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28-09-2008, 19:04
Exalted, Sheild, Death's Head 135pts
General. With the Warriors.
Exalted, Sheild, Berzerker Sword, Bloodcurling Roar 185pts
With the Marauders.

17 Warriors of Chaos, Full Command, Sheilds, Rapturous Standard 322pts
24 Marauders, Light Armour, Sheilds, Full Command 164pts
7 Warhounds 42pts
5 Marauder Horsemen, Light Armour, Sheilds, Musician 81pts
5 Marauder Horsemen, Light Armour, Sheilds, Musician 81pts

4 Chaos Ogres, Chaos Armour, Great Weapons 200pts
4 Chaos Ogres, Chaos Armour, Additional Hand Weapons 180pts

2 Chaos Spawn 110pts


Here's my first shot at a 1500 pts list with the new WoC.

I know I lack a magic defence, and I don't have any marks either, I just didnt have any room to squeeze those in, there where too many different models I wanted to try out.

I would like to have Mark of Nurgle on most units, if I only had the points.

Any comments? Do you think this list could work out?

28-09-2008, 23:19
It looks like you want an infantry army supported by flanking cavalry and monsters, but forgot a good chunk of the infantry. It works just fine, but you really need another unit of warriors or marauders in there. Cut the spawn, cut the hounds, maybe nix 1 ogre from each unit.

Also, your characters are very expensive, very deadly, and as survivable as Empire captains. Either they need to get cheaper, or they need to get more durable. Plenty of ways to do either. Over 20% of your points into a couple of T4, 2 wound, 3+ AS heroes that are more then likely to get charged doesn't work out too well for me, though your experience may be different.