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28-09-2008, 23:29
Ok after much reading in the book i have finaly made a list, and i shall admit i have not been playing much warhammer at all even if i have been in and out in the hobby for about 14 years, so there might be much things that donīt work whit it at all.

And i will probebly not play much whit it now either, itīs more for building and paiting wich i always enjoyed alot.

But feel free to say anything about it and help me make it better for the few occasions i will play whit it.


Vampire Lord: +1 Magic level, Master of the black art, Dark acolyte, Summon ghouls, Walachīs bloody hauberk (400p)

Vampire: Flying horror, skabscrath, The cadaverous cuivirass (175p)

Vampire: Ghoulkin, Avatar of death (145p)

Vampire: Dark acolyte , Avatar of death (150p)


15 Crypt ghouls: Crypt ghast (120p)

15 Crypt ghouls: Crypt ghast (120p)

14 Crypt ghouls: Crypt ghast (112p)

5 Dire wolves (45p)

5 Dire wolves (45p)


8 Black knights: C,M,S, Banner of the dead legion (257p)

4 Fell bats (80p)


Vargulf (175p)
Vargulf (175p)

Ok, my vampires will go in the goul units.
The flying one will kill warrmachines and mages and use his terror behind enemy lines and he can also join a unit after a while if i want to.

Ghouls is chosen becouse i love the models, and i think is better to go all out whit those then mix skellies and i hate the old zombies so those will not be used at all. And as you can se i have alot of power dices and plan to summon more of them to make my units bigger.

Dire wolfs is for protecting flanks.

Black knights is my hard hitter unit and whit the banner of the dead legion it will count as being a bit bigger which i think will be nice.

Fell bats i will use to kill warcmachines whit also or other things.

2 vargulfs becouse i love the models and the other alternative is not interesting i think. also they are hard to kill and will probbly earn its points back.

So that was it, itīs a preatty fast list i think ghouls will go farward before the first turn and se combat preatty fast and the rest all have a very high movment. Well as i said i have very little experience whit playing. only had say 10-15 games at the most and itīs probebly less so i hope for alot of help.

Thx in advance and i hope you can take some spelling misstakes and so forth.

28-09-2008, 23:56
Well, seems like a fair, fun list for friendly games, but as far as being relatively competitive, I kinda doubt it. You're characters won't have the magic potency to make your ghoul units as big as they might need to be. Also, a vampire flying around on its own typically isn't a good idea. You may want to consider some other way of protecting your lord (Such as mounting him or using a shield). Seems like you didn't really max your characters out all that much anyway, so they don't seem too bad if you're going to limit yourself. But bear in mind, if you give more of your vampires summon ghouls, then you could save some points by starting out with 3 units of 10 ghouls, and just rely on summoning enough before combat (and even once you're in combat).

Banner of the Dead legion might not be a great choice for a 25 point standard on your black knights. I'd suggest either using the banner that allows free march moves when away from a vampire (unless you plan to keep a varghulf close by), or just a war banner. I might also suggest the Royal Standard of Strigos or Banner of the Barrows if you're really looking for them to pack a punch when they charge. Also, 8 seems like an odd unit size, maybe try either making it a 12 man unit and deploying 6x2, or just 1 rank of 6, because 6 is typically the maximum size that will be in B2B contact to even get attacks.

If you're going to play fel bats, make them bigger. a US4 unit will be relatively useless, they won't be able to even claim a table quarter or cause an enemy unit fleeing through it to become destroyed. I'd suggest going at least 6-7, or don't bother playing them at all. (I find a nice fat unit of 8-10 can be a very nice way to cause your opponent a headache).

What you said about the Varghulf is pretty much right (except about the other choices not being interesting-- Did you read the Black Coach? Not so effective in my experience, but still great fun to use!)
I personally use one Varghulf , but if used correctly, 2 can be very effective.

Play some games, and find out what works best for you. Good Luck!

29-09-2008, 01:41
I wouldn't agree that the other rare choices are not interesting. I love the Cairn Wraiths...I ran 3 with a Tomb Banshee last night against a Dark Elf List and they were fantastic! Terror causing with 15 str 5 attacks! Plus the Howl!

And also as a High Elf player I can attest to how nasty a Black Coach can be to a high magic list!! A large amount will have the Banner of Sorcery (+D3 Power Dice per Magic Phase), which enabled the coach to max out in turn two in both games I faced it !!!! A flying ethereal charriot of DEATH !!

And while as for the Blood Knights....well deffine interesting? They can pack a huge punch, and if screened properly with some fell bats the frenzy can be put on a leash to an extent!

Buts that is just my two cents...and I am still new to the hobby...