View Full Version : Vampire Counts at 2000 points.

28-09-2008, 16:41
ok, i am new to VC, playing a few games at 1000 points i now have another 1000 yp paint. the army is more of a painting project then anything, but i would like some feedback on it. here we go:

Vampire Lord w/ Lvl 3. Hellsteed, Sword of Might, Walach's Bloody Haubark, Helm of Commandment, Dark Acolyte, Forbidden Lore, Infinite Hatred.

Necromancer, Van Hels and Inocation, scroll

Necromancer, Van Hels and invocation, Corspe Cart w/ lodestone

Wight King BSB, great weapon, Banner of the Dead Legion

20 skellies, spears, full command, hellfire banner
25 zombies, musician
10 ghouls, ghast

19 grave guard, full command, banner of the barrows. BSB goes here
4 Fell bats

1 Vargulf
2 Cairn Wraiths, 1 Banshee

kind of all over the place but just units that i want to use. alot of the models are NON GW, including the fell bats, wraiths, banshee, vargulg, BSB, ghouls, etc. i dont really want to ammend the list, just learn how to use what i got. i wouldnt mind switching aroudn wargear or dropping a necro for another vamp, but the units will stay as they are.


29-09-2008, 01:57
One thing I would suggest if you can fit it in is to bump up the Fell Bats to at least 5 (6-8 prefferable) as you can't even break ranks, claim table quarters, or destroy fleeing units under US 5... and without the Summon creatures of the Night you can't raise above starting level with ION.

And swap the Hellfire banner on the Skellies for the Warbanner (+1 CR), while flamming attacks are great vs. Regen...how many attacks do you really plan on landing at WS 2 Str 3?? The +1 CR is much more effective in preserving the unit as well as helping to Auto Break Units IMHO.

I would suggest putting the Necro with CC in the unit of Skellies....helps their ranks and additional attacks...as well as the Miaesma of Deathly Vigor to allow them to strike first. And it makes the CC harder to hit with ranged weapons.

And I would much rather have a Banner with the Zombies than a Musician...as the +1 CR every round vs the +1 CR in a tie...it accomplishes the same effect...but every turn.