View Full Version : Tzeentch and Ladys of slaanesh very hard

28-09-2008, 15:26
Well this is my army list that i recomended.. is very aggressive and balance
I play around 8 games and never been defeted, please take a look;)

2x herald of slaanesh magic level 1 = 280 pts
1x herald of tzeentch = 115 pts
10x daemonettes of slaanesh with standard and alluress = 144 pts
10x daemonettes of slaanesh with standard and alluress = 144 pts
21x pink horrors of tzeentch full comand = 282 pts
6 flamers included Pyrocaster = 225 pts
5x screamers of tzeentch =150 pts
5x screamers of tzeentch = 150 pts
total = 1490 pts

28-09-2008, 16:11
I think that it is a good one but you gonna suffer when you go up to 2000p because you have to choices a lord of some kind. try not to get charged by cavalry then you get ****ed up if done correctly with some infantry support, you can have a problem with dwarfen gunline armies. i dont like the concept of of 10*2 demonetts i think that could render weak for some armies even with hearlds

28-09-2008, 16:22
I was about to say "thats not a very big list" but then it is only 1500points, not 2k+.

There's no need to add a lord choice to the list when you go upto 2k.
You've got 6 levels of magic which is plenty, especially from 4 sources.

I'de personally be tempted to dock a couple of screamers from the list.
As that'll give you another 60points to play with, so 70 in total.

Add in a torment blade on each heralad of slaanesh.
You may as well use those 10points that are spare and get yourself +1 attack for each herald in the process (5 attacks each!)

With the saved points from the screamer's I'd up the daemonette unit's a little bit.
You'll get yourself an additional 5 models, so 1 of them can go upto 15 models strong (ditch the alluress if you want to up each unit by 1)
Perhaps even ditch the horror champion to give one of the daemonette models an extra model.

So that way you could have an additional 4 daemonettes to each unit, so 15 strong with the herald in the unit.

29-09-2008, 02:39
Well, i`m agreed with you "theunwantedbeging" about use a lord in 2k, iŽll prefere the use of lord or caracter in much more than 2k.
in other hands thank for the tips and i know that are few pts list but here someone does`t like play more than 1500...:eyebrows:
soo how i can get an extra attack for the herald?