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Grom Wronghand
28-09-2008, 20:15
This list is literally every dwarf model I own. I wanted to see if I could make a decent list from it and I'm quite proud of this one. It focuses a lot on one big chunky Longbeard unit backed up by thunderers, various artillery, a warrior block and a small unit of GW wielding warrior flankers.

Lords and Heroes

Dwarf Lord
Runic Weapon - GW, MR of Kragg the Grim, R of Fury, R of Snorri Spangelhelm
Runic Armour - R of Stone, R of Resistance, R of Furnace, MR o Challenge

This tough little dude is my general. He has 5 re-rollable WS7 S6 attacks. Not much can withstand that kind of assault. He also has a re-rollable 3+ armour save and is immune to flaming attacks. Add his shieldbearer's 2 WS5 S4 attacks, he can sure dish out the hurt. He's going with my Longbeard block to break heads. His MR of Challenge ensures he won't be avoided easily.

Battle Standard Bearer
Runic Standard - R of Stoicism, R of Battle

Here's the BSB. By himself he will likely generate 3 static combat res alone (Rune of Stoicism doubles unit strength and so I'll get one for outnumbering). Being a thane he's also got some decent attack power to help. He is going with the Lord in my Longbeard block (It's gonna be a tough block).

Runic Talisman - R of Spellbreaking
Runic Armour - R of Stone

The Runesmith goes with the Warrior block to bolster their fighting ability with his 2 WS 5 S6 attacks. I originally went for a MR of Balance but at the suggestion of Danger Rat changed it to a R of Spellbreaking.


24 Warriors
Full Command

This is yout standard reliable infantry block. If outnumbering, they have 6 combat res as standard. The runesmith goes with them to get a bit more attack power in there.

22 Longbeards
Full Command
Rune of Battle

The juicy steak of my army. These babies deploy (including characters) in a 5 by 5 formation and are going to hopefully be a tough nut to crack. With the BSB they get , as static, 9 combat res from ranks, outnumbering (at unit strength 50 that won't be hard), standards and two Runes of battle. They get a rerollable break test form the standard. In the way of offense its nothing to be sneered at, dishing out 5 WS5 S4 attacks from the 'beards and shieldbearers, 3 WS 6 S4 attacks from the BSB and best of all, 5 re-rollable WS7 S6 attacks from the lord. I quite liked this unit.

10 Warriors
Full Command

A small unit of S5 dwarfs to hopefully do some flanking and generally mop up. These give the army a bit more melee punch. Not too survivable however, but they aren't too expensive.

2x 10 Thunderers

Two units of ten thunderers give some long range firepower, to whittle down are even destroy smaller support units who get in range. I like deploying Thunderers in units of ten, as they get more targets. In an emergency its possible to use them in melee, being naturally tough as dwarfs are (I had a game last week in which one unit of 10 held out for 4 turns against five flesh hounds).


Rune of Forging

I'd like to point out here that I've never had much luck with cannon. I have however heard good things and I need it to get to 2000 points anyway. From what I gather the Rune of Forging is a good one. This thing will hopefully kill of big ugly nasties before they get to my line.

10 Miners
Full Command

I normally don't use Miners with any sort of command or other goodies but I had to to get to the 2000 points. These will, in theory, kill of enemy magicians, war machines and shooters who lag behind. Having GWs, they have some decent hitting power as well asnd can serve the same function as the 10 GW warriors will.

Grudge Thrower
Rune of Accuracy

The Grudge Thrower can hopefully squash big chunky units of infantry or even cavalry. The Rune of Accuracy is indispensible I find for that extra reliability.


Organ Gun

The Organ Gun I find is utterly brilliant for virtually anything you put it to. Just a great all round weapon which can do everything well.

Dispel Dice - 5
Total Point Cost - 2000 on the dot.

Hopefully the half hour I spent typing that won't go to waste!:) Keep in mind that this is every model I have and I'm on a relatively tight budget so I don't want to be dishing out loads of money on new models. I do plan to buy some ironbreakers and hammerers relatively soon though, along with bolt throwers and maybe quarrelers. Aarrgh, so many models, so little money!

I'm a little iffy on the specials so a bit of help there would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Danger Rat
28-09-2008, 22:45
A nice army and should do well in games the only thing i'd alter is the runesmith personally 5 dispel dice is enough at 2k and i have always found at least 1 dispel scroll to be invaluable, id also be tempted to drop the rune of fury from your lord and give him the master rune of challenge to lure opponents onto your longbeards!

Id go for the bolt throwers simply because they are cheap points wise and don't blow up and rely on a single dice roll not guessing and the chance of missing altogether with scatter etc

Grom Wronghand
28-09-2008, 23:58
Thanks for the advice. On second thoughts I think I agree with you on the Runesmith and as such I've changed it , disposing of the MR of Balance in favour of a Scroll. This frees me up enought points to get a MR of Challenge on top of the Rune of Fury! I figured that opponents may well try and avoid my longbeards in favour of smashing the rest of my army and that would be bad.

Danger Rat
29-09-2008, 22:31
It is good fun just be aware it doesn't work on units that are immune to pyschology.

The only other thing id possibly change is dropping the miners for a gyrocopter, i never leave home without one these days as it usually earns its points back and i never have any luck with my miners and it can be used to march block giving your war machines and thunderers more time to inflict damage. The advantages to crossbows is they have a better range early on and can be deployed further back and they are cheaper thus giving you points elswhere.

Grom Wronghand
30-09-2008, 16:37
I like the sound of Gyros but to be honest I dread having to put one together from what I've heard about it. On the subject of Quarrellers I'd only ever use them in addition to Thunderers as they may be able to shoot further, but with them needing 5s to hit at long range I'm a bit meh. I'm too used to needing 4s and 3s. I do use Quarrellers in games lower than 1000 points though.

bork da basher
30-09-2008, 17:01
my advice is drop the warrior and longbeard numbers down to 20 minus any space for charecters etc and use them to bulk out that unit of 10 warriors which is just wasted. in my experience you dont need anything bigger than 20 for dwarfs, anything bigger is a bit overkill. i dont think the champions are worth it either and i rarely pay for one.

i agree with danger rat about the gyro, ditch the miners who are unreliable and get a coptor in there. i always always take mine and it does wonders for me. if your insistant about the miners ditch the command its a total waste of points and id also take them down to 8, they will do the job just as well.

one last thing, i think you've gone a tiny bit OTT with the runic items, if thats how you like it its cool i just find spending the points on troops a far better option. my lord has a GW, shieldbearers and a rune of stone and he's still a powerhouse in CC without any other fancy trinkets. a master rune of gromril on the BSB helps a great deal to keep him alive, BSB's get alot of attention directed at them in combats usually.

Danger Rat
30-09-2008, 21:12
I like the sound of Gyros but to be honest I dread having to put one together from what I've heard about it. On the subject of Quarrellers I'd only ever use them in addition to Thunderers as they may be able to shoot further, but with them needing 5s to hit at long range I'm a bit meh. I'm too used to needing 4s and 3s. I do use Quarrellers in games lower than 1000 points though.

I hate the current gyro and bought one of the previous style ones when the pilot had a bomb in his hand off ebay. I usually take one unit of each because you get the best of both worlds especially if you go first as they have the range to hit stuff straight away which ill take even if it is 5's to hit because they are in range and the thunderers have to wait for your opponent to move and then the thunderers come into there own on turns 3-4.

I usually field units of 20 but use the rune of stoicism to double my unit strength and avoid the being outnumbered either by fear or just in general however 25 is useful for making the rank bonus in CC last a bit longer.