2005, 20:23
Wow...have you actually read anything on this website or do you just post stupid things for sake of doing it. I seem to recall someone putting another list like this up maybe 2 weeks ago... :eyebrows:

11-11-2005, 20:38
Hehehe - you fell for it :D - my friend just came down and said that after a long time of thinking he is going to colect skaven and this rooster :D - so i posted it and expected yuo tell me what is best way to defet it.

I think that he uses small numer of bell pushers and so i can halt the bell in one place - perfectly in such that his seer wont have range for his spells.

Second of all he uses small clanrat units and if i concentrate on them i can panic them easly as thay wont have + to Ld from ranks for long.

Also do you think that this kind of roosters would be aveliable after the book revision - because i've told him that SAD is a problem and lods of people are going aginst it and probably the new composition wont allow such combinations ??

If you think that this is my rooster look on the other army rooster that ive posted ;)

11-11-2005, 20:41
Well, obviously the OP here is VERY overconfident with this list. But, I'll throw in some serious comments other than the usual, 'SAD! BOO HOO' that skaven players normaly get if they have more than 1 ratling gun/engineer in a 30,000pt fight. :rolleyes:

First and foremost, your bell needs WAY more guys supporting it. 10 stormvermin is not nearly enough. With only a few shooting casulties you will loose mobility on the bell. The Grey Seer can NEVER leave the bell, so this is an obvious weakness. Also, with so few in the bell unit, you can not put any of your engineers in there to take advantage of the bell's magic resistance. If you decide to stick with using no dispell scrolls, this will be your best bet for surviving against anyone with decent magic power. Also, I would strongly recommend a musician. It will be very difficult for you to free up enough points to beef up a unit of storm vermin as large as I think you should have and still keep the level of range power you seem to want. I would switch them to a clan rat unit 20-25 strong.

I would DEFINATLY recommend taking some slaves. They are the best unit in the Skaven army point for point in my opinion. Really I think they are among the best troops in the entire warhammer universe point for point. My 44 point slave units have chased 500+ points dragons off of the table.

The scrolls on your warlock engineers are weak in my opinion. In 99% of situations Storm Deamon is FAR better than either of them, and leaves room for a dispell scroll or ward save. I would also drop the pistols from your engineers to save some points and get more dispell scrolls if I was you.

I would advise not taking champions on your Night Runners. The extra (weak) attack rarely matters, and it gives your enemies the chance to rack up massive overkill if they have a character with a multi wound weapon. Your almost always better of with another night runner instead.

I would advise droping a warp lightning cannon or the jezzails to help free up points to make some of the changes above if you like any of them. Depending on whom your facing, I might even drop both cannons in order to also beef up your jezzails to a unit of 10 or 2 units of 5. If you think your enemy is likely to field a Large Target, the jezzails usualy pay off better than the warplightning cannon in my experience, but only if there are 10 or more.

If your still hurting for points other things, in addition to what I mentioned above, I would recommend droping any or all of the folowing: The night runner/gutter runner champions, the globadiers, the spears on the clanrats, and the magic banner.

Good luck, I hope some of that was usefull for you.

*Edit, just noticed there IS a Storm Deamon in there which I somehow overlooked on the Engineer with Death Globes guy. Death Globes are worth less than 0 points in my opinion. I would put a ward save, a dispell scroll, or simply nothing else on that guy instead. If I got 100 points credit in free troops for using Death Globes, then I MIGHT throw one... but probably not.

*Edit2, ahh, a trojan horse post? Hehe. Maybe my post will benifit someone else then. Lots of typing, would hate to see it go entirely to waste. :rolleyes:

11-11-2005, 22:02
The Bell should be pushed by at least 25 Clanrats.

The Warpstone Amulet needs to be replaced by a Tenebrous Cloak.

The Night Runners and Globadiers need to go.

Get another Ratling Gun unit in their place. Only two in this army? SAD armies everywhere must be turning in their graves.

Lose the Cannons.

Get ten more Jezzails.

Where are the 40pts units of Slaves to take up space?

Note: short irritating post for an irritating list.

12-11-2005, 01:30
How unique...

Yeh, after 3 years surprisingly people have developed counter tactics. Oh and stop calling it a rooster ;)

Anyway. Nothing much to add apart from drop the SV, globers, night runners and beef up on jezzails and ratlings. I doubt you will win a tournament or any friends with such a list but whatever.