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27-09-2008, 16:12
Hey there. I have a quick question. What does everyone think would be the best equipment to give Marauders, when fighting Empire?

I currently have 32 Marauders, unmade, and wondered how I should make them.

As neither of us have started our armies, I can only go by what he tells me he is buying. He has already ordered a unit of Handgunners, and plans to buy Greatswords and Halbadiers, as well as Spearman.

I'm currently starting a mixed Human/Daemon army (I know it's not allowed, but I only ever play friendly games with people who don't care, and think it's better fluff-wise) I'm using the new Daemon armybook, in conjunction with the Hordes of Chaos armybook, which I will replace with the new Warriors of Chaos one, when it comes out.

I was thinking of using the cheap Marauder's as a meat-shield/to slow down any close combat troops, to keep them from shooting, or getting in combat with my daemons (who are all going to be Tzeentch). Would it be better to save some points, and keep them as cheap as possible, with only hand weapons, or give them great-weapons to do a bit more damage, or even give them light armour and shields to keep them alive longer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Incase it makes a difference, we're looking at playing ~1000pts games.

27-09-2008, 20:01
I haven't seen the Warriors of Chaos army book, but in almost every army book ever made core infantry do best with HW/Shield. Maradaurs and other cheap infantry are mostly their to provide and maintain cheap combat res. Superior armor is clearly the best way to do this. On maradaurs, flails can also be very effective if given to detachment style units, though I don't know if they'll be available in the new book.

27-09-2008, 21:37
Light armor and shields gives you I4 swordsmen without the detachment rules.

27-09-2008, 22:30
I would say that you should make a lot of different weapons so you can decide what you want to play,but if you should decide for only one i should advice you to go HW and SH

I don't see how you gonna get you army together, what kind of general are you gonna have? I do agree with you i like the idea of a mixed army fluff wise


27-09-2008, 23:27
One possibility, especially if you're playing friendlies, is to make up a few of each kind of marauder, armed differently, and when you play, just make sure the front line is properly armed, then mix the rest of the various troops into the rest of the block. You don't really notice that they're not all armed properly, it's clear what they ARE armed with, and you get that flexibility without buying another 60 models...

29-09-2008, 01:45
I would assamble 20 (5*4) of them with hand weapons, shields and full command.
This will give you a big and cheap unit

If you are aming at smaller games first I would put the last 12 (6*2) together with flails and a musician.
This gives you a very cheap flanking unit that can deal a lot of damage for thier points (a bit over 60 if im not mistaken) which is ideal in smaller games.
And also ideal given that you have 32 marauders...

29-09-2008, 09:45
Just to be differnt from everyone else I say give them two handweapons (i assume thats an option). Against Empire you wont win via static res, thats their game, and a handweapon and shield is uselesss against handgunners, you get no save anyway. With two handweapons, their just as resitent to hangguns but when they get into combat they can get some kills in to go with that static res, asuming a detachment hasnt flanked you (also in this situation hw/shield is useless again as it only works to the front).

bork da basher
29-09-2008, 09:58
well if your empire opponant is wasting shots against 4-6pts of marauder he aint shooting 15pts+ of warriors or 40pts+ of knights is he so frankly i wouldnt mind too much.

the HW/SH option is good for attrition fighting but empire will outclass you here and chances are they will win and see you off. personnally with chaos i prefer to go all out aggressive and go for great weapons for 5pts a model you get 1 WS4 S5 hit which is quite nice and usually gets you a 2-3 kills if your lucky, you should be taking blocks of 20+ with full command cos its nice n cheap so you should be able to come out on top against your average infantry block and it evens the odds if your fighting heavily armoured units too. alternatively a detachment type block of 10 next to your warrior units really really deters your opponant and on the flank really pack a punch.

29-09-2008, 17:03
From your advice, I've decided to take one unit of 20 (5*4) equipped with great weapons and a full command. As well as a unit of 12 (6*2) equipped with flails. With the smaller unit, is it worth buying them a command, or, like mentioned, will a musician do the job?