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26-09-2008, 23:41
Orcs and gobos have a manotany of lovely little contraptions, kin and weapons that I just love, so my list represents the broadness of OnGs, from the mighty wyvern, down to a lowly snotlings, and their chariots of death :evilgrin:

pts: 1999/models: 146/units: 9/pd: 4/dd: 8

Black orc warboss - wyvern, heavy armour, Shaga's screaming sword, Bigged's kickin' boots, enchanted shield - 446

Black orc big boss - heavy armour, battle standard bearer, Mork's spirit totem - 164

Goblin shaman - staff of sneaky stealin' - 105

Night goblin shaman - dispel scroll - 75

21 orc boyz - full command, additional choppas - 177

21 orc boyz - full command, additional choppas - 177

30 night goblins - full command, spears, 2 fanatics - 190

30 night goblins - full command, spears, 2 fanatics - 190

5 squig herds - 150

6 squig hoppers - 90

rock lobber - orc bully - 75

Doom diver - 80

2 pump wagons - 80

the list is prety simple, since it has very little shooting or magic. It runs foreward and hits things. The artillery will hopefully bring down big boulders on big blocks of troops, and smaller goblins on heavily armour knights, while my magic 'may' get a spell off during the game. The squig hoppers are there to use the space that I usually can't use by going through terrain, and will help rat out those pesky skirmishers in woods in conjunction with the doom diver and possibly the wyvern. The warboss on big green and ugly is there as more of a rogue assasin (yes, irony), where he creaps foreward in turn 1, flies his full 20" over the enmy line turn 2, causing lots of terror tests and making a right nuisence of himself with rear charge threats and mark stopping, then in turn 3 the entire army should be ready for a good WAAAGH! into a slightly sandwitched opponent.

The issue I'm sure will be picked up is the ld issue of having my general far from my army. This isn't actually much of a problem, since he'll be there for turn 1, and turn 3 onward he'll be prety much right next to everyone (albeit on the other side of the enemy ;)). The only turn I have to weather is turn 2, but by then the wyvern should be absorbing alot of firepower, and I still have decent leadership in the bulk with the lowest being 6 (and even then, you'd need to kill alot of goblins to make a panic test)

The current controvesy is weather to drop the pump wagons for an orc chariot to help keep the enemy a little more cautiouse with a long range charger, but it substitutes being 2 models and the sheer killyness of pump wagons is not to be taken lightly.

26-09-2008, 23:55
U need nets on teh fanatics

27-09-2008, 13:22
seeing as there are no spear chukkas, blorcs, chariots, fast cav, or a giant, id say your goal to fully represent the list has failed...
2000 pts is too small to do something like that...

27-09-2008, 21:16
How have I failed. The intention was not to include one unit of everything available to OnGs, but to field the whole range of orc species, which I have suceeded in with wyvern, 2 blorcs, pleanty of orcs, pleant of goblins, plenty of squigs and some snotlings. Giants, wolves, giant spiders and hunks of wood happen not to be part of the orc family.

As for nets, what'd you drop for them?