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29-09-2008, 19:05
Well, from playing games like Mordheim for so long I realized that I actually have a fair number of human models. As a dwarf player, I was a bit baffled on what to do, as I didn't think that they were enough (or coherent enough) to make a real army. Then I remembered the Dogs of War. Thus, I came up with this list, please critique it as you may. I hope to get a game in with it, to see exactly how well humans can do.


Lvl 2 Wizard: Dispel Scroll, Power Stone (general) (145)
Lvl 2 Wizard: Staff of Sorcery (145)
Paymaster: Heavy Armor, Shield, Brace of Pistols (75)


8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
8 Duellists: Hand Weapons, Shields, Pistols (80)
10 Crossbowmen: Hand Weapons, Crossbows (80)
5 Voland's Venators (195)

20 Bearmen of Urslo (325)
10 Dwarfs: Heavy Armor, Shields, Crossbows (140)
10 Dwarfs: Heavy Armor, Shields, Crossbows (140)

Cannon (85)



Well, the biggest reasons for these choices is the models that I have available (I used pretty much every human on foot that I have. All I've got left are some zombies, heavily armored crossbowmen (3) and huge vampire/chaos warrior models...) What I do have left is lots of dwarfs.

However, for this list the plan is fairly simply. Beorg strides forward (WS 5, S5, T5 and A5! along with that 4+ ward save and +1 to hit in the first turn...) where he will hopefully smash into the enemy hard. Voland's Venators (basically Str 4 knights with heavy armor and a captain instead of a champion) are there to support Beorg.

The duellists each have a hero in there and hopefully they won't get in combat. The big hope is this: one wizard takes the lore of beasts and will hopefully get bear's anger (one character with US 1 gets +3 A, +2 S, +1 T. On Beorg that is str 7, T 6 A 8!) and the other one takes lore of heavens (for portent of phar/ second sign). Basically, the magic phase is mostly there to further enchance my hitty units, not to blow up the enemy. The duellists are body guards/march blockers and maybe war machine hunters.

And finally, the mass of crossbows. With their long range, hopefully taking down fast cav, war machine crews, etc.

Now, the choice that I am thinking about is this: I am lacking infantry. So, would it make sense to drop the dwarf crossbows and instead go for a big unit of 25 warriors with shields? It would free up 30 points, which I guess would buy champions for the duellists.

Anyways, advice, critisism etc is more than welcome!

29-09-2008, 21:00
Looks fine to me. You'll just have to be careful to control the charges and enemy movement with the duellists so you can get the most out of your one infantry block and 1 unit of knights.

In fact you might be better off trading the bearmen for pikemen and simply go defensive (like most dogs of ward armies I've seen).

29-09-2008, 21:34
Hopefully get Bear's Anger? Isn't it the #1 spell? (I may be wrong, I don't usually take beasts.)

I know you're tight on points and contemplating the dwarfs, but I like what I've seen from people using the fully stacked dwarves with the HA, shield, crossbow and great weapon.