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VC Doke
25-09-2008, 03:58
Be brutal

2000 Pts - Vampire Counts -

Vampire Lord (1#, 445 Pts)
Vampire Lord
General; Level 3 Upgrade

Blood Drinker
The Cadaverous Cuirass
Crown of the Damned
Talisman of the Lycni
Lord of the Dead
Supernatural Horror
Aura of Dark Majesty

Wight King (1#, 110 Pts)
Sword of Kings
Enchanted Shield

Wight King (1#, 110 Pts)
Great Weapon; Shield
The Gem of Blood

Necromancer (1#, 95 Pts)
Dispel Scroll
Black Periapt

Zombie Horde (20#, 84 Pts)

Zombie Horde (20#, 84 Pts)

Dire Wolves (6#, 58 Pts)
Doom Wolf

Dire Wolves (6#, 58 Pts)
Doom Wolf

Skeleton Warriors (22#, 243 Pts)
Musician ; Standard Bearer; Spears
Banner of the Endless Nightmare
Skeleton Champion

Grave Guard (17#, 259 Pts)
Musician; Standard Bearer
Standard of Hellish Vigour

Grave Guard (17#, 276 Pts)
Musician; Standard Bearer; Great Weapon
War Banner

Varghulf (1#, 175 Pts)

Total Cost: 1997

25-09-2008, 05:20
You didn't really specify if you're going for a friendly-type game oriented list , or looking to win tournaments with this list...so I'll assume the latter, because if it's the former, then just play w/e you think is cool, and don't dwell too much on your list.

That being said....

Vampire Lord:
What exactly are you looking to accomplish with this guy?
His magic won't be anything special, and with only generating 3 power dice, you won't even get invocation of nehek off all that much. You seem to have infantry units you're planning to throw him in, why talisman of Lycni? Having your Vampire general (especially with blood drinker) running around by himself is a bad decision 99% of the time. Crown of the damned isn't a good idea...fail stupidity check- lose his magic for a phase--could be crucial. Causing Terror isn't really that important, especially compared to another magic level. Same goes for Aura of Dark Majesty. Maybe Avatar of death to give em some armor, protection for your vampire is key in any list.

Characters look OK, but if you really want to be effective in the magic phase, you might consider losing a wight king (I'd suggest the GW wielding one) for either another necromancer or level 2 Vampire.


Doom wolves are a bit of waste, the purpose of the dire wolves isn't really to rack up kills, use them to charge war machines and cause fear tests, or hit flanks of weak units.

Banner of Endless Nightmare<War banner, why get another combat res point that relies on having a fourth rank, when u can just always add 1 to combat res anyway. Also, I'd suggest a unit champ instead of the musician. Champ can accept/make challenges that can keep your characters alive, and musicians don't do much for the undead...as we don't flee--the tiebreaker RARELY comes into play with skeletons. Also, if you decide to use more magic (which I think you'll need to do), why pay for all those skeletons when you can start at 10 and just make them as big as you want with Lord of the Dead.


Grave Guard are good, but they're slow. With your limited magic phase, you probably won't be getting Vanhel's Danse off all that much, so you're going to be footslogging it across a pretty good distance with these guys. Which is a drawback, because you want to close quickly, with only 18/unit you run the risk of getting shot up and/or magic'd to pieces.


Use both your choices...Varghulfs are good, but I'd throw in another one, or some wraiths, or maybe even Blood Knights. (I personally avoid playing the coach in tournament games). They're your bread and butter units in alot of situations, they give your opponents the most headache when figuring out how to deal with them.


I'd say, You lack anything that is going to get across the field and earn you some victory points. Other infantry is going to outdo your Grave Guard in a lot of cases, and your vampires/characters aren't set up to make up the difference in CC. I might suggest consolidating your grave guard into 1 unit of 24 (keeping the great weapons). Maybe add a cart or 2 because ASF will make them brutal, if you use an upgrade go balefire IMO , and I'd only say use that if your gonna use 2, skip the lodestone all together, it's not worth 25 points. . Then you can drop the 2 banners your using, put the war banner with your skeletons, and maybe use banner of the barrows or Royal standard of Strigos on the guard to make them a hard hitting CC force.

Your magic will probably be inferior to any other magic oriented armies. Which is another reason for going to 1 unit of guard, you're going to have a hard enough time healing 1 unit, let alone 2 with your current magic set up. You may want to consider adding some items/bloodline powers to boost your magic phase. My personal setup is Master of the Black Arts/Forbidden Lore/ Lord of the Dead. Like I said earlier, I'd suggest another character that can throw some spells, along with making your lord a bit more "casty."

Well, this ran long, Good Luck.

VC Doke
25-09-2008, 14:28
See other list for overall response, thank you.