View Full Version : Battle Report: High Elves vs BoC

Lord Anathir
12-11-2005, 04:07
Well....preparing my high elves for a tournamnet at the end of the month. This same list has a perfect 7-0 record, 3 of those coming in a tourney in late october which saw me finish tied for 3rd out of 42 people. Played against a BoC list that will also be attending that same tourney
High Elves:
Lvl 4, Silver Wand, Scroll x2, Ring of Fury
Lvl 2, Ring of Corin, Jewel of Dusk
Commander, BSB, Battle Banner, Steed ,Barding, HEavy Armor
Commander, Lion Guard, Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, shield
18 Spears wSB, Lion Standard + commander
5 silverhelms wC + BSB
10 Archers
5 Dragon Princes wBanner of Sorcery
2 chariots
2 Eagles

Lvl 4
Lvl 2
BSB, with banner that makes the unit never loose frenzy
18 Khornegors, with banner that gives +1 A on charge (theyve got frenzy too)
2 x 5 Dogs
2 Chariots
3 Minotaurs
2x Ambushing Herds: 7 Ungor 8 Gor + command
I had a hill in the centre of my deployment zone and there was a forest on my left flank. There were two other hills and a forest that were never used in the game.


Turn 1:
I got first turn, on my first spell of the turn, i got a miscast - not the last one. but it wasnt too bad and magic and shooting caused a chariot to be destroyed, caused a unit of dogs to panic and a mage as well. He advanced. I noticed a weighted flank, but could be sure because of the ambushing herds. I also caused two wounds on the shaggoth and got flames off on the khorne gors. His dogs rallied in his turn.

Turn 2:
The flames on the khornegors kill a total of 11. On my first spell of my magic phase, i miscast. same result as last time, a 7 (it was with my lvl 2). But i wasnt as successful in this magic and shooting turn, i only killed a dog, caused a wound on the minotaurs and killed 2 more khornegors. (so he only had his bsb, hero, sb and unit champ). He advanced, his lvl 2 failed to rally. Both his herds came on my left flank.not good.

HE Turn 3: The dp charge the chariot, which flees and fails to rally. the two chariots charge the unit of 2 dogs who also flee, also never to rally. My battle banner fails its fear check on its charge into the minotaurs. My magic causes a panic test on one herd, which they pass. I get another wound on the shaggoth, and then i prepare to flames of the pheonix and ring of fury the beast herds (hes got no dice left) and beforei do that i try a fireball into the shaggoth. Erm...2 dice. miscast. end of magic phase. not good. ive got my dp 2 inches infront of the shaggoth and 30 beast herds behind them. the archers almost make up for it and cause 5 wounds!!! on the minotaurs. My eagles who were hiding behind the hill go up for some suicide missions.

BoC Turn 3: one of his beast herds + shaggoth charge my dp, who flee. The minotaur charges my eagle which flees and he redirects into my sh (what i want). His lvl 4 kills an RBT, and i kill the minotaur. the dogs also charge the chariot, which fails its charge as it wasnt in range.

HE Turn 4: My spears charge his herd, one chariot charges and destroys the dogs. His herd flees, within one inch of the table edge. My eagle doesnt rally.I move the second eagle to bait the frenzied khornegors. My dragon princes rally but before it does a chariot flees, but not off the board. time to magic em up. right? wrong. miscast. AGAIN! i miscasted 5 times in the game. But the bolt thrower panicked the second herd off the board. (yes!) The shaggoth is gonna be a pain, its still got three wounds left.

BoC turn 4: the herd rallies, the khornegors have to charge the eagle, which flees, but too far and is off the board. The shaggoth charges my arhcers, who flee off the board. i really didnt want it to overrun into my mages. Magic kills the second rbt.

He Turn 5: Well...i get my first brain cramp and decide to charge my battle banner into the shaggoth.. My spears also hit the flank of the khornegors. My chariot rallies. My mages move out of the way. My spears win combat and his khornegors pass a ld 5 break test. but my battle banner unit gets smoked, they whiff they attacks and the shaggoth attacks back, 5 attacks, 5 hits, 5 wounds, 5 failed armor saves. my battle banner runs (the first time he has ever run, bounced, panicked) but stays alive. I can rally him next turn, so no big loss. My magic was out of range of the beast herd. I should have obviously magiked the shaggoth to kingdom come and back, i will be careful of what i do with my battle banner from here on)

BoC Turn5: His herd charges my spears with his bray shamman. his shaggoth tries to catch the battle banner and fails. My spears loose combat by alot, but stick around because of their lion guard stubborness.

He turn 6: I smoke the shaggoth with magic. The chariot hits the rear of the khorngors and finishes the unit off, just he bsb and hero left there. My spears take heavy casualties but stick around. Oh, and my bsb fails to rally on ld 9.
BoC turn 6: He reduces my spear to 4 models after i kill his hero. He finishes the game with a herd, bray shamman, and bsb. Ive got half my spears, my dp, 2 chariots, my mages and commander on foot. with table quarters, standards, etc, I pull out with a Solid victory.

excellent! the list goes to 7-0. this was my first game against boC and it showed that my elves could keep it together against fast armies as well.