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29-09-2008, 17:50
Do the effects of Bane Shield and Chaos runesword (from current WoC list) stack?

For each unsaved wound the wielder of the Chaos runesword causes in close combat he gains +1 wound.

For each succesful armour save made by the wielder of the bane shield he inflicts a strength 4 hit.

If the wielder makes an armour save, then wounds his attacker with his bane shield will the Chaos runesword make him gain +1 wound?

thanks :)

Gazak Blacktoof
29-09-2008, 19:22
I assume you're talking about the blade of blood and the bane shield. The runesword simply gives the model bonus combat abilites.

Assuming you are talking about the blade of blood the wording for the sword is quite specific and will not work in conjunction with the bane shield in the manner you are describing. Have a read of your WoC book again.

29-09-2008, 19:31
No, I'm talking about the current list, the list that is available online and was published in white dwarf. I meant neither the HoC book nor the WoC book that is to be released in November.

Sorry for confusion :)

Gazak Blacktoof
29-09-2008, 19:40
Ah and I meant HoC not Woc, doh!

I'll have a look and post back in a few minutes.

EDIT: Well the text for shield says "the shield inflicts" a hit, the sword says for each unsaved wound "the wielder causes".

Unhelpfully you could read it either way but by the strictest interpretation, I would say the two don't combine. This also ties in with what the sword is supposed to be ie a vampyric blade that feeds energy to the wielder, if the shield is hurting the enemy it doesn't make sense for the blade to be able to draw power.

I'd go with a no from both "common sense" and strict rules reading interpretations.

Jack of Blades
29-09-2008, 20:20
I'd also go with common sense, and common sense says that they don't go together.