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the johnanator
26-09-2008, 22:42
Heys guys last week i played a game against deamons with my tomb kings.
The game was a minor victory to him but during the game i had a stand out moment that made me proud. My tomb prince and his unit of 20 skeletons was charged by a unit of 5 of those mounted slannesh deamons. Due to some rather bad playing on my part they were still in a line of 20 so i had no rank bonus. The combat lasted 3 rounds before all the skeletons were killed and they had only taken down 1 of the deamons. Things were looking bad for my prince who was now locked in combat with yhe four mounted deamons.
Then much to my suprise he butchered the 4 deamons!!!!

I could just imagine the prince surrouned, the mounted deamons closing in on him and then KA BAM!!

What moments have other warseer members had like this that have made you proud of your characters?

27-09-2008, 02:13
My skink priest was, once, overrun into by a unit of cavalry (of some description). There were only three models left in the overrunning unit, but more than enough to squash an unprotected skink.

"So long, skink priest," I said to myself. I knew that he'd be wiped out in the next combat phase. Even so, I charged some saurus cavalry into the flank of the overrunning unit -- I take an open flank when I see one. They never got to fight. In my magic phase, the skink managed to miscast on two dice. And then I rolled a 3 on the miscast table. And wiped out the unit of cavalry trying to kill my skink.

Who survived the battle.

What a trooper!

27-09-2008, 02:24
Well, it is rare for me to have a character give a game winning performance, but it happened once. In a game against wood elves I took a dwarf lord(ess), actually a dwarf queen as I used the queen Helga model.

She was in a unit of hammerers. First, the unit was hit in the front by a full unit of dryads, and the flank by wild riders. Striking first, she cut down 5 out of 6 wild riders before they could attack. The dryads held but the last wild rider fled. She proceeded to then cut and run down the dryads. This finally took her into combat with the wood elf general (who had the annoyance of nettlings), and that combat remained locked for the remainder of the game.

Just the image of an angry dwarven queen chopping apart every elf and tree wtihin axe range is a great one. Good times!

27-09-2008, 03:03
Recently my Bretonnian lord, Cyris deLonse, charged with his unit into a unit of Black Guard with the army's Dreadlord in them. The knights were charged by shades and eventually a chariot in the flank and Cyris' men were cut down around him but he continued to hold, the chariot and Shades were forced out of combat so it was Cyris vs. the Black Guard and a Dreadlord

My opponent either forgot or didnt bother to challenge my lord for a long while and Cyris was cutting down elves left and right, losing combat each turn but continuing to pass his break test. Eventually after a long, bloody combat in which Cyris had reduced the unit to a mere 3 elves left, the Dreadlord stepped up to challenge, Cyris only had one wound at this point and the Druchii leader had full wounds and the Pendent of Khaleth. However, the Dreadlord had been equipped to deal with my rank and file knights (He had the Hydra Blade and most will tell you that strength 4 is a highly effective strength against Bretonnians.)

My lord had a 1+ re-rollable armour save and no blessing but by some miracle he lasted in the very long duel to eventually cut down the Druchii leader! (My opponent rolled an inordinate amount of 6's for his pendent) and then my lord finally broke.. which was a tad irritating, at least he wasnt caught.

But the image of this Bretonnian lord fighting atop a mound of corpses, fending off elves single handedly and then defeating their lord in a duel was so awesome.

I eventually lost that game but it felt like I won!

27-09-2008, 03:48
My exalted in a chariot simply never fails me. Back in 5th, i gave him a great weapon and away he went. One time, he was in a position where could either charge a block of 25 grave guard, or be counter charged in a way where this just wouldnt work. So he charged in, hoping to do at least some casualties then flee. But instead, he decides to kill 9 on the charge, 3 himself, 1 from a crew, 1 from a horse, and 5 from the chariot itself. Then i expected him to lose next combat, as there still 14 left, and i hade no momentum. And they had killing blow. They try to go after him, but dont even hit him. He then kills 4 more, and i think the crew had one more kill. 6 bite the dust after combat resolution. Next round, the cavalry comes in, and the grave guard are obliterated.

It gets better. He then charged into a vampire count on a winged nightmare who didnt expect the chariot to do so well. I directed everything on the count, and tore him to pieces. That was also the general. So, Wolrik the Violent proved himself that day (and earned the nickname Violent), and turned what was probably going to be a draw into a complete massacre.

Now, if only my other champions could be so strong....

27-09-2008, 04:17
My sorceress hitting with all her shots with her magic 2+ to hit crossbow.
Doesnt sound overly impressive or worthwhile but this woman would struggle to hit the broad side of a barn from 2 paces with a normal crossbow (or say....a rock or vase or whatever)

As for something of actual significance.
My sorceress lord(on dark pegasus) after failing miserably to even harm the ethereal troops infront of her is charged. (banshee and 2 wraith bodyguard)
Challenge screams the sorceress.
The banshee smugly accepts.
6 rounds of combat later and the ethereal unit crumbles it's last wound ^_^!
Note the sorceress was utterly unharmed.

27-09-2008, 11:43
An Exalted Champion with the 'Book of Shadows' and a Great Weapon was waiting for the Tomb Kings chariots to begin harassing my flank. Sure enough they did. A successful 'Steed of Shadows' say him fly into the flank of the enemy chariots. Three hits later, the enemy is cursing him loudly as the Combat Res' nearly costs the TK player his general. I was howling with laughter!

The king used his flail of skulls, missed and crumbled to combat resolution.

27-09-2008, 12:05
Skitterleaping Greyseer, has to be.

Several games now I've sent him flying across the battlefield out of harms way onto the top of am obelish, into tree, into buildings, like a Ninja Rat of Doom! Only to pick off rogue characters or units with his magic. Bring some Engineers with him too, travelling Lightning Show :D


That, or my no-combat ability female Vamp who managed to deal three hits and three wounds per turn against a unit of Bloodletters her dwindling skeletons were in combat with, eventually winning the fight and watching the Letters vanish - whilst my Lord did one hit and no wounds every round in a challenge for 5 combat rounds!!!

27-09-2008, 12:14
I was quite proud of my Bretonnian Lord 'Joan of Arc' (the Repanse model) hacking down a Giant and then a Gorger on her own whilst her Knight Errants stood and watched this marvel!

Or any game in which 'Chris de Burgh the Dreadlord' doesn't flee to be honest. He is the most cowardly Dark Elf I have ever seen!

Phoenix Blaze
27-09-2008, 12:40
My Tzeentchian Wargor with Bear's Anger cast on him, then joint-charging with a chariot has made me smile on more than one occasion. Even the champion himself tends to be lucky for me with his 6 Str6 attacks, generally that means four dead enemies.

27-09-2008, 15:26
my orince was in a unit of 15 swordmasters against o&G and DE. they went through a unit of black orcs and a units of corsairs and from shooting cc and fanatics all i had was the rince and the cmmand. i charge a fully upgraded unit of night gobbos and my prince had bears anger and talisman of loec. he wiped out more than a rank, then the swordmaster wiped out another. maybe not by himself but the prince did pretty well.

27-09-2008, 15:36
My Dreadlord got charged by the Dread Knight/Dreadlance/Red Fury build of a vampire lord, accompanied by about 7 Black Knights. Vampire challenged, my Lord accepted, and, in two turns, not only didn't take any wounds, but proceeded to kill the Vampire, causing my opponent's army to collapse in turn 4!

27-09-2008, 15:39
I remember having a Paladin mounted on a Pegasus once when playing against HE (back in 6th ed). The HE player had a tooled up Lord on a Griffon and decided to take out my Paladin ASAP. First he cast Vauls Unmaking onto the Paladin only to find out that he had no magic items at all. He then charged into combat with his Lord. All of his Lords attacks missed, all of the Griffons attacks missed. My Paladin then took several swipes at his Lord with his great weapon and killed him dead. The Griffon then legged it.

I thought it was pretty good going but the next turn I was forced to charge him into a unit of ten Silver helms to prevent them from getting a flank charge on my main block of knights. Again my guy hit and wounded with all three attacks while my opponant then failed all three saves. To add insult to injury another Silver helm was kicked to death by the Pegasus. The Silver Helms lost combat, broke, fled and were caught be the Paladin! God knows how many points he killed during that game but in terms of stuff it was like a Lord on Griffon, Silver Helms with full command, ten Archers and a wizard. Not bad for a character costing a couple of hundred points.


27-09-2008, 17:20
I had a Templar Grand Master charge a unit of Hammerers and deliver 4 unsaved wounds, which then was double by his Laurels of Victory for a massive CR bonus of 8!...

27-09-2008, 17:35
well seeing as im a hardcore chaos player this is shame to me but when i had a woodelves lord on dragon with gear to make him damn near invincible i was against ogres.... basically it was fight to the death we had butchered the troops on each others side of the field... my lord against his tyrant and 6 bulls my dragon lasted 3 turns without taking a wound and i slowly killed all of them off....

just cant wait for the chaos book im gonna get my shaggoth special character into some sticky situations to test him out and see how he does (smoosh everything like all my lords, have done in the past)

27-09-2008, 21:44
My skaven chieftan.

i was thinking of running him over the "map" border, making him count as a casualty (he was last one left) but he got a boost of non-skaven courage and charged the nearest bunch of 10 dryads (dont remember if that was the name). He slew 2 of them and i tought he was doomed. He had magic armour, making successfull saves give back a S4 attack and enchanted shield. They hit him with 6 attacks or so, and he saved all!! they died like flies:)

then he got charged by another group of 10 dryads and slew them too (losing only 1 wound). Then a character with a full regiment (from his empire ally), wood elf archers, a mage and a horse regiment closed on him, so i did what any skaven would do... i ran out of the map and lost with only a minor defeat, because of my great chieftan :D

Bretonnian Lord
27-09-2008, 22:18
Hmm.... there are a lot of moments.

Probably the best one was when my level 2 Damsel squared off against a High Elf Prince. The Prince was on horse and was hunting my damsel (whom I had foolishly left out in the open and away from my army). Out of desperation, I cast Master of Stone on the prince (who was 5 inches away) and rolled 3 strength 5 hits, all of which wounded the prince. He failed his 1+ armor save twice and subsequently died (he had taken a wound previously from my Peasant Bowmen).

A rather humiliating end for a noble Elf Lord. :angel: Damsels rock (pun intended)!

27-09-2008, 23:02
My proudest model is my tomb king loaded with the destroyer of eternities and collar of shapesh. He has never lost a challenge, and thats with fighting stardragons, tooled up dwarf lords, dark elf dragonlords, papa nurgle, brettonian lords, bloodthirsters, and vampire lords. This lord is rightly feared in my gaming group for always passing his saves, and killing anything in his path.

He's only died once, and is always stood there at the end of a battle fighting on for his kingdom! Long live (kinda) the king!

28-09-2008, 01:36
A dragon slayer tieing up 1 mercenary captain on pegasus, one unit of DoW heavy cavalry and one paymaster for 3 turns.....that was a last stand to remember.

28-09-2008, 02:11
imagine a Brettonian lord. he's been in combat with a unit of 5 tomb king chariots and their king. He's seen his entire army be massacred but he fights on for 3 turns in a challenge with the king, neither able to kill each other. he couldn't wound me and i'd do about 2 wounds only to see him recover due to that damn magic... good fight though.

28-09-2008, 02:35
hmm, thanks for the reminder Sidorio (my poor chariots:cries:) but although the situation that sidorio mentioned scores fairly highly on my awsome feets the winner has got to be when my vampire lord and accompining unit of skellies ran straight into a big unit of black orcs in the last turn of the game, i was losing VERY badly so i just decided to try and kill somthing. therefore i charged the black orcs and lo and behold using red fury my lord hit, wounded and killed 10 orcs, the rest of the skelies killed a further 4 and the orcs did nothing in return so the orcs ran and my unit ran them down

(next turn the orc player got his revenge when he pumped my lord full of bolts, i could not roll above a 1)

28-09-2008, 16:37
I had a couple of beastmen shamans with Lore of Shadows, one of them with Pit of Shades in a game against Lizardmen. The first turn my pigheaded shaman (http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a4/mrtnw/Miniatures/Beastmen/?action=view&current=Hogshaman2.jpg) cast Pit of Shades with Irresistible Force on the Slann who of course falls with four of his temple guards. The next turn I cast PoS again, on a saurus hero on cold one, who also falls, taking another cold one rider with him. Taking out 600+ points in two turns is quite good for a 110 point character. ;)

vinny t
28-09-2008, 17:36
Behold Expendo, the Cold One Chariot whose only purpose in life is to be obliterated by cannons in order to save my dragon sorceress. He has only lived for more than one turn once, but in that time he killed 2 Beasts of Nurgle in 1 turn, overran into a big block of horrors and proceeded to cut down the Herald, and with the help of a dragon in the flank mince the whole unit.

29-09-2008, 00:58
My Tyrant taking a charge from a Bloodthirster, just surviving by the skin of his teeth and then splattering the Daemon across the countryside in return! This was after I rolled a 1 for my Wyrdstone Necklace as well (Meaning my Butcher only had 4 wounds to start the game). Next time he fought, a Wardancer Lord killed him at full strength in a single round of a challenge though, but then my opponent did have perfect dice :o

29-09-2008, 01:24
It was the 6th Ed. My opponent brought an uber cheesy Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon. Cursed book + something else that made him needing 6s to hit. In the second turn, he slammed the lord into a skeleton warriors block with Tomb King in it. I challenged where he couldnt refuse. I brought Destroyer of Eternities. 2 Autohit to the dragon and the lord. KILLING BLOWED the uber cheese lord played by some selfpronounce great powergamer. Then the rest is history...

Jack of Blades
29-09-2008, 01:36
Behold Expendo, the Cold One Chariot whose only purpose in life is to be obliterated by cannons in order to save my dragon sorceress. He has only lived for more than one turn once, but in that time he killed 2 Beasts of Nurgle in 1 turn, overran into a big block of horrors and proceeded to cut down the Herald, and with the help of a dragon in the flank mince the whole unit.

I just can't stop laughing at that! too bad Warseer has so little sig space.

29-09-2008, 02:46
My Saurus OldBlood, converted from a 5th Edition saurus (Which is still one of the best Saurus models out there) killed in his time, Chaos Dwarves on Taurus, Orc Warbosses and others. He is called Chotec's Chosen one.

Caine Mangakahia
29-09-2008, 22:52
My raised unit of 5 zombies, held up a unit of swordmasters who were too afraid to charge them for two turns (they didn't want to get slime on their nice white uniforms the fairies!!!).